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  1. H

    How can i connect the aux battery?(dual battery i need the wirring diagram)

    I need to know how i connect the ctek to the wires in the box under the seat. Any one has the diagram or know how?
  2. douggie

    Going Cold Cranking Lithium for both Batteries?

    Hi, I have a thought to replace both batteries with Lithium Cold Cranking replacements - there are a number of people in Australia who have done this with Lithium batteries for other vehicles (myself included) very successfully. I have a Lithiumax Restart 11 in by Jeep GC that I am very happy...
  3. W

    Primary battery replacement

    I have a battery that doesn’t stay charged above 65%. The battery is however only charging at 1 or 2 amps when driving. I have been supplied a replacement battery under warranty as supposedly a faulty battery. My Grenadier has a factory plastic floor and I was wondering how much of the floor...
  4. H

    Aux or second battery -

    OK the auxiliary battery is standard on the Trialmaster edition. 1, If you have a Fieldmaster that has had the 'High Load Auxiliary Switch Panel & External Preparation' option added - does this include the Auxiliary battery? 2, If you want to fit the winch - I am guessing you must have the...
  5. T

    Dual battery setup modifications

    Hi All, I have the factory dual battery setup and decided to make a few changes to the vehicle wiring to make it more useful. I wanted to have the following: Front and rear 12V outlets powered from second battery Rear USB outpets powered from second battery All aux power supplies (under...
  6. P

    Factory fitted auxiliary battery in the trialmaster

    I’m due to take delivery of my trialmaster in the next few weeks and was wondering whether anyone can advise what outlets the auxiliary battery fitted as standard in the trialmaster provides power to, if at all?
  7. Highwayman

    Battery completely dead - no prior symptoms

    Went to use my car yesterday afternoon and the remote key fob would not unlock it (car had been standing in the garage for three days). Thought it was a bit odd. Changed the battery in the key fob - no difference, still would not unlock the car. Got the spare key (never used from new) - no...
  8. Eric

    Key Fob Battery

    Any Grenadier owner know what battery is used in the key fob? I am about to get some spare 2032 and 2025 for my other cars, do I need something different for the Grenadier?
  9. TheDocAUS

    Battery post wiring options – add your suggestions

    UNILUG One thing I hope to do is upgrade the battery terminals on the auxiliary battery using the Unilug. Full technical specifications for the Unilug here. The product guide will answer most of your questions aiout the Unilug. Warning: the clearance on two seater models is less, so greater...
  10. Ever Pragmatic

    Battery Monitor and Charging.

    got in the vehicle earlier and had my first red warning light appear - eek… It was the battery warning light. I opened up the off-road mode and toggled to battery monitoring. it showed that the battery was at 50% charge and this was shown in an amber colour on the central display. I drove on...
  11. G

    Auxiliary battery retrofit in UK?

    Is there anyone in the UK South West region (Bath preferably) who can supply and fit an auxiliary battery set up with the ability to charge from solar as well as from the vehicle’s own system? I use a Bluetti power station for 240v AC requirements, but would prefer to leave it at home when not...
  12. Jean Mercier

    CTEK Battery charger MXS 5.0

    I bought a CTEK Battery charger MXS 5.0 and tested it between yesterday afternoon and today. And I used my Chinese battery Monitoring II spy. I connected the CTEK to the “under hood” positive pole and earth connector. I have to admit my picture could have been better: I brought the current...
  13. DCPU

    Victron Energy SmartShunt IP65 500 amp Battery Monitor (Bluetooth) install

    So following on from the various discussions on batteries, which does what, etc, and photos of various BMS and calculations chiefly @das mo, @Lollo050968, @emax & @Jean Mercier in...
  14. DCPU

    Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS)

    So the Grenadier is fitted with one of these located on the earth terminal of the starter battery:
  15. Mohs 9

    Custom Dual Battery setup

    I ordered my Grenny w/o the dual battery system, because by the time ordering the specification were unclear. Now, as we know how Ineos designed it, I must say this was the right decision for me. I would feel much more comfortable with a classical setup, i.e.: dedicated sockets which are...
  16. M

    NATO socket jump start capability

    I remember from my times in military service that via a NATO socket basically every vehicle could jump start another. E.g. a Wolf (military G-wagon) could start a tank with drained batteries. So does the NATO socket in the Grenadier has the same function? Supply power to an other vehicle (or...
  17. A


    Right. Where is it? Serious question. I've picked up, taken home and left in the garage for a month. Was in possession for 6 hours. Hand book was 1000 pages of infotainment but no diagrams of where things are or how to do. Very different to my 1967 220 Cortina. A photo will help. Anything.
  18. O

    Battery %

    Within the ‘Off-road’ menu, you can check the state of the battery including percentage charged. Does this the percentage reflect the main engine battery, the leisure battery or across both? I seem to be losing approx 10% of charge over a week of not driving if the system is to be believed.
  19. Cheshire cat

    Spare battery compartment

    I note that in my SW, the space where the auxiliary battery would go, does not contain a waterproof box that I am sure has been fitted to some vehicles. Could this box be part of the auxiliary battery set-up?
  20. McPharmer II

    Battery switch what for?

    If this question is already answered in another thread, I'm sorry. But my search was unsuccessful. What does this switch exactly?
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