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  1. TheDocAUS

    KAON in Australia to develop INEOS products in 2024

    For Australian owners, KAON is coming back on board in 2024 to develop products for the INEOS. They have been No, then Yes, then No (after the new Prado was announced) and now Yes again. Updated via Ben Neville from Aussie FB page. They will develop a rear roof shelf, side molle panels and a...
  2. G

    G'Day from Newcastle, NSW, Australia

    Thanks for allowing me to join the forum. I am looking to but a new vehicle and gathering information on the Grenadiers. The model that appears to suit me is the Utility Wagon, Trailmaster Edition.
  3. Dre

    Hello from Melbourne, Australia

    Hi All, I picked up my diesel model back in late August and have been very happy with it. I've gone for the dark green and kitted it out as part of my initial order so it seems I'm one of the few with the picnic table built in. I've gone with the Roo bar in front, snorkel, rock sliders for added...
  4. gigglepot

    2.5 tonne insurance issue with RACV in Victoria Australia

    It pays to read the fine print. RACV and many other insurance companies offer a new vehicle replacement if your car is a total write off in the first two years (as does the RACV). I questioned this and confirmed that even thought the RACV is listing its Market Value at $109k that they would...
  5. HUE_23

    G’Day from Sunshine Coast Australia!

    G’Day All, I thought I would never join another forum, but with the lack of real information on the Facebook pages…here I am. I’m looking forward to taking the beast off-road and modifying it a little more. I have already added the Eibach springs and Black Rhino Wheels, but have some sensor...
  6. bigleonski

    Early Overlanding - Cape York Australia 1975

    I just finished watching this again and thought I’d share it as something many here might enjoy. A mate of mine Norm Needham and a friend of his and their partners decided to do the Cape trip back in 1975 on the back of a recent trip by Mike and Mal Leyland, Aussie 4wd’ing pioneers. Another...
  7. DaveB

    Grenadier in Australia

    As my Grenadier is about to arrive i would like to start a thread on Grenadier adventures in Australia. Anything you want to post as long as it is about adventures in australia. either done or dreaming about. View:
  8. R

    Hello from Sydney, Australia

    Hey All - We picked ours up last week. Only 200km in, and so far, so good. Current work is only cosmetic, Graphene Paint Protection, Interior Protection, and Ceramic Tinting. I also flipped the tires around so that the white writing is now on the inside.
  9. Chris T

    Hello from Gold Coast, Australia

    Hello I’ve had my Grenadier for 3 weeks now and have taken it up via Fraser Isand up the Queensland coast. I’ve been very happy so far. The cabin noise is minimal, it behaves great on the highway and the steering is just fine. Off-roading has been exceptional. My biggest challenge was getting...
  10. emax

    Australia: Two not so young guys ...

    I like this one. The two guys are no longer the youngest and I would be happy to still experience such adventures when I am as old as they are. The passenger reminds me a little of Walter Matthau. ;) Or to put it simply: two very likeable guys and a relaxed ride. (y) If you're on the forum...
  11. RYAustralia

    Side indicator on raised air intake loose - Australia.

    The side indicator mount fixed to the raised air intake was loose and half hanging out after my first 500km drive. Pushed it back in but the lugs are pretty crappy and not sure how long it’ll be before it’ll need duct tape eventually. I presume that’s the temporary 3-d printed version until...
  12. AnD3rew

    Brisbane Australia owners - Bash Plates

    Hi all Brisbane owners. Have been asking Custom Off Road if they are interested in developing bash plates for the Grenadier since INEOS don’t seem to be forthcoming. I have used Custom Off road before on other cars and they make good gear at reasonable prices. They need a vehicle to see if...
  13. D

    Just joined from Perth, Australia

    Hi Everyone, I’ve just joined up after being advised my Trialmaster Petrol is now in production with delivery date later this year. Not sure if it’s best to get roof rack and bar work done at factory or if after market is a better option. Keen for advice Thinking of keeping my old 2008 RR L322...
  14. Arkaig

    Australia - ORS Drawer Systems

    From FB - LINK OffRoad Systems in Smeaton Grange NSW has drawers for the Ineos! Whether its just a couple of drawers or a full fridge system, we can do it! Flat deck 2 drawer systems starting at $2196 plus fitting. Members of this facebook group will get a 5% discount. LINK
  15. W

    Greetings from Wagga Wagga, Australia

    Finally in possession of my Trailmaster after ordering in May 2022, very excited and well worth the wait.😍
  16. L

    Australia demo

  17. J

    Hi from Manly beach, Australia!

    Hi guys, proud new owner here. So far so good with no obvious issues. Hoping to read through any tips and traps people are having, especially to see the mods, and systems people are putting together!
  18. MarkH

    AU insurance

    For owners, or soon to be owners in Australia, please add your insurance cost or quotes below. Many variables of course but try & follow these headings to offer a rough guide for others. Vehicle & amount covered / City / Insurer / *Annual cost / Excess / Rating / Hire car / Windscreen. Other...
  19. nev7899

    Hi from Geelong, Australia

    Hi, Great to see so much enthusiasm around the Grenadier. I ordered mine in July 22, so hopefully should see it before the end of 23. I currently have a GU Patrol with a 6Lt V8 and auto, I completed the conversion myself. I’ll be doing plenty of offroading and camping in the Grenadier once it...
  20. HandyAndy

    Hi from Western Australia!

    Hi all, Great to see such exciting and enthusiastic global community growing around this great vehicle! Have joined a Grenadier group here in West Aus and met some great people already! I took delivery on Friday afternoon (4/8/23) and boy can I tell you it was worth the wait! Love it and...
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