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  1. pedrogb

    First world problem...I want to go to the drive in movies and listen on the radio.

    Hi all I want to take my Grenadier on a road trip to the drive in. As a background to this discussion, there is a showing of "Blazing Saddles" at the local drive in cinema (about an hour out of Townsville) tonight. 50 years since it was made, apparently. Now I feel old. I am classified as a...
  2. RJCali

    First Service - CA, San Jose / South Bay Area - Fast Lane European on Steven's Creek Blvd.

    Hey All - just wanted to drop a note saying I got my early first service for the Grenadier done in San Jose at a shop called Fast Lane European on Steven's Creek Blvd. Had good service there and they're open to doing more. They deal with all European manufacturers so had seen the motor before...
  3. ukcats

    Silly question (first of many)

    Just curious what this placard is on the inside of the driver’s door.
  4. M

    First time here.

    Hello all. This is my first posting and I'd like to say up until 24 hrs ago, I'd never even heard of an Ineos. So I've spent several hours doing research and I've got say I have found the SUV I've been looking for! My only critique is no diesel engine or manual transmission option. Hopefully in...
  5. alexandruast

    General B57 Trying to run out of fuel - first try, unsuccessful

    Hello everyone, I prepared myself mentally and logistically to run out of fuel, to be able to check several things: - How does the IG behaves when out of fuel, early signs, if there are any. - What is the real capacity of the fuel system. - How easy it is to get it back on track. This first...
  6. S

    The First Tuned Grenadier ??

    Hi all, just popped up on YouTube Darkside Developments are a company who like to modify and fiddle with race cars and 4x4’s View: Is this anyone on here? Looks like they couldn’t get into the thing anyway. No surprise there
  7. I

    First 2000 KM

    Well, I now have 2000 KM on the clock! Picked my Grenadier up Monday in Mississauga Ontario, and drove it home to the East Coast of Canada. A few things of note, It drives like a military truck. The steering is deliberate. The truck really does have good manners at highway speeds. I don’t...
  8. Krabby

    General My first CEL!

    Threw a CEL over the weekend and finally got a reader to check it out. Good ole P0461!
  9. gtank

    First 100 Miles

    Hi All, I’m happy to report that I’ve officially picked up my Grenadier after nearly a 2.5 year wait, originally putting a deposit down in January 2022. What a wait! It’s a Fieldmaster, Donney Grey on Inky Black roof with lockers and some other options (hitch, side rails, etc). I’m already in...
  10. Eyedogtor

    First window sticker.....

    Just added the first sticker onto the back of my magic mushroom rig. Seemed fitting ;-)
  11. MileHigh

    First 12 hours, two drives and 140 miles Impressions (1200mile Update)

    Had a great handover at Red Noland with Rick Dymek and his whole crew inside the garage and in the office. Just some first impressions, in no partuicular order. Some may sound like complaints, but more along the lines of 'that's odd'. One problem, and one issue that I need to figure out so...
  12. parb

    First drive as an owner

    Took delivery of my Grenadier this morning. Shale blue trialmaster, premium sound package, pre wired for winch but sadly no winch up front and only a single battery, but I got the heavier springs for the winch. Also no utility belts but I got that on order. I had the dealer add the step bars. I...
  13. Kruegerruda

    First impression 1.000km Offroad in Greece

    Our first impressions after 1,000 kilometres - off-road tour (Level 3+, RedRock Adventures Greece): - The ground clearance is not enough. Ground contact far too often. - The plastic radiator grille under the bumper in the underride guard is a joke. The first mud hole dented it, after that the...
  14. bbq4133

    First Big Off Road Trip Completed - Thoughts on the Grenadier

    This past weekend I went down to the mountains in Virginia for a good bit of off roading (technically a couple forest service roads and a dedicated OHV/4x4 trail). The first day was driving on a "road" (called, varyingly, Skidmore Fork or Dunkle Hollow Road) from Switzer Lake to Flagpole Knob...
  15. C64_forever

    Picked up today! Got my first warning though....

