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  1. alexandruast

    General Unplugging stuff to see engine control behavior?

    I looked at the B57 engine with the cover off and I don't really like what i see. Hugely lot of electronics, compared for example with a recent 2.8D from Toyota. Anyone willing to purposely unplug some stuff to see how the car behaves, and if Ineos did something to the ECU software to actually...
  2. P

    Check engine P0461

    Has anyone had this code come up? The guy at autozone said I should be good to drive, but the fuel gauge may not be accurate. Hoping I can get the dealer to look/clear it next week and hopefully install the hitch at the same time.
  3. holdmybeer

    3rd party Videos Interview: Hambach, France: INEOS Engine Assembly Team Leader

    A pleasant puff piece... (If you don't understand French, Youtube will generally let you watch with autotrans CC.)
  4. Shaheens

    Engine continues noise

    Hello, I got my Grenadier Fieldmaster few weeks back from Dubai dealer, the car is amazing on-road and off-road, except for one issue bothering the comfort of enjoying the drive. I have a continues noise coming from the engine, the noise never stops even while parked, driving slow or fast and...
  5. JOB

    General B57 Engine Management Light

    As some will be aware, we are currently using a Grenadier loan car as ours has been with the dealer since 7th December and seemingly can’t be fixed. Yesterday was an exceptionally rainy afternoon / evening - even for the Midlands of England in February and the grenadier performed brilliantly...
  6. M

    I’ve had my IG for 2 weeks. Orange engine warning light came on after picking up from getting windows tinted. Any ideas?

    I’ve had my IG for two weeks. Love it. Took in to get windows tinted and when I picked it up, the orange engine light is on. Any ideas? I left the car alone for a couple of hours to let it go to sleep mode, but light came back on when I started it up.
  7. Tarheel

    info on B58 engine common issues Above are links to the most common issues with the B58 that I found. Knowing is half the battle.
  8. Robert T

    General Check engine light - fuel level sensor P0461

    I've filled up my tank 5 or 6 times but yesterday after filling up the check engine light came on. My dealer, Elliot Bay, informed me this has happened to a couple people when overfilling the gas tank. I did not overfill it, just let the gas pump shut off automatically. The code is P0461, which...
  9. A

    3 States, 650 miles, 13 hrs of driving, 1 Blizzard and 1 Check Engine Light

    Finally time to go back to work. Only problem was I was 2 states away with a truck to get home. Sure, I knew the snow was coming, my wife told me to leave last night, but my bed was just soooooo comfortable. Today I drove from Durango Colorado to Yuma Arizona. I woke up at 5 to 3 inches on the...
  10. Sven

    Engine ECU type ?

    Hi everyone my tuner want to know what type of ECU manage the engine on the IG in gasoline ? someone know the trade and type ? thanks a lot
  11. C

    Not Starting, engine turning over

    Can anyone please help. In Melbourne, 3 weeks and 1800klm from home, my new petrol fieldmaster now won't start but continues to turns over even when the hand is removed from the ignition key . New years day, everything closed, going to see family, what with the aircon stuck on full heat and now...
  12. K

    Ignition signal (engine running etc. ) for tracker.

    Hi all, I am about to install a GPS tracker. 12V continuous and ground is no problem but the relay type tracker has also a signal input for engine running / (15) What is the best place in the space around the main fuse block under rear seat to acquire the signal Ignition / Engine...
  13. Stu_Barnes

    Engine light, airbag light, adblue error, transmission error, help please I'm in Indonesia.

    I've just had an email from a forum member in Indonesia, @GL Cars "Hi Im far in indonesia and seems my car has a problem the engine light airbag light adblue error transmission error I stay in jakarta and driving the grenadier diesel Do you have anybody in jakarta indonesia who can...
  14. McPharmer II

    Build Thread Conversion to a fire engine

    Hello to the forum. First of all: Since my English is not so good, I wrote the text in German and had Google Translator translated. Maybe it reads a little bumpy. I apologize for that. Here is a short conversion report. Before the questions come about how: is he allowed to do that? Is that...
  15. DaveKop

    Petrol/Gas B58 Gasoline Engine LPG Conversion?

