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  1. Stu_Barnes

    Motor Sport Grenadier Review 2024 (UK)

    2024 Ineos Grenadier review Does the Ineos Grenadier fill the hole left by the pre-2020 Defender? After a week with the 4x4 Andrew Frankel gives his verdict
  2. B

    New owner in Birmingham, AL (USA)

    Fieldmaster, sela green, KO2’s, etc. Absolutely love it. Highly recommend the saddle leather pack. Cheers, y’all.
  3. S

    Basic (USA) model differences?

    The Fieldmaster and Trailmaster appear to be co-branded configurations with a fixed set of options. What are the major differences between them? Is it better to go with the "base" model and add what you want? Is it cheaper to get a package in the Fieldmaster/Trailmaster? I am thinking about...
  4. Chadd7

    EZ-Pass USA mounting suggestions?

    For those of you in the United States, where would you recommend we mount our EZ-Pass tags? I remember in my JKU Wrangler, the top of the windshield was not a great location because of the vertical slope. I mounted mine near the base of the windshield where the HVAC windshield vents were. Any...
  5. Sekurt

    Now that we’ve become owners

    So now that we’ve become owners here in the U.S. what’s our hive strategy for obtaining factory bull bars for our rigs? I don’t think it makes financial sense for any of us to onesy twosy these out of overseas dealers with shipping costs. Does the hive have any ideas on how to get a group buy...
  6. T

    Where are all of the USA delivery and first impressions posts?

    I know a lot of vehicles have been delivered but very few have posted about it. Please share pics and impressions. I am picking mine up the 26th and will be driving from Colorado Springs to Breckenridge and then back to Lawrence, KS. Will have a lot of info to share after 12 hours behind the...
  7. Offroad

    2024 ADAS Issue and Work Around (USA)

    As far as I know, this is a USA Only Issue and Specific to the ADAS System in the 2024 Model. Feel free to skip the Background editorial and go to the Solution! Background I was lucky enough to have an early delivery and picked my Grenadier up on Nov 27th. Scottish White (Love it!), Leather...
  8. holdmybeer

    China vs USA build quality

    I bring this up here because I've seen some opinions about "Chinese junk" on the forum. (And I've mostly agreed.) I personally still have an old-fashioned bias that says "made in the USA (or Canada or Europe)" is probably better than "made in China". For most things. But is it? I think it's...
  9. Jeffrey

    Future USA Accessory supplier....

    I got the inside scoop that in the USA, Agile Offroad will be designing and manufacturing accessories for the Grenadier. Located in San Diego, CA. They currently sell an array of items for recovery, protection, suspension, wheels/tires, and a whole lot more for 4x4 vans. They have a long...
  10. S

    Order now in USA and delivery when

    I ordered in Texas a couple weeks ago and my preorder indicates delivery in "2Q 2024". Dealer's system says Aug XX, 2024. Anyone know where the truth lies?
  11. F

    USA: Insurance

    Who's shopped around and what have you found? I know it's location dependent but should still give an idea. I'm in Houston, Tx and my LR Discovery TD6 is about $2k/yr. Nothing on my record. Hoping this thing isn't insane.
  12. M

    USA Payload Stickers

    Hello All, I saw two demo grenadiers during a recent test drive. One was a trial master and the other a field master. I looked at both of their payload stickers and they are showing only around 814lbs? Surely this is some type of mistake. Can anyone confirm? Regards, Kenneth
  13. A

    Black Sheep - USA Orders

    Curious to see if anyone in the US has ordered from Black Sheep? Looking at their roof rack option and considering forgoing the Ineos side steps for the Black Sheep rock sliders with side steps. Shipping is a bit much but I'd rather buy once/cry once and be done with it. Interested to see what...
  14. P

    currently there are 20 dealers in the USA

    Currently there 2o dealers in the USA
  15. shiv.nandak

    Decoded VIN - A few interesting surprises

    So i have my VIN and was told that my Grenadier was scheduled for build in August 2023. I decoded the VIN on the NHTSA site and there were a few pleasant surprises. The decoder lists the following features that i did not expect, can someone confirm if these are correct? Can the NHTSA decoder be...
  16. UncleBuck

    New Member from Ohio, USA

    Hi, I have been watching the Grenadier for a while now. I have a reservation and a pre-order in place. Waiting to hear on dealership information etc. Most recent email puts my build window Q4 2023. Thanks for having me.
  17. L

