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  1. NoAge Hunter

    The first 10.000 km

    So, the first 10.000 km are done in the last 10 weeks. So far it was a lot of fun! Did I have electrical gremlins? Yes, but since 10 days they disappeared completely. Was there a need for a new windscreen after 3 days? Yes, but that has nothing to do do with the car but rather with a big...
  2. Phileas Fogg

    The first Pop Top for the Grenadier

    Great news for Overlanders who want a pop top Expedition Centre, from Australia, has just announced the first pop top for the Grenadier. Pop tops have been a popular accessory on 4x4s for years because they offer extra space, standing room, a full sized bed and ease of use. So there was some...
  3. ChasingOurTrunks

    DriveTribe: The First Ever Land Rover

    I've not watched it but just saw it on the Expo home page. Looks like Richard Hammond hosts a 15 minute Drivetribe episode about the first-ever Land Rover. I know this forum is for Ineos company videos, but the thing is that part of this story was about how Jim Ratcliffe purchased this Land...
  4. LHenon

    First overlanding experience

    Hi everyone, I’m considering an ineos to overland the americas with a family of four. Should I rather choose a Land Cruiser…? It will be a 1-year voyage :) Looking forward to read from all your inputs.
  5. DCPU

    First Customer Handover in Bulgaria

  6. Stu_Barnes

    First Commercial

    Well this looks like this may be the first commercial, has anybody else seen this elsewhere?
  7. emax

    The first D-A-CH Grenadier meeting, Oct. 20th to 22nd, 2023

    I would like to inform and invite everyone to the first D-A-CH Grenadier meeting in October 2023. The meeting will take place from the 20th to the 22nd of October. The venue is the Mammut Park in Germany. Address, directions and accommodation can be found here...
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