    I wonder if anyone has looked into doing an LPG conversion of the Grenadier yet? Prins Autogas talks about B58 conversion unit but the website info seems to be outdated: They do seem to have a working...
  16. S

    General Engine revs limited in “Park”

    Right I don’t think I have seen this mentioned anywhere else. I have a petrol UK version. I decided to try out the exhaust sound the other day whilst sat on the drive so I revved the engine, that’s when I realised the car won’t rev past 3000rpm in park or neutral. Don’t get me wrong, the...
  17. H

    Petrol/Gas Un-detuning the engine

    Not sure if this has been discussed yet, but anyone have any insight on whether we can un-detune the B58 petrol engine? What would be the pros and cons of this in the Ineos? I haven't driven an IG on the highway yet, but just wanted to bring up the convo. We have a lot of 8-10 mile, 10% grade...
  18. jb_hamon

    Diesel Eco Start Stop diesel engine

    I’d like to know if anyone with a diesel engine has seen the ESS Eco Start/Stop function triggered ? I’ve never seen it coming in action once… Thanks.
  19. 4x4Brick #1561

    Texan at London Grenadier Showroom

    I was in London for business and had a morning to kill so I took a (long) Uber ride out to the Chiswick West London Grenadier dealer. What a blast! Was able to get a ride along (US drivers license holders can't drive). Sat in the rear seats and it was very comfortable and quiet even with the...
  20. 20230626_124251.jpg


    Other side of under the hood of a Field Master June 26, 2023 at the Chiswick West London dealer
  21. 20230626_124248.jpg


    Under the hood of a Field Master June 26, 2023 at the Chiswick West London dealer
  22. C

    Missing engine temp info

    This image shows and I think its from Ingmar the engine temp in the off road section do we all have this as it appears to be missing from mine only the engine temp that is will the software update fix it?
  23. pioneerofthenile

    bmw/ ineos - s58 engine (running costs out of warranty)

    many think this engine is a HR. one of the best engines that BMW has ever made. YO even used it in one of their cars as well. but if this engine is so great why can you buy a pre-owned bmw that has one for such a great savings? (there's no mad rush to gobble these up) plus there's no...
  24. nuclearbeef

    General Engine swap? M57 into USA IG

    New to forum. First post. I might be jumping the gun a bit on this one. A man can dream, right? I currently have a US spec 335d with a tuned M57D30TU2TOP with the ZF6HP28. Car itself is getting a bit long in the tooth, but the engine runs like a TOP. (pun intended) I wonder what problems...
  25. LC0013

    BMW Engine Start Stop Feature

    I have no experience with engine stop start features. Is this a good feature or a pain in the arse?
  26. S

    Diesel Engine cooling noise diesel

    Anyone with a diesel who can help? After turning off the car after a 30 minute drive. The engine cooling fan is super loud for 3/5 minutes after I turn off the ignition. Is it normally this loud? Many thanks
  27. Stu_Barnes

    Q&A Americas Which version of the B57 engine will be for the NA market, there are several petrol options at this point?

    Which version of the B57 engine will be for the NA market, there are several petrol options at this point?
  28. DCPU

    Diesel B57 diesel engine variant

    I thought I'd seen someone posing the question that without the engine variant, then we wouldn't know many details of the engine. Does knowing this detail off the CoC help? Engine code: B57D30.
  29. G

    Petrol/Gas B58 Petrol engine tuning anyone?

    Is anyone considering aftermarket tuning options to pull more power and torque from the B58 power plant?
  30. emax

    Analytic video from Christian - LR Time

    I recommend watching the latest video from LR Time. Christian presents a very thorough and accurate analysis of some Discovery engine problems and their causes. I think it is interesting for everyone who drives a car of this class, as all these engines face the same challenges. For the...
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