    So let me be absolutely clear: the car is amazing. Drives solid, feels solid, it was love at first sight. Service at my dealer (Rusnak in Pasadena) was top notch. I started driving back from Pasadena into the Bay Area around 11am. Around noon, I got a "tyre pressure high" message, and a few...
  16. T

    First impressions

    I bought this truck for my wife and picked it up last Thursday. She always wanted a "square" Land Rover (her terms). Of course, these were basically NANA. Plus, having had two LR Disco's in the past, I won't buy that brand again due to the lack of reliability. Anyway, I wanted to post some first...
  17. northshoreboarder

    Americas First week = 500+ Miles Review

    Pre-Ordered Aug 16th 2023. I ended up not waiting for my original order, which is still waiting to be shipped or on a boat to the West Coast. I was able to locate the vehicle I wanted from Mossy in Houston Texas and they did an awesome job getting it out to me. They also installed my options...
  18. Zartoon

    Tomorrow: first meeting of the SoCal Grenadiers

    Looking forward to meeting all the local Grenadier owners tomorrow. Cheers! Z
  19. SkiBum1

    Americas First Weekend With The Grenadier

    This was my first full weekend with my new Grenadier. It is a Donny Grey Fieldmaster with the rough pack, dual auxiliary batteries and just about everything else. My verdict? We love it! My wife loves it, the daughter loves it and most of all, I do as well. It is easy to steer, easier to...
  20. AngusMacG

    First Intl. Trip Summary

    Made my first long trip and international journey with my Grenadier. Drove ~415 miles from the Boston area to Quebec City. Vehicle rode nice the entire way up and back. Canadian border guard eyed the vehicle as I pulled up. Looked me over asked teh standard questions, then said “How do you like...
  21. Krabby

    First outing!

    In the Poconos with my ROVERS club. Not much cell service. Here’s a quick pic:
  22. Z

    Americas Dealer requiring 36 month First right of refusal to resell

    I have been sent a document from the Ineos dealer who is requiring a signed agreement that I cannot sell the Grenadier for 36 months without offering the truck to them first. Anyone else being subjected to this?
  23. P

    Americas Got it stuck on the first time out

    The first real time out and I got it stuck. Withlacoochee state Forest in central FL. But I am even more of a believer in the vehicle than before. It tackled anything i could see. I even told my girlfriend, the only thing I’m afraid of is a drop off under water I can’t see. And what stopped...
  24. Grapa

    First oil change

    How many miles to do the first oil change? The manual says at 12.000…. It seems a little to far for me. Usually, my other cars (land cruiser 200, G wagen) had a break in period and oil change at 1.000 miles. Thanks
  25. B

    Picked up my Grenadier! First Impressions - Long

    First a little background: I have been looking to replace my KR F150 Powerboost for something a little smaller but still had towing capability. I had been looking at the 110/130 LR Defender, but my wife and son saw a Grenadier in a parking lot and came home and told me about it. Did some...
  26. pedrogb

    My first gremlin!

    Hi all I had my first real annoying issue today with the Grenadier. The Park Distance Control (PDC) warning light on front RHS went off for no reason under brakes ( in fairly solid rain) a couple of times this morning on my commute to work. It happened twice. I was more annoyed with the alarm...
  27. B

    Americas First 200 miles in the Grenadier in Kansas

    Had my Grenadier shipped in from Chris at Red Noland in Colorado Springs who has been beyond excellent with communication and in getting these vehicles to us. Initial impression, I love it. It's quirky, it's got some "european" stuff to it that just adds to the character. I haven't come...
  28. LeftCoastOverland

    Drove My First Grenadier Today!

    Well, I was lucky enough to get to drive a dealer model today, after already having placed an order sight unseen. But I took advantage of spending some time pawing around and got to take it for a spin. Love it. So great. Bang Up Job, Ineos. Can’t wait to pick mine up in March. That is all.
  29. T

    Americas Grenny impressions after 800 miles.

    Picked up my Grenny on December 26th from Red Noland in Colorado Springs. My 14 year old son and I flew from Kansas City to Denver late Christmas day. Chris picked me up from my hotel and my Grenny was clean and ready to go. The handover/process was very smooth and I was out of there in about...
  30. silvester3

    Americas First aid kit / fuel nozzle funnel ?

    Picked up my Trialmaster before Xmas in Houston, TX. Outstanding vehicle. Had some time over the holidays to go over the manual and new Grenadier a few times. Small detailed question for the group… for US deliveries… - did anyone have a Grenadier delivered with a FIRST AID KIT ? (or is this...
  31. gtank

    Americas First Auction

    First one I’ve seen on auction. I expect we’ll see something pop-up on BaT before too long. Any guesses on the final bid? GTank
  32. SBA

    My First 10 weeks and 2000 Miles.

