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  1. Kb6tho

    Americas Time for a Review…

    Having driven 1700 miles in the past couple weeks of ownership I feel I can now comment…. Road and highway handling is comfortable and responsive. On the highway it is a pleasure. The B58 engine provides sufficient power and the interior noise level is amazingly quiet… comparable to our 2024...
  2. RobP

    Doug Demuro reviews the Grenadier

    I haven't watched it yet but was hoping he'd do a review! View:
  3. northshoreboarder

    Americas First week = 500+ Miles Review

    Pre-Ordered Aug 16th 2023. I ended up not waiting for my original order, which is still waiting to be shipped or on a boat to the West Coast. I was able to locate the vehicle I wanted from Mossy in Houston Texas and they did an awesome job getting it out to me. They also installed my options...
  4. SkiBum1

    Americas The Best Review Ever

    There is a lot of garbage unfair reviews out there from people that don’t own a Grenadier, only drove them for a day, and that try to find issues to make their reviews more interesting. Ok, here is an honest review you can rely on, also to the FN point! The Ineos Grenadier Fieldmaster with...
  5. Ragman

    3rd party Videos We Put Up An On Road Driving Review

    Hey everyone, We just put up an on road driving review of our new Grenadier after 1,000 miles. I thought you might be interested in our opinions and I would welcome your thoughts to see if they match up with ours. We are planning a pretty long trip end of next month that will provide a lot of...
  6. SkiBum1

    Americas Just picked up my grenadier in Chicago!

    I finally picked up my Grenadier in Chicago at Knauz! It is Donny Grey, Fieldmaster, rough pack, auxiliary batteries, camp table, carpets w carpet mats, KO tires, black leather, privacy glass, ladder, interior utility rail, external utility belt, rock sliders, differential locks…I also had...
  7. SkiBum1

    Finally inspected my Grenadier

    I have been back and forth on accepting my Grenadier. My vehicle has been at the dealer since December waiting for accessories. I told the dealer, I can live without the roof rack, led light bar, ski rack and other roof accessories. However I need the rock sliders and other accessories that...
  8. Offroad

    Americas TFL Offroad Review of the Grenadier

    Good review of the Grenadier by TFL Offroad. View:
  9. TheDocAUS


    BACKGROUND This post is in two parts. Part 1 lists possible third-party suppliers of oil filters for the INEOS Grenadier B57 Diesel Motor (the oil filter is also used on the B58). Part 2 looks at some third-party oil filter available in Australia. It summarises some basic features with a view...
  10. AngusMacG

    The Irish Times review
  11. Stu_Barnes

    Motor Sport Grenadier Review 2024 (UK)

    2024 Ineos Grenadier review Does the Ineos Grenadier fill the hole left by the pre-2020 Defender? After a week with the 4x4 Andrew Frankel gives his verdict
  12. Stu_Barnes

    2023 Ineos Grenadier review (Autocar NZ) When Defender was no longer a basic off-roader, Ineos devised a modern successor, the Grenadier. It’s the real deal, at home off road. It’s not often you attend the launch of a new model AND a new brand simultaneously. To qualify that, a...
  13. W

    Grenadier Review OZ Roamer "It’s been released in Australia and has already had over 800 vehicles delivered to pre order customers. I went along to the first Australian drive day and walked away really impressed. The Grenadier is old...
  14. Logsplitter

    INEOS Media 2023 year in review

  15. GrenADV

    Americas Review of my new Trialmaster

    After several long years following the Grenadier project (I think it was 2018 when I first heard about this and registered my interest), I picked up my vehicle on Wednesday, December 20th - and it truly felt like it marked the end of one journey and the beginning of a new one. As I arrived at...
  16. Lemon35

    Americas Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo (RTGT) Delivery Review

    Having picked up my Grenadier on Wednesday and having sometime to absorb the truck (love it) and the experience I wanted to share my RTGT experience. Here's the BLUF: I hope that all my future car purchases are this enjoyable and smooth. From the outset in late September/Early October nothing...
  17. bigleonski