    From the forests of Michigan, USA

    Got tired of waiting for an invite. Flew to Edinburgh, Scotland, sat in a Trialmaster, wife likes the seats, came home and ordered one. Too bad Ineos never invited me to a press event or early order event. Might have ordered one last June when USA sales launched. Happy to wait well into 2024...
  18. M

    USA Buying Process--Beware (dealer vehicle pricing and business practices)

    I'm going to post a bit of a long thread, telling my story about a recent purchase, as a way of educating U.S.A. buyers who may not already know this. The tldr (too long didn't read) version of this story is--you are not buying a car from Ineos. You are buying it from a dealer. The dealer...
  19. R

    Greetings from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

    Hello everyone! Rudy here from Pittsburgh, PA. I placed my reservation late last year and just today received my Pre-Order #. I guess it was a good time to officially join the forum and stop lurking. lol I am a long-time 4X4 enthusiast. Have owned about 15 IH Scouts over the years including a...
  20. Mr.Espresso

    USA Reservation Holders - it’s happening this weekend!

    Just got off the phone with England. All USA reservation holders, check your inbox this weekend for an update / build slot etc…
  21. G

    Local Area Thread USA insurance

    I called Hagerty and they said they won't insure the Grenadier. Who are you all going with? Anyone got anything in writing yet from not local insurance companies?
  22. offroadpharm

    USA IG Aficionado in waiting.

    Hello all, Any news worth repeating on US orders?
  23. BigSky

    Hi from Steamboat Springs, Colorado USA

    Howdy from Colorado. My wife is as psyched about the IG as I am, so I'm a lucky guy! We just placed a pre-order and awaiting the announcement of a dealer in our state. Presently driving a 2012 Land Cruiser series 200, still running strong. We live in a mountain ranching community (with a...
  24. Stu_Barnes

    USA Preorders and modifying after submission

    Just a heads up for anyone thinking of changing their build spec. Pre orders are now in the production planning phase, the change window has closed. Any new changes will result in losing your 'place' in line established from your original deposit way back when. Effectively you will be...
  25. E

    Greetings from EM in DC USA

    I pre-ordered a Trailmaster yesterday, and hope to find answers to one critical question. before I have to place my order. I have been driving my 1994 NAS D-90 since they first arrived in the USA and will be sad to send it into retirement, but if I cannot remove that back seat in my Grenadier...
  26. Krabby

    Local Area Thread Vermonters

    Anyone in Northwest Vermont? We’re heading up for our yearly vacation - we’re in Alburgh.
  27. L

    Hi from AZ - USA

    Can’t wait till they are released in the US. I haven’t seen them in person yet, but what I have read and watched I love them. I like the back to basic idea, less electronics. I hope they are reliable. Don’t mind paying $85k+ if it is going to last me for 15-20 years. That is my goal.
  28. DaBull

    Q&A Americas Will USA and Canada have any On-Road Driving Events in the near future?

    Hi Ineos,, I had the opportunity to test drive the Grenadier Off-Road at the Santa Clarita/Los Angeles Event and was incredibly impressed. It would be great if you could follow back up with some On-Road Driving events in next couple months, especially since the Grenadiers will be On-Road 95% of...
  29. pioneerofthenile

    will all the grenadier problems be addressed/fixed before rolling out in the USA

    seems like there are many and new problems daily just reported on this site. i also believe that the scope of the issues are bigger and broader as well. will there be a recall and will the rollout be pushed back in the USA? will there be any addressing to : -transmission, -engine...
  30. G

    Local Area Thread List of USA east dealers with no mark up/add ons

    Once the official dealer network locations are announced, this is a place to post confirmation evidence from dealers' sales teams in writing (not generic hearsay or no names dealerships) that there will be no mark ups from MSRP. These mark ups include market adjustment BS, and tacky dealer add...
  31. G

    TFL, USA YouTube review

  32. K

    Vital Info Heads up - Important info on USA ordering process if you want to change your configuration , change dealers

    After looking at some real life additional photos of grenadier from the (UK auto trade web site), I decided I wanted to change my preorder that I had locked in. 1. Change my color from silver to grey. 2. Deleted the full length roof rack.( I might go with the full length frontrunner and...
  33. C

    Hello from Arkansas, USA

    My husband and I are reservation holders and eagerly awaiting order time!
  34. BD1

    Local Area Thread Station Wagon back seat space?

