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  1. RYAustralia

    Aussie Scotsman ex defender owner

    Hey fellow grenadiers. It’s a hello from North Australia - previously was bumbling around NZ, and originally from Scotland. Old school land rover owner in past but looking forward to my Grenadier arriving - currently it’s on a boat going the very long way home from France to Oz. We’re already...
  2. M

    Matt from Australia

    Hi all, another Matt from Australia, I have owned Land Rovers for years, 2 x Disco 1, 1x Disco 2 and a Disco 4, I currently have a Disco 1 that I built up years ago and used as my toy 4wd for harder 4wd tracks and having fun out in the bush. The Disco 4 is my touring rig for towing the van and...
  3. Peterc

    hello from Aus

    peter from Melbourne Australia. A good forum contains a wealth of knowledge, so i thought joining prior to purchasing a great idea. Currently have a nissan patrol Y61 coil cab chassis with Td42ti anome mods. I am thinking a solid axle wagon would suit out touring needs
  4. MarkH

    Configurator underpricing. Australia

    The configurator is not adding the cost of accessories when I checkout. Trialmaster base price is $109k. I've added the roo bar, side runners, side rails, checker plate, MM, frt seat covers, rubber floor mats, cargo barrier, roof rails. By my math it should be up around $125k but showing $118k...
  5. Krabby

    Travel Article - Australia

    I just came across this and thought it might interest people. I don't know if we have a similar thread elsewhere, but if we do, it can be moved. LINK
  6. Stu_Barnes

    Colour ordered or decided upon Australia + NZ

    Cast your votes, but please keep to your respective location. Also let people know why, colour is a very personal thing and behind most decisions is a good story. So come on don't be shy.
  7. S

    Hi to everyone from Roelands in Western Australia

    Joined forum today. Reservation completed on 23 January 2023. Trialmaster, Queens Red, Bullbar, Sidesteps, Safari Windows, Privacy Glass, Mags. Good to read what others are experiencing as they wait for vehicles.
  8. Bobby Mac

    Brisbane Australia - Contract at Last

    After being an “Early Hand Raiser” and making a reservation 30 Sep 2021 and placing an order 18 May 22, my contract finally arrived last nigh 24 Feb 2023! …. and it all appears to be correct‼️ Trying to moderate my excitement as anything can happen, and as an old sick bugger hoping I can last...
  9. A

    new member (Apsley Victoria Australia)

    Giday from Apsley Victoria Australia I have been a landrover nut for 40 years and ahe a couple of them ranging from a couple of series 2 ,a few disco 2 and a freelander 2 . I became interested in the grenadier when I heard about it and have followed its development . I was invited to a drive day...
  10. Davman

    Grenadier Delivery & Wait Times in Australia.

    Interesting article on Delivery time and wait times in Australia.
  11. O

    Adelaide Test drives, with videos.

    Hi all, just thought people may be interested in the recent video's i took at the Adelaide Australia test drives. I must say I was very pleased with the vehicle, especially as it is only the PT02 with all the updates. It seems to have adequate ability off road and the acceleration was as...
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