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  1. Lars

    Red Winch...Does yours freespool easily?

    My factory Red winch does not freespool easily. You cannot physically pull the rope out without incredible effort , The first time I used it it had to attach it to another vehicle and reverse the vehicle. Now I just reverse the motor to extend the rope. What's your experience? Is this...
  2. Ragman

    3rd party Videos Rigging The Factory Winch

    We just put up our latest video which deals with rigging the factory winch so that you are able to use it. We show the Red Winch recommended set up as well as the alternative we chose which is the Factor 55 Flat Link E. Both set ups would work and the craftsmanship of both Red Winch and Factor...
  3. nuclearmonkey

    Aftermarket winch to US spec Trialmaster

    Searched a bit but ran out of gas… I have a truck on order with the winch option, but am reconsidering as the aftermarket solutions come in to play. I’m wondering if I forego the winch option, what is different with respect to the wiring of a Trialmaster versus a Trialmaster with winch...
  4. M

    Using the Winch (Power on, Pair Remote Control, Relais Behaviour, etc.) - Ultimate Manual no long thread!

    Here we go with the ultimate technical INFO: 1. Start Motor (does not work if Engine off) 2. apply Handbrake 3. Switch to Gear N (Neutral) - maybe D/R will work also 4. Never drive above ~70 km/h 5. Switch the 500 A Switch on, you will hear a loud click in the backseat if ok. Try it with P and N...
  5. Wile E Coyote

    Winch not working?

    Hi all, my winch is not working. I'm doing everything the manual says to do and t was working at the agents when I picked it up. I've tried everything. The only thing that I can think I did wrong was try to pair it again when it was already paired. I have the green light on the remote, engine...
  6. CORE Ineos

    Winch and bumper possibly for sale?

    Hi all. I was getting ready to buy a rig already specd with a winch installed, but my company was going to build a new bumper bull bar 15k capacity winch for these machines. Do you think anyone would be interested in buying this from me ? Unfortunately since I didn't order this build I'll have...
  7. chrsbe

    Winch problem

    My Winch regularly stops working. After switching off and on again both overhead 500amp switch and remote it works again. Had this several times with and without load. So it is not overheating i assume. Did you experience similar problems? Maybe a problem with the remote? Btw. where is the fuse...
  8. NoAge Hunter

    Winch installed

    Today I got my winch and bumper installed (LeTech Kit). I am so much looking forward to test it tomorrow 👍🏻👍🏻😂! What I really like already is the quality and design of the bumper and that one has easy access to the winch.
  9. P

    Americas Moveable winch

    I got the winch installed on the hitch receiver today. Now I need to figure out how to wire it to the grenadier. I can’t find a 100% answer on if we have the 500a circuit if we didn’t order the winch but have the high output circuit (on all trialmasters). Has anyone done this yet? I’m also...
  10. AS00361

    Front Mounted Tow Hitch/Winch options in UK?

    What options are available in the UK for a removable front mounted tow hitch and removeable front mounted winch? I've seen some aftermarket options online but wondered if any are suitable for use in the UK given different regulations?
  11. Deepblue

    Black Sheep winch cover

    Was not really happy with the factory winch cover for European plastic bumper. When I saw Black Sheep has engineered practical solution I was convinced immediately. As they are in Switzerland I could arrange to buy the winch cover at their location. Thanks to @Black Sheep for making this...
  12. Black Sheep

    Black Sheep Greetings from the Black Sheep

    The fact that our homepage or online shop does not work properly is what brought me here... :rolleyes: Maybe a good sign..... I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for this inconvenience.... We are currently better at manufacturing vehicle accessories than in the design of...
  13. Kruegerruda

    Is the Nato Socket usable without Orginal winch?

    I have a utility 5-seater without winch. With power on and 500A on at the dash there ist now voltage at the Nato socket?! What's wrong? Ist the Nato socket just a dummy?
  14. GrenX

    Winch Cradle Ineos Grenadier Photos

    Has anyone got photos of the factory winch cradle with the front bar removed?
  15. grnamin

    Winch + Factor 55 Ultrahook = collision alert

    I installed a Factor 55 Ultrahook on my winch and pulled slack on the rope so the Ultrahook sits tight and flush with the fairlead. Now I'm getting collision alerts on the tell-tale. This morning, on my first drive after Ultrahook installation, there was this loud warning sounds I hadn't heard...
  16. D

    Americas anyone get the winch and played with it yet & ant aftermarket applications yet?

    let us know what you think about the red winch not found much about them online.
  17. Michael H.

    Using the Winch

    As I’m new to winching, I recently attended a winch training course (See video). I'd be interested to get some more tips from experienced winch users, particular on matters specific to the winch fitted to the Grenadier. View:
  18. GrenX

    Factory Front Winch bracket / cradle?

    Has anyone got a photo with the front bar removed showing the mounting bracket/cradle for the factory red winch?
  19. Kruegerruda

    Alternative winch?