    For the NA builds does the station wagon have the same back seat space as the Belstaff versions?
  35. nuclearbeef

    General Engine swap? M57 into USA IG

    New to forum. First post. I might be jumping the gun a bit on this one. A man can dream, right? I currently have a US spec 335d with a tuned M57D30TU2TOP with the ZF6HP28. Car itself is getting a bit long in the tooth, but the engine runs like a TOP. (pun intended) I wonder what problems...
  36. Chadd7

    USA Fieldmaster configuration with 17" alloys?

    Just been playing around with the configuration. I noticed that if I start with the base model and put all the options a la carte to equip like the Fieldmaster, it costs about $1000 more when compared to the Fieldmaster configuration. I'd like the Fieldmaster edition with 17" alloys, so I can...
  37. Chadd7

    USA Service Locations list?

    I've seen the map, but it's hard to see the actual locations of the planned locations for service. Is there a specific list with cities and states anywhere? Thanks in advance.
  38. Stu_Barnes

    Car and driver (USA)

    INEOS Grenadier Pricing to Start at $73,100 The BMW-powered throwback SUV is priced to take on the vehicle that inspired it, the Land Rover Defender.
  39. bmore_burnsy

    The big May 17 Announcement / Pricing / Discussion thread.

    Only six days to go until the big reveal on May 17, yet I still find myself hoping for an early leak about NA pricing 😂 Anyone else feel similarly?
  40. A

    New member, PNW USA: _Alex_

    Hello, everyone. I'm a new member here. I recently heard about this forum from a member named Rusty--not sure what his handle is. We met at the Seattle driving experience. So, cheers, everyone!
  41. pioneerofthenile

    what lies in store for usa buyers as all new cars need a rear camera?

    am i wrong or missing something? i didn't see this in the other countries should the buyer not want it. i thought i saw it included in a package if you wanted it. i guess the extra cost will be baked in?
  42. Stu_Barnes

    The Review (USA)

    'The automotive industry went through a significant change in late 2019 when Land Rover announced that it'd be building an all-new Defender. It wouldn't be a mechanically simple, body-on-frame near-tractor, but instead, follow the same tech-laden unibody recipe as its sibling in the...
  43. Logsplitter

    Alex Beras off road test drive USA

  44. Norville

    USA May Test Drive Sign-Ups are Active

    I see in my inbox that May signups are now available.
  45. Arkaig

    OffRoad Xtreme (USA) - First Drive: Production-Ready INEOS Grenadier 4×4 - April 12, 2023

    By MERCEDES LILIENTHAL Article here - click link : OffRoad Xtreme
  46. Stu_Barnes

    USA Grenadier Experience (Salt Lake City Region) 26-27 April

    THE GRENADIER EXPERIENCE - PROTOTYPE TEST DRIVES - SALT LAKE CITY REGION TBA 26 - 27 April 2023 at 8:30am No location announced yet but at least some date indication.
  47. Stu_Barnes

    USA Grenadier Experience (Vancouver Region) 02-03 June

    THE GRENADIER EXPERIENCE - PROTOTYPE TEST DRIVES - VANCOUVER REGION TBA New dates!!! 06-06 June 2023 at 8:30am No location announced yet but at least some date indication.
  48. Stu_Barnes

    USA Grenadier Experience (Toronto Region) 26-27 May

    THE GRENADIER EXPERIENCE - PROTOTYPE TEST DRIVES - TORONTO REGION Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Canada 26 - 27 May 2023 at 8:30am
  49. Stu_Barnes

    USA Grenadier Experience (Seattle Region) 11-12 May

    THE GRENADIER EXPERIENCE - PROTOTYPE TEST DRIVES - SEATTLE REGION DirtFish Rally School, United States 11 - 12 May 2023 at 8:30am
  50. Stu_Barnes

    USA Grenadier Experience (Chicago Region) 10-11 May

    THE GRENADIER EXPERIENCE - PROTOTYPE TEST DRIVES - CHICAGO REGION Fox Valley Off Road, United States 10 -11 May 2023 at 8:30am
  51. Stu_Barnes