    3rd party Videos Buckle Up Review

    What a refreshing review by these guys. These guys, whilst quirky, give a great review, and effectively call out all the so called motoring “journalists” who have complained about the driving position, lack of self centering steering etc etc as complete muppets who have either looked for...
  18. Offroad

    Americas Grenadier Review in Motor Trend / ADAS Awareness

    For better or worse, ADAS made the first few paragraphs in the Motor Trend review. And, I'm now, 'That one owner from Nashville.' Nice review overall but definitely was expecting ADAS to hit the top line of the article! It does show the impact that Forums and Groups have...
  19. TheDocAUS

    3rd party Videos Outback towing review

    Two different caravans and 4 cars (3 diesel, 1 petrol). View:
  20. Spjnr

    Owner reviews - 10,000 miles (i'll start)

    A few days ago I hit 10,000 miles on my odo. Looking back on these miles and reflecting on what my Grenadier has done in this time, I think I'm now qualified to give a longer-term review, covering everything. I thought I’d structure it in a way so as other forum members can add their own...
  21. Stu_Barnes

    The EVO review (UK) Thanks @Earthwatcher
  22. Arkaig

    INEOS Quartermaster Pickup Review by Powerfulkltd

    A well balanced review by Simon of the Quartermaster together with a look at what direction Ineos Automotive appear to be heading in. QM review
  23. Boise

    Grenadier demo review video

    Thanks to Jonathon and his Mohawk Auto crew for coming out and spending the time to do a video with us at Lyle Pearson INEOS Grenadier. View:
  24. Reducs

    The Autopian Review

    Not familiar with The Autopian, but this popped up in my newsfeed a few minutes ago and I don't see that it's been posted yet, so here ya go!
  25. MarkH

    Fin Review interview with Lynn Calder

    " 2400 parts to procure, from over 400 suppliers worldwide.. " Use the 12ft ladder website to read full article.
  26. Trialmaster

    3rd party Videos A positive review from Alex on Autos

  27. AnD3rew

    Robert Pepper review coming

    Really respect Robert Pepper. Very much interested in what he has to say. View:
  28. BD1

    Financial Review I guess this is behind a payroll....It is not on my computer this like should work using...
  29. G

    TFL, USA YouTube review

  30. BD1

    3rd party Videos TFL Prototype Test Drive

    TFL impressions.....pretty positive and seemed to know the Grenadier functions much better than Harry. View:
  31. Stu_Barnes

    Car and driver (USA)

    INEOS Grenadier Pricing to Start at $73,100 The BMW-powered throwback SUV is priced to take on the vehicle that inspired it, the Land Rover Defender.
  32. JOB

    Incoming: The Review To Define All Reviews - Jeremy Clarkson

    The review to define the public perception of the Grenadier. Clarkson can make or break a car with one sentence (Vauxhall Vectra), I for one hope he loves it. I suspect as a life long Land Rover hater, he probably will love it? I could be wrong…. I also bet he’s a pal of SJR, he is also a...
  33. C

    3rd party Videos Production Vehicle Review

    Not sure if this has been posted, but just found it: View: They go through the engine 5 mins in.
  34. Stu_Barnes

    The Review (USA)

    'The automotive industry went through a significant change in late 2019 when Land Rover announced that it'd be building an all-new Defender. It wouldn't be a mechanically simple, body-on-frame near-tractor, but instead, follow the same tech-laden unibody recipe as its sibling in the...
  35. Logsplitter

    3rd party Videos Ignition review South Africa /Lesotho

  36. Logsplitter

    3rd party Videos Cinch review

    A few inaccuracies but I nice sound to the engine View:
  37. Stu_Barnes

    CEO magazine review.

