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  1. Ragman

    The Install The D250SE video is now up on YouTube

    As we keep working on the Grenadier we installed the CTEK D250SE in conjunction with our Smartpass 120. The installation went pretty smoothly as I had spent a lot of time here to make sure I had the parts I needed before starting. The only real headache was lining up the bracket with the factory...
  2. anand

    3rd party Videos Buzz Overland Cargo System Install Video

    Not a minute by minute install, but Apex Overland in NC recently did a video of assembling/installing the complete Buzz Cargo System...
  3. Ragman

    3rd party Videos Our Latest Video On Changing The Oil In The B58

    First off I want to give this forum a big thumbs up for the rapid response to my oil fill question which is an awesome testament to the folks here. We made a video of my experience with the first time oil change in the Grenadier and there were a couple of surprises. If anyone is interested in...
  4. MileHigh

    3rd party Videos Video of underside inspection after trail ride

    Thought this was interesting. Some good points on small things that could be improved, but overall positive comments. An unprotected, plastic (oil?) pan seems a bit risky? View: (No option for adding Video?)
  5. Stu_Barnes

    Fusilier Video

    View: Here we have the first renderings, what do you think?
  6. holdmybeer

    Collection of crazy short video stunts

    A minute or two of your life you won't get back but I bet you'll smile.
  7. AnD3rew

    X Lock simple video

    Nice simple X-Lock demo from Robert Pepper View:
  8. MileHigh

    3rd party Videos VIDEO: Ineos Grenadier Off Roading in the Lake District | Graythwaite Estate Green Laning

    Lots of off road, slippery action. I don't have mine yet, but the passenger/owner(?) seemed to move between the high/low and the differential locks with out stopping or putting it in neutral. I don't have mine yet, so I forget the correct/published method. And I'm not sure what exactly he was...
  9. DaveB

    3rd party Videos DaveB Video's

    One of my typical drives home from work View:
  10. Trialmaster

    Americas Really enjoyable Youtube Video from "The FAST LANE CAR"

    I am guessing Adam has posted this elsewhere already, if so I apologise. Krabby or Stu, please move as appropriate or delete. But what a fantastic, real world and positive review. I really enjoyed witnessing the positives as well as few negatives. Sorry to see that the screen had cracked...
  11. ADVAW8S

    3rd party Videos New video with Justin Horvath and young kids

    Good video but really gets good when Justin hops into the backseat. He talks about quartermaster and why the conversation about value is absurd. Absurd is my words not his. View:
  12. bigleonski

    Finally a tow test video

    Australia’s Caravan World Magazine tow test. Well worth a look. View:
  13. Gxgn

    Wonderful road trip video (not mine)

    Great IG build, trip plan and video skills. I don’t know the guys but this is a great inspirational video: View:
  14. MrMike

    3rd party Videos Spare Tyre Removal video

    Here's a video of Ruben form DMW changing the wheel and his thoughts on a few things View:
  15. Boise

    Grenadier demo review video

    Thanks to Jonathon and his Mohawk Auto crew for coming out and spending the time to do a video with us at Lyle Pearson INEOS Grenadier. View:
  16. ADVAW8S

    3rd party Videos Rohny Dahl video incoming

    Saw on Facebook that he got his hands on a Grenadier. A existing owner let him borrow it for some 4x4 driving. Sounds like a lot of footage was filmed and should be up at some point.
  17. haigo

    3rd party Videos Promotional video ... almost

    A promotional video taken after installing an alarm system (Pandora Elite V.2) in my Grenadier. View:
  18. MrMike

    3rd party Videos John Canny's newest video

  19. MrMike

    3rd party Videos Another IG video

    Here's another video from an owner in Sydney, I think View:
  20. MrMike

    3rd party Videos Robert Pepper touring video

  21. Stu_Barnes

    INEOS Media Getting To Grips Video Series Here is the link to the Getting to Grips video series hosted on the INEOS site.
  22. Tomdoc

    INEOS Media Video of Hambach factory building the Grenadier

    View: Making the IG in Hambach. Hadn't seen this on here before - apologies if already uploaded to the forum elsewhere (I did try a search!)
  23. DCPU

