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  1. C

    Hello from Arkansas, USA

    My husband and I are reservation holders and eagerly awaiting order time!
  2. Chadd7

    USA Fieldmaster configuration with 17" alloys?

    Just been playing around with the configuration. I noticed that if I start with the base model and put all the options a la carte to equip like the Fieldmaster, it costs about $1000 more when compared to the Fieldmaster configuration. I'd like the Fieldmaster edition with 17" alloys, so I can...
  3. Chadd7

    USA Service Locations list?

    I've seen the map, but it's hard to see the actual locations of the planned locations for service. Is there a specific list with cities and states anywhere? Thanks in advance.
  4. bmore_burnsy

    The big May 17 Announcement / Pricing / Discussion thread.

    Only six days to go until the big reveal on May 17, yet I still find myself hoping for an early leak about NA pricing šŸ˜‚ Anyone else feel similarly?
  5. A

    New member, PNW USA: _Alex_

    Hello, everyone. I'm a new member here. I recently heard about this forum from a member named Rusty--not sure what his handle is. We met at the Seattle driving experience. So, cheers, everyone!
  6. pioneerofthenile

    what lies in store for usa buyers as all new cars need a rear camera?

    am i wrong or missing something? i didn't see this in the other countries should the buyer not want it. i thought i saw it included in a package if you wanted it. i guess the extra cost will be baked in?
  7. Logsplitter

    Alex Beras off road test drive USA

  8. jeremy_matrix

    Utility Wagon, or Panels(vs Windows) for USA?

    Previously in the USA configurator we were allowed to add Panels instead of 3rd row Windows. But that option is now gone. Anyone know if that's official, and WHY? Also, anyone know of any plans for a 2seater Utility Wagon (ie no rear seat) for the USA? Kastenwagen/Troopy <love>.
  9. MaupinMotorWorks

    Estimated Costs in the US based off Australia as of Nov 2022

    This Australian site has updated costs as of Nov 2022. (but it does state "All prices exclude on-road costs, and the Grenadier is exempt from luxury car tax" so I'm not sure what other taxes will be added for US) I grabbed a few of the figures and did the conversion. $75k starting point if you...
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