    Are there any other suppliers apart from the LeTech winch? I have cancelled the original winch from Ineos as the cable length of only 10m was too short for me.
  20. ECrider

    UK X-Lock Winch Rope Device Group Buy

    Idea coutesy of our Australian brethren (@AnD3rew ) . Looking for interest from UK owners/orderers in the winch extension reducer X-Lock. I have emailed ASR and asked them for appox. retail costs and shipping for either 10x or 20x X-Lock 20,000lb device...
  21. L

    Winch wiring Question?

    In models ordered without the winch, is the wiring harness for the winch installed at build if you ask for the high load circuitry? Do Grenadiers with winches get entirely different wiring harnesses? or is is an easily added dealer option? (which implies the vehicle prewired for the winch) I...
  22. DCPU

    First winch video?
  23. AnD3rew

    Winch not working

    Ok so wonder if anyone has come across this and if so identified the issue and resolved it. When I turn the winch switch on on the overhead panel I hear a click from rhe rear, but the light doesn’t come on on the switch and the controller won’t pair, by which I assume no power getting to the...
  24. AnD3rew

    Winch rope

    As we now know, the usable length of winch rope is between 10-12m, and is 11mm diameter. Looking at winch ropes, it is possible to get a 10mm winch rope with a min breaking strength of 10,950kg. This would give a WLL of just above the Grenadier GVM. I wonder how much difference going from...
  25. 5cd2a390-6524-4582-a1c6-31a2e9bc7b4b.mp4


    The original rope of the winch is rather short and can usually only be used with an extension.
  26. AnD3rew

    Australian X-Lock Winch Rope Device Group Buy. Looking for expressions of interest for an Australian group buy of the X-Lock device 20,000lb WLL. This device can be used a...
  27. Lollo050968

    Winch dry test

    Tested this afternoon the winch without load: -easy to unroll -approximately 10.30m length of tow -remote control on and connected shown by green LED -still min. one total winding on the winch drum when red mark could be seen -sentive roll up possible -nearly direct stop after releasing the IN...
  28. C

    New Winch Manual

    Hi all here is the latest winch manual.
  29. alvan

    Front bumper / No winch

    Considering that I have no intention of fitting a winch now or ever, do you think it is possible that sooner or later someone will produce a less protruding and legal aftermarket bumper? Gaining a few cm on the Grenedier's considerable length wouldn't be bad...
  30. DCPU

    Aftermarket Winch Bumper from LeTech

    Not a bad starter for 10: I look forward to forum members photos from this week's big offroad show. 👍
  31. Jean Mercier

    European winch cover do it yourself screw replacement

    I replaced today the screws of my "numberplate winch cover". The idea behind it was that it is way too easy to remove the original cheap screws of Ineos, and therefore reach the winch. Here the final solution with the new screws and old ones: So what did I do? I found at my sons place nice...
  32. Arkaig

    Red Winch - Integrated Front Winch - User Manual

    Herewith a copy of the User Manual for the Red Winch Integrated Front Winch - enjoy! It's play time!
  33. muxmax

    Winde für Anfänger

    Servus! Ich bräuchte bitte mal Euren input, was ich an Zubehör für die Winde brauche. Ich poste das hier, weil es mir auch um Bezugsquellen geht. Australien ist mir da etwas zu weit auf der anderen Seite der Erde. Bisher habe ich nur die Winde bestellt, also ohne das recovery set, weil ich mir...
  34. Zimm

    winch question confirmation...

    So, as I understand it, the winch is a redwinch, which has no parts availability or network in the US, it's a custom small spool similar to a competition winch and falls far below the typical 90+ft, no other winch will fit the stock cradle, and the insufficient winch is likely to be a 5k...
  35. Arkaig

    P04-23: Winch Owner's Manual - 27/04/2023

    I thought this may be of interest:
  36. N

    Suspension upgrade for winch

    Hi. Is the front suspension upgraded if you opt for the factory winch? Thanks
  37. TheDocAUS

    Anyone fitting an UltraHook to their winch?

    Does anyone intend to fit an UltraHook to their winch? Happy to hear from users of the hook on other vehicles. View:
  38. C


    Just looked at the Hard way home guy Ingmar's video on the winch seems you have to have the engine running . This means if the engine won't work for some reason you can't winch yourself out of trouble all my winches have been independent of the engine. What are the forums thoughts?
  39. O

    Red Winch for NA Spec Grenadier

    I am curious if we will see the same "Red Winch" in the US/NA configurations that the rest of the world is receiving. In a recent ExPo article on winches, Red Winches declined to enter the test, due to a lack of network in the USA. I am looking forward to seeing how the Red performs...
  40. Jean Mercier

    winch cover removal (European cars with plastic bumpers)

    Quarter turn with the screwdriver of the car (or any other), easy. but putting it back a little bit more tricky, look at my hands and the way I hold the screws:
  41. O

    3rd party Videos Adelaide Test drives, with videos.

    Hi all, just thought people may be interested in the recent video's i took at the Adelaide Australia test drives. I must say I was very pleased with the vehicle, especially as it is only the PT02 with all the updates. It seems to have adequate ability off road and the acceleration was as...
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