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  1. Caveman

    Factory Front Winch bracket / cradle?

    Has anyone got a photo with the front bar removed showing the mounting bracket/cradle for the factory red winch?
  2. Shale Rider

    Pretty Waterfall from the front door seals

    Hi Guys Not sure whether this has been posted already so apologies if it has. My Grenadier and I understand it is a common problem at present - with no upgrade or fix coming from Ineos according to the dealer, is the pretty water fall feature that occurs when it rains with the rain getting...
  3. S

    Coolant leak into left front footwell

    I've just spotted green coolant dripping down into the passenger (left) footwell. I've lifted the floor covering and there is a bit of a pool there. Anyone else had this issue and know what is causing it? I'm guessing heater matrix, but I hope it's something simple like a hose clamp and not the...
  4. C

    Loud intermittent squeaking coming from front left axle

    Hi, I just got my Grenadier on Saturday and it occasionally starts making a loud , high pitched squeak from the area of the front left wheel. It happens at low speeds, when i go above 50 mph it doesn't do it and at low speeds it happens every few minutes at lower to very low speeds. Has anyone...
  5. E

    Where is the front auxiliary power point?

    Am I correct that there is a power supply point under the bonnet with a switch on the overhead panel? Is so, where do I find it?
  6. A

    What does the Differential Locks Front & Rear Do Compared to Centre Differential Lock?

    I am in the process of configuring up a IG and are wondering what the "Differential Locks Front & Rear" will give me over the standard "Centre Differential Lock". In what situation would i need front or rear locked over only the centre diff locked? My current drive has centre diff lock only and...
  7. DCPU

    Old Defender Recall - the front stabilizer does not meet specifications

    Edit: This only applies to Works V8 editions. I know a few of us on here also run late model old Defenders, so this should be of interest:
  8. R

    Heated front seats and water

    Can you rinse out the interior with the heated cloth front seats and not short the heating element?
  9. Mitchell300

    Front and rear number plates fell off

    Yesterday morning I found my front number plate on the ground, as you can see from the photo it was only attached with poor quality double sided tape on a limited surface area. Also some of the tape was overlapped further reducing the contact area. After cleaning the existing tape from the...
  10. MrMike

    BDM Leather Storage Bags for under the front seats & other areas

    Here are some ideas for storage accessories for your new IG
  11. DCPU

    Taking the Front Wheels Off

    So today I took the front wheels off to have a look around: But before I did, I thought I'd try and establish a baseline for backlash in the front differential/halfshafts/hubs. I got @ 20mm at the wheels before I could see the front propshaft turn. I tried later using just the brake disk and...
  12. alvan

    Front bumper / No winch

    Considering that I have no intention of fitting a winch now or ever, do you think it is possible that sooner or later someone will produce a less protruding and legal aftermarket bumper? Gaining a few cm on the Grenedier's considerable length wouldn't be bad...
  13. Fidei Defensor

    Q&A Americas Aftermarker Roof Racks vs Warranty

    Owners manual has a statement that only the factory rack is approved as a gutter-mounted rack. Where does that leave Front Runner regarding Warranty?
  14. 3

    Are you not getting the front or rear diff and why?

    We are all waiting to hear on the pricing this week. One of the biggest price jumps I imagine will be having the option for the front and rear diff or the rough pack. I test drove the IG in New York a couple of weeks ago. I was in a field master without the front and back lockers. We were in Low...
  15. Arkaig

    Red Winch - Integrated Front Winch - User Manual

    Herewith a copy of the User Manual for the Red Winch Integrated Front Winch - enjoy! It's play time!
  16. BostromCustoms

    Front End Leveling kit

    I would like to level the vehicle, is there any kits out there yet? It looks so much better when on level. I understand this is not an option if you are loading a lot of weight all the time. ?
  17. K

    Front seat under-storage?

    Hello everyone, Just doing a bit of research into getting a more or less decent set of speaker/subwoofers in the Gren, to pass the time waiting for my car to arrive. Does anyone by any chance have measurements of then driver/passenger under seat storage area? TIA
  18. Jean Mercier

    Suspension - front

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