    I would like to Share my First 2000 Miles and 10 weeks with my RHD Grenadier Commercial. Positives 1) Makes me smile each time I drive it. 2) The General public do not know what it is looking for a badge etc I love not being branded with who makes it. 3) Coming from my Defender 110 2014 Crew...
  33. H

    Americas First Impressions from Colorado

    So I figured I'd put out my first impressions on the IG. Background: I'm coming from a 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser with Bilstein 6100 installed for 2.5" lift. Thoughts: I've put about 150 miles on the car. Mostly highway miles so not a full breadth of experience yet. The Good: There's...
  34. Paco Garcia

    Yesterday I finally slept at home, first contact

    (First of all, sorry for the translation, I don't speak English, so Google does it for me.) Well, after a long wait, I ordered it in May, it arrived at the distributor on November 8th and due to Documentation problems I couldn't pick it up until yesterday morning. afternoon, today I have done...
  35. T

    Americas Where are all of the USA delivery and first impressions posts?

    I know a lot of vehicles have been delivered but very few have posted about it. Please share pics and impressions. I am picking mine up the 26th and will be driving from Colorado Springs to Breckenridge and then back to Lawrence, KS. Will have a lot of info to share after 12 hours behind the...
  36. Roach

    Americas used grenadier in CarGurus

    No price
  37. Shopkeep

    Australasia Used in anger for first time...

    Had my Gren for just over a week now, took it off road for the first time today. Trip to Lerderderg 4WD Training Park in Vic, cracking place to try it out. Bone dry in most parts (a couple of ruts on shaded tracks still held water). Mostly dry dirt, fine dust and loose rocks. All I can say...
  38. Top Cat

    After the first two weeks......

    I have now had my Trialmaster here in South Australia for two weeks after picking it up from the dealer (Adelaide Hills Motor Group who have been excellent). The vehicle is everything I hoped for and so i took it up to the farm at Swan Reach on the Murray. The ground is mostly deep sand and the...
  39. emax

    Local Area Thread Rückblick erstes Grenadier Treffen 2023 im Freizeitpark Mammut

    Ich bin Euch dankbar für dieses schöne Treffen. Regen, Kälte, tw. Nebel unterwegs, das war alles egal. Es hat mir Spaß gemacht und ich muss noch mal betonen, dass ich wirklich stolz darauf bin, das trotz der zunächst widrigen Wetterumstände doch wirklich alle den Weg zum Freizeitpark Mammut...
  40. rbarsk

    Americas First impression

    Finally got to drive the Grenadier. Very impressed. Some recommendations for INEOS 1. Sun shade for Safari windows 2. Lane change warning 3. The rear view mirror would be more useful with a camera feed as the tire and ear windows obscure vision. Curious what others think
  41. NoAge Hunter

    The first 10.000 km

    So, the first 10.000 km are done in the last 10 weeks. So far it was a lot of fun! Did I have electrical gremlins? Yes, but since 10 days they disappeared completely. Was there a need for a new windscreen after 3 days? Yes, but that has nothing to do do with the car but rather with a big...
  42. Eric.S.

    First Grenadier meeting in Luxembourg 30/09/23

    Hello everyone;) We are planning a small private Grenadier meeting in Luxembourg near Ettelbrück 🥳Since there are a lot of people from the border region, I wanted to invite you to our meeting, which will take place spontaneously next week on September 30. Since the space is not that big...
  43. DCPU

    Harwoods - first off road event 20th September 2023

  44. Phileas Fogg

    The first Pop Top for the Grenadier

    Great news for Overlanders who want a pop top Expedition Centre, from Australia, has just announced the first pop top for the Grenadier. Pop tops have been a popular accessory on 4x4s for years because they offer extra space, standing room, a full sized bed and ease of use. So there was some...
  45. ChasingOurTrunks

    INEOS Media DriveTribe: The First Ever Land Rover

    I've not watched it but just saw it on the Expo home page. Looks like Richard Hammond hosts a 15 minute Drivetribe episode about the first-ever Land Rover. I know this forum is for Ineos company videos, but the thing is that part of this story was about how Jim Ratcliffe purchased this Land...
  46. DCPU

    First winch video?
  47. LHenon

    First overlanding experience

    Hi everyone, I’m considering an ineos to overland the americas with a family of four. Should I rather choose a Land Cruiser…? It will be a 1-year voyage :) Looking forward to read from all your inputs.
  48. Stu_Barnes

    INEOS Media First Commercial

    Well this looks like this may be the first commercial, has anybody else seen this elsewhere?
  49. emax

    The first D-A-CH Grenadier meeting, Oct. 20th to 22nd, 2023

    I would like to inform and invite everyone to the first D-A-CH Grenadier meeting in October 2023. The meeting will take place from the 20th to the 22nd of October. The venue is the Mammut Park in Germany. Address, directions and accommodation can be found here...
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