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  1. L

    Battery discharge

    I have just the single battery and noticed that after a couple of days camping that the battery was down to 53%. I didn't take any power from the vehicle, maybe opened the doors about 10 times per day. The internal light was set Auto off. It would have been good to have had some kind of mode...
  2. alexandruast

    50Ah LiFePo4 Battery Installed

    Hi, This is what I've worked on the past 3 days: I used the DS250SE to manage the LiFePo4 battery, and left the initial vehicle configuration intact (the two batteries managed only by the smartpass 120): This is the battery that I used...
  3. Kruegerruda

    Confusion with battery management

    Unfortunately, I still don't understand it and can't find it clearly in the articles: The SMARTPASS 120S disconnects the starter battery from the service battery when the engine is not running. When the PWR switch is switched on, is the power drawn from the socket in the load compartment from...
  4. Trialmaster

    "False" Battery Percentage displayed!

    I have the dual battery installation (Trialmaster). Since ownership the battery % has never shown more than 75%. I disconnected both batteries a couple of months ago and the percentage then jumped to 92%. This situation only lasted a few days before reverting to 69%. Now percentage shows 69%...
  5. huxgo

    Battery died in 2 days under strange circumstances - engine and airbag lights on

    Hello dear friends! This is the first problem I have with the car and therefore also my first post on this forum. I own the diesel trialmaster with an auxiliary battery. So three days ago I went for a drive to my local car wash. After starting the car I noticed I was not able to connect my...
  6. hclark

    Auxiliary battery and fridge

    I am picking up a new Fieldmaster in a couple of weeks. It has the auxiliary batter. I’m looking to add a fridge/freezer (Dometic CFX3) in the boot on a slider. Does anyone know if you can attach the unit to the aux battery or do you just use the cigarette lighter socket in the boot? Apologies...
  7. Shaheens

    Auxiliary Battery setup components

    I got my Fieldmaster without the Auxiliary Battery and now I regret that. Is it easy to add that now? What components I need to buy?
  8. Paco Garcia

    battery charge limitation

    Llevo una semana sin poder coger el coche, he tenido varias incidencias hospitalarias en casa que me han impedido hacerlo, el miércoles miré el estado de la batería y estaba al 50%, ya que no tuve tiempo de conducir con él, le puse un Cargador conectado lentamente en el compartimiento del motor...
  9. flynnsk

    Battery Access and disconnect process?

    Gone through the manual and searched the forum (Battery AND disconnect), and for the life of me I cannot seem to find details that outline the steps to fully disconnect the battery (and aux). The manual simply says : Disconnect the ground connections to the Battery Combiner. Remove the Negative...
  10. BigJock2024

    Auxiliary Battery

    I am looking at two models right now... yes, I am approaching "buy mode" very cautiously, still not happy with the price. Can anyone give me an opinion on whether the price difference (around £4.5k) is justified for a factory-fitted winch and auxiliary battery, rather than choosing and fitting...
  11. NoAge Hunter

    Battery drain - what is causing it?

    Hi toghether First off all I would like to express that I am very happy with the Grenadier - just to start in the right manner 😉😂 Okay that said here comes the topic I need to understand: That the battery drained in the Grenadier is discussed as far as I know. My question is: what is causing...
  12. Shawnpalmer

    Trailer lights wired, Dual Battery wired with RedArc isolator, sub relocated

    Trailer lights added since I didn’t get them on mine, sub relocated, and RedArc dual battery kit installed. See pics. NATO plug installed and run to battery. It’s coming together!
  13. Kruegerruda

    Why not change the second battery to Lithium?

    Is it not possible to replace the second battery with a lithium battery and use it as a supply battery? The second battery is charged via the alternator and disconnected from the starter battery by the Smartpas. Or am I seeing this wrong?
  14. Shawnpalmer

    What does this overhead battery switch actually do?

    I cannot find any info on what the switch with the battery icon does. See pic. It does not need to be in the on position for the other switches to power devices.
  15. E


    Good evening from a new member in north east England. My battery will not start the car and after 48 hours on charger still not. Will not jump start fro my other car either . Bigger problem its parked in front of my garage containing my other car so borrowed my son’s in short term . Onto dealer...
  16. User1

    charging battery on camp sides or in garage

    Hi all, i would like to install some charger or have a charger in the car to easily connect for the following situations. -During camping trips when i have the ability to use the electrical power from the camp side. here i would like to charge the batteries and during the same time the fridge...
  17. emax

    Battery at 78% but Grenadier didn't start

    On Saturday I had a ride and drove a small loop in the area. The battery was at 72% when I set off and was then at 78% in the evening. So no problems on Saturday. But when I wanted to go for a ride on Sunday, the engine wouldn't start and the starter remained silent. The control lights were on...
  18. M

    Build Thread Battery and Roof Rack New Install

    So today I installed the Front Runner 3/4 Rack and a Kickass slim line lithium battery. I did not opt for dual battery because I wanted to do my own thing . I had to modify the seat slider handle and move a connector but the battery fit under the seat. At some point will be putting in the 40V...
  19. E

    Has anyone installed an Anderson plug from the starter battery to the rear?

