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  1. Rupert


    OK folks, I received my covers today from "Tougher". Fit and finish are both fantastic. Install was quick and absolutely simple. I only have the lower on in the back seat for my pup, but will get the rest on soon. See pics below:
  2. P

    Seat Front

    Is it me or anyone else notice that the Recaro seats have a little too much boy racer in the bottom pan. I wish the bolsters where not so hard as its going to kill the leather getting in and out. Also slightly uncomfortable, Im 6,3" and 240 so not that bad. I wish it was flatter like my Chev...
  3. Chadd7

    Rear Seat Adjustment Bracket from eBay?

    Has anyone tried installing these adjustment brackets? Looks like a great and simple installation (video is included in the listing). I'm thinking of ordering them but wanted to see if anyone has tried them here first...
  4. pedrogb

    Anyone seen the Supafit seat covers yet?

    Hi all. Just asked the question of the company and they quoted straight away. I've heard they are good, but haven't seen any fitted to a grenadier or a photo. Anyone seen them? Pedro
  5. Krabby

    NAS Rear Seat Photos

    Hello all - would someone please post a few photos of the NAS rear seats. I am ordering seat covers from Tougher and need to verify two things - 1-Is the center headrest large or small and 2-how many tie down points are on the rear seats? Thank you. @Tatum
  6. Mtnranger

    Calf lever on the driver seat

    Does this seat lever not stab everyone’s calf while resting/reverse stretching the leg on cruise control on long drives? Why does it stick so far out?
  7. F

    The back seat

    I’m 6ft, 205lbs. I’ve never had this much room in a back seat. I think I have a pretty good idea what’s going on with the complaints. The right front seat has less depth than the front left. So if on a RHD model you’re going to have your drivers seat back several inches compared to the LHD side...
  8. kellysHeros

    Rear Seat Adjustment - moving my 5 Seater Commercial (UK) rear seat to Field/Trialmaster position.

    Disappointed with the legroom in the 5 Seater Commercial (UK) Grenadier. No problem, simply move the rear seat to match the location of the Trial and Fieldmaster. Passengers wont only benefit from greater leg room, but will also enjoy the more reclined rake of the seat back. Time required: The...
  9. AnD3rew

    Rear seat handle

    Little project
  10. T

    Tougher Ineos Grenadier Seat Covers

    Tougher Seat Covers are now available for the Ineos Grenadier. At TOUGHER, we understand the essence of rugged, reliable vehicles like the Ineos vehicle. Our commitment to quality and durability drives us to create exceptional seat covers and accessories, engineered to safeguard your Ineos’s...
  11. S

    Driver Seat Too Low

    Has anyone had issues with the driver seats being too low? I'm 5'7 and I feel like I'm a little kid looking over the steering wheel. Thx
  12. S

    unused seat heater fuses

    My grenadier has 2 fuses installed in the seat heater spot but I dont have heated seats. Without dismantling the the under rear seat area to find out if there is wiring attached to the fuse holders does any one know If I can utilise these for for other things.
  13. alvan

    Under rear seat storage

    I spent a couple of hours looking every image in the forum, without result. I can't find a posted image which shows that in the absence of a second battery there should be a standard plastic storage tray. In mine, like in many others, there is none. Can someone take me back to that post/image?
  14. A

    Taking delivery of my new INEOS 2 seat Utility

    Afternoon all, i inadvertantly forgot to order a Tow bar and electrics, believing an after-market version would be available. However, it appears that whilst it looks easy to simply bolt on a tow hitch, the electrics are something else. So, in a conversation with INEOS they informed me that a...
  15. Davman

    Heated Seat Settings

    Hi, has anyone noticed that the three heated seat settings all seem to produce the same amount of heat? There isn't a LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH - there just seems to be a HIGH?
  16. Dr. John

    Seat belt alarm

    Help, please. Amongst several faults I’m told will be cured at the next software update, my ‘seatbelt undone’ alarm is firing off. I cannot ignore that one. Dr. John
  17. Tom D

    Fitting a Lumbar roll. Seat tilt.

