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  1. Trialmaster

    A positive review from Alex on Autos

  2. BD1

    TFL Prototype Test Drive

    TFL impressions.....pretty positive and seemed to know the Grenadier functions much better than Harry. View:
  3. JOB

    Incoming: The Review To Define All Reviews - Jeremy Clarkson

    The review to define the public perception of the Grenadier. Clarkson can make or break a car with one sentence (Vauxhall Vectra), I for one hope he loves it. I suspect as a life long Land Rover hater, he probably will love it? I could be wrong…. I also bet he’s a pal of SJR, he is also a...
  4. C

    Production Vehicle Review

    Not sure if this has been posted, but just found it: View: They go through the engine 5 mins in.
  5. Logsplitter

    Ignition review South Africa /Lesotho

  6. Logsplitter

    Cinch review

    A few inaccuracies but I nice sound to the engine View:
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