    First winch video?
  24. Fidei Defensor

    New video

    Cold weather testing!
  25. MileHigh

    3rd party Videos 4xoverland Youtube video on Grenedier

    Why is Richard Attenborough so made at Grenedier??? Starts out OK, and I don’t think his criticisms are wrong, but I think that the automotive market has changed, and that is what he doesn’t like. I don’t like it either. Short summary- Ineos lost their way and the vehicle is too expensive...
  26. emax

    3rd party Videos Vera + Christian: My Grenadier On Youtube

    The day I got my Grenadier my first visit was at Christian and Vera in the neighboring village. Christian made a little video about the visit - humorous as always. And as usual, Christian had some interesting findings ... Here it is: typo
  27. DCPU

    3rd party Videos Abentauer 4x4 & Simexqueen video series

    There's a couple of earlier intro videos but this seems to be the first longer one, of what I think could be an interesting series all based around the Grenadier. Simexqueen is Cathrin Meister, a lady who's been into her off-roading for 20 years and is now an offroad instructor. View...
  28. joejet

    3rd party Videos New Video form Powerful UK on youtube

    Interesting video, a few things wrong, safari windows but fair, he does not drive it though.
  29. Tazzieman

    INEOS Media Full Hard Way Home video available

    Hard Way Home
  30. Stu_Barnes

    3rd party Videos video Sani Pass.

    View: “Join the Ignition TV crew as they get to grips with the rugged new Ineos Grenadier 4x4 recently launched to the local motoring media on an excursion up Sani Pass. “
  31. MrMike

    Towing comparison video

    This may have been posted before-IG comes out on top nearly every time
  32. C

    New Ineos Video (expedition 1.0)

  33. Krabby

    INEOS NA Q&A sessions with Greg Clark

    Just got this in my email. 10:58 EST USA I haven’t watched it yet. Q&A
  34. C

    Video Spring Rates

    Hungarian video from press junket at Floors Castle interesting chat in English about spring rates at about 18:50 . not sure if his hovercraft is full of eels. View:
  35. beg

    3rd party Videos (Classic & Sportscar Centre) good video sorry if already posted

  36. emax

    Time for a new message from Ineos

    The last message, which came from Lynn Calder, came four weeks ago on February the 2nd. According to her promise, it's now time for an update, I dare say.
  37. AWo

    INEOS Media The very first video about the Grenadier

    That is the very first video about the Grenadier launched with Ex-CEO Dirk Heilmann (and a Defender 90 Td5 :whistle: ) in German language. View: Cheers AWo
  38. Dent

    An article (and video review) in Bulgarian Vesti web site

    Here is the article It's in Bulgarian, but you can use Google Translate (not for the video, I am afraid)
  39. Dent

    Article (and video review) in Bulgarian AutoMedia website

    Here is the article It's in Bulgarian, but you can use Google Translate (not for the video, I am afraid)
  40. crimson

    3rd party Videos SkidPig & Sick Puppy Cody Test Drive Video

    SkidPig & Sick Puppy Cody Test Drive Video View: Different take on a test drive from what we've seen. Don't think they're into the Grenadier. I'll need to watch their other videos to understand what rig is right for them.
  41. Stu_Barnes

    Caravan World Towing Video Review (Australia)

    Firstly, we tried to find a random trailer to tow-test the Grenadier. The problem was the event staff outnumbered the Press at the global launch of the hot-topic 4WD so try as we might, no mischievous plan got us what we really need to know - how does it tow? So call this a vehicle review, not a...
  42. Arkaig

    Motor1 Italia - video review (Italy)

    Remember when the old Defender, later replaced by the current model, went out of production? Lo and behold, not everyone took it well, including Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the No. 1 of Ineos Industries who, as an off-road enthusiast, decided to design one tailored to his needs. Vi ricordate quando uscì...
  43. muxmax

    Auto Bild video review (Germany)

    Was wie die Neuauflage des alten Land Rover Defender aussieht, ist eine Kampfansage an alle Geländegänger. Erste Fahrt mit dem Ineos Grenadier. Zum Video! View:
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