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  1. Jeffrey

    Single short side steps available?

    Looking for a short side step to help my wife get in and out of this thing. Kind of like a 'hoop' step or similar. Will be removed for off roading, just used for around town. Not fun getting in and out if you're 5' 1".
  2. A

    Electric Side Steps

    Just curios if anyone has mounted and electric side steps yet. I have seem them on other vehicles and they are pretty nice as they tuck away. I does not look like it would be that hard to retro fit brackets if ones do not exist.
  3. B

    Possible Side Mirror Replacement to reduce Blind Spot - Please respond if interested

    I have been in touch with Eddy from Suma Performance (thanks to @Norb-TX for bringing them up in the other thread). They make aftermarket convex side mirror replacements to reduce blind spots. This would replace the mirror only, you keep the factory housing. They also offer a version with...
  4. stickshifter

    Load Rating for Side Rails & Doors

    This door-mounted side-step looks like a great way to access the roof, just wondering about the load rating for: 1 - the side rails 2 - the door itself
  5. Desert Max DXB

    Utility plates over side windows on Cargo track

    Informer to resolve swiftly the shortage of offroad fuel range I mount 2x20L jerry cans on rear window. I made a copy of M.O.L.L.E. us army so you can easily clip on their asesories. I make this in local workshop in Dubai at Ironman 4x4, they can make this quickly and cost efficient.
  6. Paco Garcia

    Side steps/Sliders, Homemade and I ask you for help

    In the end I decided to make some steps in a friend's workshop that would in turn provide some protection for the bodywork. I have them almost done but when I went to plan the attachment points, a problem arose: the support points of the The ends that are in the car have through holes so you...
  7. Y

    Side steps built in Australia

    Having side steps manufactured in Australia, using all 3 mount points. Black powder coated finish similar to front steel bumper. Mounted under door sill in similar position to rock sliders and will protrude outwards to width of tyre. Will post pics when completed.
  8. grnamin

    No lock/unlock on right front passenger side?

    Is the lock/unlock button missing on the right front passenger side door? Driver side has it.
  9. Norgs

    Hi , side steps and keys .

    I'm new just took delivery last month . have driven it to Byron and Dunedoo from Sydney and it drives superbly. it's a high car and really need steps - any thoughts or just go straight to the factory option ? Secondly - when its dark its hard to see the key hole for the ignition - only a small...
  10. Offroad

    More Side by Side Shots of my IG and my NAS D90.

    Clearly, I have too much time on my hands. edit: 1997 NAS D90.
  11. Offroad

    SIde By Side Shots of my IG and a D110.

    Side-by-side pics of my new Grenadier and a 1988 D110 from this morning. They look similar but the refinement on the IG is amazing.
  12. SkiBum1

    Side mirror blind spot warning upgrade?

    I test drove the grenadier today. Mine is coming in a month. I was disappointed to find that the side mirrors don’t have a blond spot warning light or beep function. This has been quite important for safety changing lanes in busy Chicago and other traffic areas? Is there an after market...
  13. Caveman

    Factory rock slider modified into side step

    Hello everyone, just sharing how i modifed my rock sliders to work as a step. I have extended mine out by 40mm and covered with checkerplate which will be powder coated black in the new year.
  14. holdmybeer

    Rivian shows dark side of software updates

    From the company: “This is on us – we messed up. … In most cases, the rest of the vehicle systems are still operational. A vehicle reset or sleep cycle will not solve the issue.” Rivian updated their customers’ vehicles OTA (over the air) while they sat innocently in customers’ driveways. I...
  15. F

    URBAN "Black Shadow" Side Steps

    Has anyone mounted the URBAN "Black Shadow" side steps on their Grenadier? If so, how do you like them? My Trialmaster will be here in a couple weeks and they appear to be the best option currently available.
  16. beanohallett

    Rear Side window leak

    Afternoon Folks, Has anyone else experienced leaks from the rear side windows? a photo of mine this morning, slightly irritating !
  17. MileHigh

    IG alternative to Jeep ducks- add-on for the utility rail?

    I was thinking about the Jeep use of ducks left for other owners. For the IG, I think that the cargo rail on the side would be a perfect way to acknowledge someone’s IG. Make something compatible with that attachment point. My idea is that you take the standard attachement point, and then...
  18. RYAustralia

    Side indicator on raised air intake loose - Australia.

    The side indicator mount fixed to the raised air intake was loose and half hanging out after my first 500km drive. Pushed it back in but the lugs are pretty crappy and not sure how long it’ll be before it’ll need duct tape eventually. I presume that’s the temporary 3-d printed version until...
  19. Hicarus

    Fitting Ineos side steps

    SIDE STEPS. Like many of us, my Station Wagon came without the side steps, these being promised for later. A month later as it turned out. So the I got the welcome call, “Come & collect”. Collect because I had already decided to fit them myself. Having looked at them on a Belstaff model in...
  20. emax

    Passenger side Grab Handle: Part numbers and prices

    Today I got the quotes for the passenger side grab handle. In my case (Germany) it is the LHD version. A quick response and a good service in this regard. I only got a screenshot which you can see below. This does not include VAT and sums up to 329,29€. Plus 19% VAT in Germany makes 392,60€...
  21. N

    Side step | available aftersale option

    Hello, I didn't ordered the IG side step as I think there could be better options. I know the sidestep/Rockslider options from blacksheep(CH) and LeTech(DE). Are there already other side steps available?
  22. Jean Mercier

    removal of side panels driver side and using the auxiliary power point

    I still don’t understand why Ineos gives me a lot of useless switches on my roof panel without any explanation. Therefore, and thanks to this forum my next DIY post (DIY: Do It Yourself), and I didn’t find on this forum somebody who already did it, but perhaps I am wrong … I dismounted the...
  23. DaBull

    Electric Deployable Side Steps / Rock Sliders

    There is a company called Rock Slider Engineering in Utah that makes an electric deployable side step and features an add on option steel plate to make it a proper rock slider too. Since they are in Utah, they test them out at Moab. They don't yet support the Grenadier. If you interested at...
  24. K

    Switching between Rock Sliders and Side Runners

    Can you unbolt the rock sliders and replace them with the side runners? my wife needs the side runners but would like the option to put on the rock sliders when I go off-road. Thanks.
  25. Tony


    My dealer, Grange Edinburgh called me yesterday to say my long awaited vehicle was ready for collection. But the side bars I had specified could not be fitted as they were out of stock and waiting for a delivery and could not tell me when they might receive them. My options were to delay...
  26. T

    Side windows visibility

    For anyone who has seen the production model in person I'm interested to know how the visibility is looking out of the side windows in both the front and rear seats. I've seen a few videos on YouTube where if someone is sitting upright and they turn their head sideways to look out the windows...
  27. Heater

    Rear side window vent option?

    One of the great options that older US and Toyota 4WD vehicles had were side opening rear windows, manual or actuated, slider or outward opening. It would be great if this vehicle had that option to allow some proper airflow through the cabin. Has anyone heard if this is an option? If not it...
  28. emax

    Awning: which side?

    Which side is best for an awing? "left" and "right" answers won't help, but "driver side" or "passenger side" are much appreciated. ;) Type of (planned) awning (batwing, straight) is of course important. The reasons for the preferred side are also interesting.
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