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  1. MrMike

    Dimensions under the seat

    Can someone with a Grenadier please let me know the dimensions of the space under the seat in mm please 🙏
  2. E

    Seat Move

    Ive got a station wagon, well nearly a week old one! But was thinking the rear seat space is small and wondered if anyone had moved the seats back to the position of the belstaff model and how to do it, im sure its possible as the extra space would be great and the boot is still huge, plus fills...
  3. beanohallett

    Exterior door mirror adjustment 5 seat Station Waggon

    Good Morning Folks being extra thick today...... A silly question- how do I adjust the exterior door mirrors? The manual says The door looks like this The electrical adjustment part of the exterior mirror isn't there. There is no other way of adjusting the mirrors visable So before I...
  4. beanohallett

    Exterior Mirror adjustment 5 seat Station Waggon

    Good Morning folks, Am I being extraordinarily thick ? :unsure: [ wouldn't be the 1st time!]:ROFLMAO: So standard 5 seat Station waggon without the optional power heated exterior mirrors. Hand book says Exterior mirrors - electrically adjustable using the pad on the drivers door. Drivers...
  5. N

    Grenadier 2 seat Utility arriving next week 🤞

    Hi all, I've got a 2-seat Utility with rough & smooth packs. Currently at local dealers, just waiting for the paperwork to go through and then picking up, hopefully next week. Really looking forward to getting it having been on this journey for what feels like a long time.
  6. P

    Extended Seat Rails

    On the old Defender it was possible to get seat rail extensions to allow you to put the seat further back. I’m 6’4” and always have to have the seat right back but also right down as most seat height mechanisms both lift and move the seat forward. I am hoping a similar mod is possible on the...
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