    The Ineos Grenadier is an outstanding outlier among off-roaders Conceived six years ago in a London pub, the INEOS Grenadier 4WD wants to be the Land Rover Defender’s spiritual successor – and its competitor. But before winning over buyers, it must first conquer the wilderness...
  38. Stu_Barnes

    Mail and Guardian review (South Africa) “Although there have been whispers of military variants potentially being used in Botswana, there is no official word on this.”
  39. Dent

    An article (and video review) in Bulgarian Vesti web site

    Here is the article It's in Bulgarian, but you can use Google Translate (not for the video, I am afraid)
  40. Dent

    Article (and video review) in Bulgarian AutoMedia website

    Here is the article It's in Bulgarian, but you can use Google Translate (not for the video, I am afraid)
  41. Mossy Ineos Grenadier TX

    WSJ Review (USA)

    One of the least informative reviews I've read, but some good one-liners. Article here.
  42. Stu_Barnes

    Caravan World Towing Video Review (Australia)

    Firstly, we tried to find a random trailer to tow-test the Grenadier. The problem was the event staff outnumbered the Press at the global launch of the hot-topic 4WD so try as we might, no mischievous plan got us what we really need to know - how does it tow? So call this a vehicle review, not a...
  43. bemax

    Autozeitung review (Germany)

    It’s a extremely positive review without a real description of the driving experience on or off road........... "Looking for a utility car for the journey to the end of the world and back again? Then the new Ineos Grenadier (2022) is just right: A tangible, modern character, the heart in the...
  44. Arkaig

    Motor1 Italia - video review (Italy)

    Remember when the old Defender, later replaced by the current model, went out of production? Lo and behold, not everyone took it well, including Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the No. 1 of Ineos Industries who, as an off-road enthusiast, decided to design one tailored to his needs. Vi ricordate quando uscì...
  45. Stu_Barnes

    Caradisiac video review (France)

    Lorsqu’un milliardaire décide de faire revivre une espèce disparue, cela donne le scénario de l’un des blockbusters les plus rentables de l’histoire du cinéma… ou, plus proche de nous, l’Ineos Grenadier. Ce 4x4 à l’ancienne a, en effet, bien l’intention de rouler dans les traces du Land Rover...
  46. Tom D

    This is Money review (UK)

    Ineos Grenadier driven: Sir Jim Ratcliffe's £69,000 Defender rival is named after his favourite London pub - so is it fizzing with brilliance? Another one.. pretty positive
  47. Stu_Barnes

    Robb Report review (USA)

    First Drive: The Ineos Grenadier Is a Defender-G-Wagen Mashup That Forges Its Own Path In the Highlands of Scotland, we were finally able to test billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s production 4x4 six years after it was announced...
  48. Stu_Barnes

    Forbes Review (USA)

    No More Soft Stuff: Ineos Grenadier 4X4 To Arrive This Year
  49. Davman

    Driven Review (New Zealand)

    Ineos Grenadier first drive: old-school cool Good review from NZ Driven Review
  50. muxmax

    Auto Bild video review (Germany)

    Was wie die Neuauflage des alten Land Rover Defender aussieht, ist eine Kampfansage an alle Geländegänger. Erste Fahrt mit dem Ineos Grenadier. Zum Video! View:
  51. Stu_Barnes

    Geelong Advertiser Review (Australia)

    New brand's hardcore Land Cruiser rival.
  52. Stu_Barnes

    Professional Pickup Review (UK)

    Building a car company from scratch isn’t an easy task, but that’s not stopped Ineos, which, just six years on from first mooting a spiritual successor to the Land Rover Defender, has finally unleashed the Grenadier.
  53. Stu_Barnes

    Parkers Review (UK)

    Fledgling British brand Ineos Automotive has produced its first Grenadier 4×4. The official launch has now taken place and we have had a chance to drive the all-new vehicle.
  54. Trialmaster

    The Late Break Show video review (UK)

    INEOS Grenadier 4x4 full review - Defender rival driven On AND Off-road. The Ineos Grenadier is a hardcore 4x4 utility vehicle dreamt up by Britain's wealthiest man (and staunch old school Land Rover Defender fan) Sir Jim Ratcliffe. Named after the London pub in which the vehicle's concept was...
  55. G-Man

    What Car Review (UK)

    At first glance, you might think that the new Ineos Grenadier is nothing more than a tribute to the original Land Rover Defender – and we don't blame you. 2/5 from this publication:
  56. G-Man

    Goodwood Ineos Grenadier Online Review (UK)
  57. G-Man

    Car Magazine Ineos Grenadier Online Review (UK)
  58. G-Man

    Autocar UK Ineos Grenadier Online Review (UK)