    Has anyone dismantled a seat yet? I’d be interested in pics. Whilst I have found the grenadier comfortable to drive and have now done about 3000 miles in it I would still like more lumbar support than the seats provide. This may just be a peculiarity of mine as most people don’t mention it. I...
  18. U

    Commercial 5 seat noise levels high compared to Station wagon

    Commercial 5 seat noise levels high compared to Station wagon The Commercial 5 seater noise levels were noticeably high in my vehicle from day one of picking up my Grenadier, both exhaust and road noise from the rear. I have installed a 6mm thick solid rubber load bed protector which made no...
  19. C

    Seat Belt Length?

    His All Has anyone noticed that there is more webbing in the rear seat belts than the front or is it just me?
  20. Woody89

    Seat covers

    Has any one got a contact for a company that make seat covers for a 2 seat commercial Cheers
  21. L

    Carhartt Precision Seat Covers

    I just installed the Carhartt Precision Fit passenger seat cover on my daughter's 2000 Land Cruiser and am pretty darn impressed with the results. I hope they design some for the Grenadier to give Melvill and Moon some competition. Pic below. Also, I spent, I dont't know, 6 TO & HOURS...
  22. MrMike

    Dimensions under the seat

    Can someone with a Grenadier please let me know the dimensions of the space under the seat in mm please 🙏
  23. BD1

    Local Area Thread Station Wagon back seat space?

    For the NA builds does the station wagon have the same back seat space as the Belstaff versions?
  24. E

    Seat Move

    Ive got a station wagon, well nearly a week old one! But was thinking the rear seat space is small and wondered if anyone had moved the seats back to the position of the belstaff model and how to do it, im sure its possible as the extra space would be great and the boot is still huge, plus fills...
  25. beanohallett

    Exterior door mirror adjustment 5 seat Station Waggon

    Good Morning Folks being extra thick today...... A silly question- how do I adjust the exterior door mirrors? The manual says The door looks like this The electrical adjustment part of the exterior mirror isn't there. There is no other way of adjusting the mirrors visable So before I...
  26. beanohallett

    Exterior Mirror adjustment 5 seat Station Waggon

    Good Morning folks, Am I being extraordinarily thick ? :unsure: [ wouldn't be the 1st time!]:ROFLMAO: So standard 5 seat Station waggon without the optional power heated exterior mirrors. Hand book says Exterior mirrors - electrically adjustable using the pad on the drivers door. Drivers...
  27. O

    Grenadier Infant Seat/Car Seat fit?

    Now that we are starting to see customer cars, has anyone been able to fit a infant bucket, or typical convertible toddler car seat into the Grenadier? I have seen some photos and videos of the interior, that make it seem like the rear seats are quite cramped. As a tall driver, space in the...
  28. Cheshire cat

    Future seat development?

    I wonder what it was that Ineos had in mind here.
  29. N

    Grenadier 2 seat Utility arriving next week 🤞

    Hi all, I've got a 2-seat Utility with rough & smooth packs. Currently at local dealers, just waiting for the paperwork to go through and then picking up, hopefully next week. Really looking forward to getting it having been on this journey for what feels like a long time.
  30. P

    Extended Seat Rails

    On the old Defender it was possible to get seat rail extensions to allow you to put the seat further back. I’m 6’4” and always have to have the seat right back but also right down as most seat height mechanisms both lift and move the seat forward. I am hoping a similar mod is possible on the...
  31. K

    Front seat under-storage?

    Hello everyone, Just doing a bit of research into getting a more or less decent set of speaker/subwoofers in the Gren, to pass the time waiting for my car to arrive. Does anyone by any chance have measurements of then driver/passenger under seat storage area? TIA
  32. Jean Mercier

    Seat Heating Connectors

    I "almost" have a Trialmaster without seat heating, but the wiring and connectors are available, see pictures:
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