    If anyone has installed an Anderson plug from the starter battery to the rear, can you please share how you went about this with pics? I'm looking to do the same. Regards.
  20. F

    How large of a house battery can fit?

    How big of a volume is under the seat that a battery can fit? I can visually see it obviously but haven't removed to see how much space is there. Would this fit? On another website I found it size to be 13.07x9.52x9.84. I saw where people are putting air compressors in there. I'm not creative...
  21. T

    Battery system

    It would seem all the electrical outlets for accessories (fridge etc) have their current drawn from the main (crank) battery. I thought that the ctek powerpass automatically enabled the car to be able to crank from the service battery when the crank battery is low ? I read here many people who...
  22. NoAge Hunter

    Key battery empty

    Today I got the information while starting the engine, that the battery of the key is close to be empty. Not a big thing, but I am a bit surprised. After 5 month and only 19.000 km the key battery is empty. Never had that in the last decades. Again, nothing serious, but maybe it is worth to...
  23. H

    How can i connect the aux battery?(dual battery i need the wirring diagram)

    I need to know how i connect the ctek to the wires in the box under the seat. Any one has the diagram or know how?
  24. douggie

    Going Cold Cranking Lithium for both Batteries?

    Hi, I have a thought to replace both batteries with Lithium Cold Cranking replacements - there are a number of people in Australia who have done this with Lithium batteries for other vehicles (myself included) very successfully. I have a Lithiumax Restart 11 in by Jeep GC that I am very happy...
  25. W

    Primary battery replacement

    I have a battery that doesn’t stay charged above 65%. The battery is however only charging at 1 or 2 amps when driving. I have been supplied a replacement battery under warranty as supposedly a faulty battery. My Grenadier has a factory plastic floor and I was wondering how much of the floor...
  26. H

    Aux or second battery -

    OK the auxiliary battery is standard on the Trialmaster edition. 1, If you have a Fieldmaster that has had the 'High Load Auxiliary Switch Panel & External Preparation' option added - does this include the Auxiliary battery? 2, If you want to fit the winch - I am guessing you must have the...
  27. T

    Dual battery setup modifications

    Hi All, I have the factory dual battery setup and decided to make a few changes to the vehicle wiring to make it more useful. I wanted to have the following: Front and rear 12V outlets powered from second battery Rear USB outpets powered from second battery All aux power supplies (under...
  28. P

    Factory fitted auxiliary battery in the trialmaster

    I’m due to take delivery of my trialmaster in the next few weeks and was wondering whether anyone can advise what outlets the auxiliary battery fitted as standard in the trialmaster provides power to, if at all?
  29. Highwayman

    Battery completely dead - no prior symptoms

    Went to use my car yesterday afternoon and the remote key fob would not unlock it (car had been standing in the garage for three days). Thought it was a bit odd. Changed the battery in the key fob - no difference, still would not unlock the car. Got the spare key (never used from new) - no...
  30. Eric

    Key Fob Battery

    Any Grenadier owner know what battery is used in the key fob? I am about to get some spare 2032 and 2025 for my other cars, do I need something different for the Grenadier?
  31. TheDocAUS

    Battery post wiring options – add your suggestions

    UNILUG One thing I hope to do is upgrade the battery terminals on the auxiliary battery using the Unilug. Full technical specifications for the Unilug here. The product guide will answer most of your questions aiout the Unilug. Warning: the clearance on two seater models is less, so greater...
  32. Ever Pragmatic

    Battery Monitor and Charging.

    got in the vehicle earlier and had my first red warning light appear - eek… It was the battery warning light. I opened up the off-road mode and toggled to battery monitoring. it showed that the battery was at 50% charge and this was shown in an amber colour on the central display. I drove on...
  33. G

    Auxiliary battery retrofit in UK?

    Is there anyone in the UK South West region (Bath preferably) who can supply and fit an auxiliary battery set up with the ability to charge from solar as well as from the vehicle’s own system? I use a Bluetti power station for 240v AC requirements, but would prefer to leave it at home when not...
  34. Jean Mercier

    CTEK Battery charger MXS 5.0

    I bought a CTEK Battery charger MXS 5.0 and tested it between yesterday afternoon and today. And I used my Chinese battery Monitoring II spy. I connected the CTEK to the “under hood” positive pole and earth connector. I have to admit my picture could have been better: I brought the current...
  35. DCPU

    Victron Energy SmartShunt IP65 500 amp Battery Monitor (Bluetooth) install

    So following on from the various discussions on batteries, which does what, etc, and photos of various BMS and calculations chiefly @das mo, @Lollo050968, @emax & @Jean Mercier in...
  36. DCPU

    Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS)

    So the Grenadier is fitted with one of these located on the earth terminal of the starter battery:
  37. Mohs 9

    Custom Dual Battery setup

    I ordered my Grenny w/o the dual battery system, because by the time ordering the specification were unclear. Now, as we know how Ineos designed it, I must say this was the right decision for me. I would feel much more comfortable with a classical setup, i.e.: dedicated sockets which are...
  38. M

    NATO socket jump start capability

    I remember from my times in military service that via a NATO socket basically every vehicle could jump start another. E.g. a Wolf (military G-wagon) could start a tank with drained batteries. So does the NATO socket in the Grenadier has the same function? Supply power to an other vehicle (or...
  39. A


    Right. Where is it? Serious question. I've picked up, taken home and left in the garage for a month. Was in possession for 6 hours. Hand book was 1000 pages of infotainment but no diagrams of where things are or how to do. Very different to my 1967 220 Cortina. A photo will help. Anything.
  40. DCPU

    Removing the underseat trim panels / accessing or removing the batteries

    Not sure it needs many words, it's simple to do. Remove floor mats, undo screws indicated by red circles and nuts indicated by green rectangles:
  41. O

    Battery %

    Within the ‘Off-road’ menu, you can check the state of the battery including percentage charged. Does this the percentage reflect the main engine battery, the leisure battery or across both? I seem to be losing approx 10% of charge over a week of not driving if the system is to be believed.
  42. Cheshire cat

    Spare battery compartment

    I note that in my SW, the space where the auxiliary battery would go, does not contain a waterproof box that I am sure has been fitted to some vehicles. Could this box be part of the auxiliary battery set-up?
  43. McPharmer II

    Battery switch what for?

    If this question is already answered in another thread, I'm sorry. But my search was unsuccessful. What does this switch exactly?
  44. D

    Auxiliary battery

    Unfortunately, I know little about electronics. So, what comes with the auxiliary battery, and why would I want an auxiliary battery? Thanks in advance for your help.
  45. MattG

    Anyone know the Auxiliary Battery dimensions?

    Anyone know the dimensions of the Auxiliary Battery? I’m considering upgrading the factory auxiliary battery to a comparable 100Ah Lithium, but I think all the available lithium options might be a bit too tall to fit in the space under the rear seat. Be great to know the maximum height available...
  46. E

    Is the NATO plug wire to the starter battery or to the Aux battery/120 SmartPass?

    Does anyone know whether the NATO plug has been wired to the starter battery or if it's been wired to the Aux battery/120 SmartPass?
  47. DaBull

    Americas Dual Battery vs Premium Sound - What to Spec to most easily end up with both

    It would be great to end up with both a Dual Battery and Premium Sound. Since they occupy the same space, it would seem like the best thing to do is to spec the dual battery and then hopefully you can easily upgrade to a premium amp and locate a sub-woofer elsewhere in the boot or a custom...
  48. Sekurt

    Q&A Americas Dual Battery Interlink

    Will the dual battery option allow self jumpstart by interlinking them via a button or otherwise
  49. jeremy_matrix

    2seat Commercial Utility Wagon 2nd row area; battery cover trim plates

    For anyone with a 2seat Utility Wagon, with no 2nd row seat. How does IA make the rear floor area smooth/level if the battery(ies) are still in the 2nd level? Only picture I can find on the web so far; Would like to make a Station Wagon (5seater) has a similar panel in the 2nd row.
  50. Krabby

    Q&A Americas Does the overhead AUX panel provide the wiring to hook up a battery and management system or would I have to run it

    Does the overhead AUX panel provide the wiring to hook up a battery and management system or would I have to run it (if i do not spec the 2nd battery)?
  51. ADVAW8S

    Battery question

    If I did this wrong, please move This question is for Ineos Norh America to answer Does the overhead AUX panel provide the wiring to hook up a battery and management system or would I have to run it
  52. W

    Charging battery

    Anyone know where the -ve terminal/earth terminal is under the bonnet to allow charging of the battery. The +ve terminal is obvious (red with brass connection point) but where does the “black” battery charging cable go to?
  53. TheDocAUS

    12 volt battery monitors

    During the lockdowns I reviewed some cheap 12 volt car battery monitors here. These cheaper battery monitors give an estimate of battery capacity based on voltage, they do not use a shunt like more expensive monitors. I have run one battery monitor on the starter battery and another on the aux...
  54. holdmybeer

    Procedure to shift into Neutral with a dead battery (fiddly but doable)

    If your battery is dead and you need Neutral for a tow or a roll or whatever, sounds like a 5mm hex socket and access underneath the truck is required. With the Grenadier's clearance (compared to any other ZF vehicle), hopefully this doesn't mean jacking it up. It's such a common transmission...
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