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  1. Deekayy

    Some extra degrees in the steering resulting in a smaller turning circle

    Hi all, we all know the discussions about the steering feel and turning circle. But this is not what this post is about. I have an information to share and would like to hear your comments. When I picked up my Trialmaster at the dealership they showed my the following "trick" (I don't know if...
  2. don't ignore warning ligh

    Power Steering Recall

    After seeing that over 60 Ineos Grenadier vehicles have been recalled in the US I wanted to try to find out how many of us this has affected. Our Grenadier had an almost catastrophic failure at the beginning of September. We flagged this as a potential safety hazard and were categorically told...
  3. bobbyray1969

    Steering and Poor Stability

    I'm in the UK. My vehicle is four months old. I was expecting to have to get used to the steering system from all the reviews. The stability at anything over 60mph feels unstable, but I thought it was just a characteristic and got used to driving slower, especially on motorways. I've got a...
  4. AngusMacG

    New Recall on Steering

    Here is an article about a new recall on the steering rod ball joint...Affects 61 vehicles and as of Dec 7th they modified the procedure on the assembly line.
  5. K1LL3M

    Steering Damper attachment

    Watching a recent youtube video on an American vehicle, I note with interest that Ineos appear to have made a change to the attachment of the steering damper (See Photos) Video (about the 18:50 mark) View: I guess this would help to not get...
  6. C

    Clicking noise - steering

    I couldn't find this problem previously reported. When turning, initially right only now both ways, I hear a clicking noise that can be felt as well. First reported to my dealer, they greased some bearings (forgot the exact name) and that appeared to correct the issue. A few days later and it's...
  7. YellowLab

    Northwest - Grenadier owners - Steering Beta at Road Master

    Hello - If anyone who has a Grenadier in the NW and is interested in pursuing the 'return to center' fix or improvement - there is a company called Road Master in Vancouver, WA that makes a device and is looking for an owner that they could (free of charge) take in a vehicle and use it as a...
  8. YellowLab

    Steering - lock to lock

    Does anyone have the number of wheel turns from lock to lock - would be curious to know as a compare
  9. ECrider

    Steering bump/knock

    Has anyone come across a knocking sound when turning the steering wheel. Happened rarely before but now it's permanent when turning a half rotation either to the left or right and many more when lock to lock. Difficult to describe so will try video it. It's like the steering column is...
  10. joejet

    New improved steering! - diffrent Box + less play Late 2023/2024 cars

    So having a conversation today, I have heard there is a new version of the steering, I guess its a new box, possibly with variable ratios in the box. I believe its already in production, so late 2023/2024 cars will have it. I really want to test it side by side but the person I was speaking to...
  11. YellowLab

    Steering Retrofit

    From discussions here and reviews - the steering and lack of return to center seems to be one of the little quirky 'signature' things right or wrong (does not make a difference since it is what it is). Has anyone explored retrofits or upgrades to help in that area?
  12. N

    Steering and suspension geometry setting details

    Where may I find the setting for my new Grenadier steering geometry. Mine was delivered with steering wheel offset. I would rather do it myself to make sure it is correct.
  13. ADVAW8S

    Steering, suspension options. I had it on translate

  14. beanohallett

    Steering Wheel Security locking bar

    Good morning Folks, Has anyone got a recommendation for a steering wheel security locking bar that they have used in their Grenadier which is a good fit Looking to get one Kind regards Garry
  15. nickelnoff

    Power steering loss

    I am having a loss of power steering whilst off-roading at 1700m with 15+ switchbacks needed for descent. Any advice? Bardonechia area NW Italy
  16. K

    Steering Vibration after Lockers

    I experienced and noticed that there is tiny but constant vibration coming through the steering wheel after using the lockers. The vibration cannot be physically seen but it can be felt and as it's constant it becomes quite uncomfortable on the wrist after a short whole. The vibrations go away...
  17. Logsplitter

    Power steering failure

    Now I’m really frustrated 😡🤬🤬🤬 Out on a journey this morning having had the Gateway Control Module replaced earlier in the week. I’m stopped at a services at the end of M23 and got back in the car after a coffee and power steering failure again Third time FFS🤬. Looks like our African travels...
  18. Mauro

    Offset steering

    I have tried to find answers on the forum but have not found that this topic has been covered. I read then of someone has offset steering. Mine is too, a few degrees to the left. Has anyone gotten a solution from Ineos yet? Thank you very much
  19. Too many trucks

    Steering bump stop adjustment for improved turning circle?

    As title suggests, anyone wound the bump stops in a bit to get a much better turning circle like we all did with the proper Defender? Maybe the question should be can you wind the stops in?
  20. B

    Four turns lock to lock?

    Since the vehicle has power steering, and I assume it was designed to be robust, why could they have just changed the gearing to, say, three turns lock to lock and depended on the power steering's assistance to keep the steering effort reasonable? I am not a steering gear designer (and don't...
  21. AndrewW

    Steering clunk on RHD petrol Trialmaster

    I can’t see any other reference to a palpable but inaudible clunk when turning the steering wheel (except I announced it in the Infotainment thread). Most surprised that no one else has mentioned it. From an occasional clunk on a bendy road to twelve consecutive clunks in 20 metres doing a...
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