    USA Grenadier Experience (Tri-State New York Region) 03-05 May

    THE GRENADIER EXPERIENCE - PROTOTYPE TEST DRIVES - TRI-STATE NEW YORK REGION Northeast Off-Road Adventures, United States 3 - 5 May 2023 at 8:30am
  52. Stu_Barnes

    USA Grenadier Experience (Washington DC Region April 27-28)

    If you're going let people know, if you don't know anything about this event and think that you should have been notified, then tell INEOS Automotive.......... EVENT DETAILS Location: Budds Creek, 27963 Budds Creek Road, Mechanicsville, MD 20659 Date and Time: April 27-April 28, 2023 BE...
  53. Stu_Barnes

    USA Grenadier Experience (Denver, Colorado Region April 20-22)

    If you're going let people know, if you don't know anything about this event and think that you should have been notified, then tell INEOS Automotive.......... EVENT DETAILS Location:RAM Off Road Park, 12750 State Highway 94, Colorado Springs, CO 80929 Date and Time: April 20-April 22, 2023...
  54. Stu_Barnes

    USA Grenadier Experience (North Carolina Region April 13-14)

    If you're going let people know, if you don't know anything about this event and think that you should have been notified, then tell INEOS Automotive.......... EVENT DETAILS Location: Overland Experts, 4026 NC-109 Troy, NC, 27371 Date and Time: April 13-April 14, 2023 BE THE FIRST TO...
  55. S

    LACK OF DRIVING SLOT CONFIRMATION on USA Grenadier Experience request

    Has anyone had trouble getting a slot confirmation. I'm hoping to drive a prototype at the South Florida Region on 16-17 March. ANYONE...?
  56. Stu_Barnes

    USA Grenadier Experience (Atlanta) 05-06 April

    If you're going let people know, if you don't know anything about this event and think that you should have been notified, then tell INEOS Automotive.......... EVENT DETAILS Location: Iron Mountain Resort, 116 Iron Mountain Parkway, Dahlonega, GA 30533 BE THE FIRST TO EXPERIENCE THE INEOS...
  57. Stu_Barnes

    USA Grenadier Experience (Phoenix Region) 28-29 March

    If you're going let people know, if you don't know anything about this event and think that you should have been notified, then tell INEOS Automotive.......... EVENT DETAILS Location: Bumble Bee Ranch, 23925 Bumble Bee Road, Mayer, AZ 86333 BE THE FIRST TO EXPERIENCE THE INEOS GRENADIER...
  58. Stu_Barnes

    USA Grenadier Experience (San Diego) 23-25 March

    If you're going let people know, if you don't know anything about this event and think that you should have been notified, then tell INEOS Automotive.......... Location: Jarhead Hill, 3400 Wheeler Rd, Imperial, CA 92251 Date and Time: Thursday March 23 - Saturday March 25, 2023 BE THE...
  59. Stu_Barnes

    USA Grenadier Experience (Tampa Florida) 21-22 March

    If you're going let people know, if you don't know anything about this event and think that you should have been notified, then tell INEOS Automotive.......... EVENT DETAILS Location: The Motor Enclave, 6499 N Falkenburg Rd, Tampa, FL 33610 Date and Time: Tuesday March 21 - Wednesday March 22...
  60. Stu_Barnes

    USA Grenadier Experience (South Florida Region) 16-17 March

    If you're going let people know, if you don't know anything about this event and think that you should have been notified, then tell INEOS Automotive.......... EVENT DETAILS Location: Lazy Springs Recreation Area, 9591 FL-82, Felda, FL 33930 BE THE FIRST TO EXPERIENCE THE INEOS GRENADIER. The...
  61. jeremy_matrix

    Utility Wagon, or Panels(vs Windows) for USA?

    Previously in the USA configurator we were allowed to add Panels instead of 3rd row Windows. But that option is now gone. Anyone know if that's official, and WHY? Also, anyone know of any plans for a 2seater Utility Wagon (ie no rear seat) for the USA? Kastenwagen/Troopy <love>.
  62. MaupinMotorWorks

    Estimated Costs in the US based off Australia as of Nov 2022

    This Australian site has updated costs as of Nov 2022. (but it does state "All prices exclude on-road costs, and the Grenadier is exempt from luxury car tax" so I'm not sure what other taxes will be added for US) I grabbed a few of the figures and did the conversion. $75k starting point if you...
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