    Can a car do nothing new, yet still be different to everything else on the market? Morgan has made a virtue of it, but it has more than than a century of history to draw on. But for a newcomer to share that philosophy is virtually unheard of. Which leads us to this, our first proper drive of the...
  59. Wayneos

    IOL review (South Africa)

    Inverness, Scotland - The design brief was simple: a triangle signifying three non-negotiables that would be the basis for a new car aimed at the off-road community worldwide...
  60. jamesfielding

    The Spectator - Review - (UK)

    Can the Ineos Grenadier rival the Land Rover? Behind the wheel of the off-roader designed to take on the Defender Well written, very positive, very high level review.
  61. Norville

    Adventure Afrika Review (SA via UK)

    As a journalist in the motoring industry we get to test new vehicles all the time. We drive the newest of the new cars in amazing settings. But what doesn’t happen often is driving a brand-new vehicle from a brand-new brand. So, when we received the invitation to the global launch of the new...
  62. Norville

    Planetauto Press Event Commentary (UK)

    Entertaining commentary, just like going to the races or a major public event. They were not part of the press pack to review this vehicle it seems. But the footage is interesting with some marshaling and long distance panoramic views. Stu. The Grenadier is here, with orders now being taken...
  63. Wayneos

    Pistonheads review (UK)

    2023 INEOS Grenadier | PH Review The wait is finally over - time to find out what the Grenadier is like in the real world...
  64. Wayneos

    Daily Telegraph review (Australia)

    Australians on the hunt for a tough-as-nails 4WD are in for a treat as an all-new brand out of Europe plans to bring its rugged machine Down Under.
  65. Wayneos video review (Australia)

    Hard-core off-road 4x4 wagon is fit for purpose, but isn’t perfect 👉 Full Review: The 2023 INEOS Grenadier has finally been launched globally and first local examples of the all-new five-door, five-seat off-road 4x4 wagon are now being shipped to Australia. View...
  66. Wayneos

    Wheels video review (Australia)

    The Real Defender? Global chemical giant INEOS delivers the vehicle Land Rover never could – but is the Defender even an appropriate comparison to make? View:
  67. Wayneos

    Motortrend review (USA)

    Don’t underestimate this new off-road SUV when facing snow, mud, and slippery rocks—or if you just want to flex.
  68. Wayneos

    Autoweek review (USA)

    When Ineos failed to secure the original Defender tooling from Land Rover, it decided to build, in essence, that beloved British off-roader’s spiritual successor, the Grenadier.
  69. Wayneos

    Autodaily review (Australia)

    More than a curio, the Ineos Grenadier is backed by some of the biggest names in the business and a serious first-attempt for a brand new automotive company.
  70. Wayneos

    Hagerty & Daily Telegraph Reviews (UK)

    2023 Ineos Grenadier review: There’s still work to be done with this workhorse The same reviewer also posts to the Daily Telegraph, reviews combined...
  71. Wayneos

    Whichcar review (Australia)

    2023 Ineos Grenadier review We head to the Scottish Highlands for a first drive of the Ineos Grenadier – the new 4x4 aiming to replace the discontinued original Defender.
  72. Wayneos

    Road & Track review (USA)

    The Ineos Grenadier Is a Land Rover Redux
  73. Wayneos

    Autoblog review (USA)

    Ineos Grenadier First Drive Review: A brute force off-road tool It’s a wooden-handled axe in a world full of shiny chainsaws
  74. Wayneos

    Autoevolution review (Australia)

    The car industry welcomes a new manufacturer: Ineos Automotive. Its first model, the Grenadier, is a multicultural product: built by the British company INEOS, developed together with Magna in Austria, produced in a former Mercedes plant in France, and equipped with BMW engines and gearboxes...
  75. das mo

    Prueba Spanish video review (Spain)

  76. Wayneos Review (Australia)

    What's old is new again. Ineos is an all-new brand, and its first model is an unashamed four-wheel drive that focuses on practicality, capability and durability. But does it stack up as a proper contender?
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