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  1. MNV

    Roof plug issues

    Has anyone had issues with there being no power to the roof plugs (ext2/3) switches? There’s nothing there with appropriate switches on and lights plugged or via a multimeter. Thanks In anticipation!
  2. STT22

    "Troubleshooting Locking Issues: Ensure Your Hood/Bonnet is Fully Closed"

    Quick tip for anyone struggling to lock their vehicle after opening the hood/bonnet: make sure it's fully shut. A partially closed hood/bonnet can prevent your vehicle from locking. Just give it another slam.
  3. Tarheel

    info on B58 engine common issues Above are links to the most common issues with the B58 that I found. Knowing is half the battle.
  4. Norgs


    has anyone had gearbox issues ? my field master is currently randomly selecting a gear or just dropping back automatically
  5. Zimm

    Americas Seating position.... Is there anyone 6'-4" plus having comfort issues?

    Ok, my order is due in April, so drove 4.5 hrs to test drive one. It's exciting but... I had difficulty with the seating position. 1) I think the lack of even a manual lumbar adjustment was a miss. I'm tall and the typical factory setting is always a bit low which it is. 2) If I adjusted...
  6. Eric

    Paranoid about software issues

    I came home today after a 30 mile journey home. After 2 hours in house I just happened to look at my tracker app on my phone. It showed the vehicle was outside the house BUT ignition still on and driving at 5 mph. I shot outside and checked everything was OK, yes it was shutting down when taking...
  7. S

    Successful wheel swap/TPMMS issues

    Way to go INEOS forum! Barely 24 hours after posting yesterday, another Enos forum member and myself have made A successful swap of alloy wheels for steel wheels. All was well for the first 10 miles and then we both got a TPMS error message “Tyre pressure sensor lost” and a yellow warning...
  8. Tarheel

    North American Grenadier Issues?

    I pick up my gren this friday from the High Point, NC dealer. Has anyone had any issues with the North american vehicles? Software update needed, loose door seals, antifreeze leak in footwell, other issues etc? Are there any recommendations to look for specific things at pick up?
  9. bamanuke

    Americas diff lock issues, cross posted on the FB US Grenadier owners page

    picked up the Gren Saturday, really impressed until today. decided to try the center diff (worked great), then the lockers(not good). I have the "rough pack). rear engaged fine, front would not. went through all the normal stuff, ended up with error messages for both front and rear. called the...
  10. W

    Recent build - still software issues?

    Appreciate the comments regarding issues folk have had (thanks Trobex!). Here’s my experience after 3 days. Build no just shy of 9,000. At higher speeds (consciously running in so 60 mph) a noticeable whine. Not that loud but I’d prefer it wasn’t there. Dealer says typical and normal. Maybe...
  11. R

    Altimeter issues. Reset/Calibration possible?

    Living in New Orleans I expect to see negative numbers, but the city isn't 70' below sea level. Should be showing around 8-10' above sea level where it sits. Anyone know of an issue or is this just a limitation of altimeters in vehicles that I have to live with?
  12. F

    Are there issues with the TPMS or can I go ahead and order replacement wheels?

    As the question states are there issues with the TPMS? I knew there was in the past but wasn’t sure if it was fixed with the software update.
  13. Jeremy996

    Heater issues - not directly air con

    My Grenadier shows signs of never directing air into the footwells, the dash vents and windscreen are fine, but selecting the footwells just gets a slight increase in noise and no extra air towards my feet. Now the weather is getting cooler, it is now an issue. (Both the dealer and I had hoped...
  14. Brendang

    New Software installed. And still issues

    Ok so have had the new software installed. Will be good to compare benefits and pitfalls with other users. So far the following is not fixed: 1.) Mapping and compass issues - CarPlay map still freezes, and the compass issues are still there until you drop below 30km/h 2.) Noticed the entire...
  15. YellowLab

    September Delivery - Defect or Issues

    Under the assumption that vehicle quality is improving over time (and some of the threads have multiple months of defect data listed) What kind of defects or issues have we seen from people who have had SEPTEMBER DELIVERIES?
  16. C

    Carplay & Compass Issues below 20kmh

    Morning, I have an issue with carplay (google or apple maps) not showing 'live' position unless under 20kmh. As 20kmh is reached, it will hang. It will then update to live when <20kmh. I notice this also happens with the compass and the pathfinder screen. Anyone experiencing this? Any...
  17. S

    Diff lock issues

    I have had my Fieldmaster for 4 weeks now, 2000 miles. Each time I have gone into our woodland or fields the Grenadier has struggled compared to my Land Cruiser or Defenders. The diff locks are very difficult to engage and even harder to disengage. I have tried and failed now three times and...
  18. MileHigh

    Connection issues?

    For some reason I can’t get on the website from my iPhone using Safari? I got a webpage that comes up. That says I might have a bad Internet connection or that the website is having problems. I use Chrome on the same phone and I can get through. Can use other Devices and it’s not a problem ?
  19. N

    Doesn’t lock due to back door issues…

    Hello, my central locking doesn‘t work as the rear doors often (too often!!!!) are not recognized as closed. If the issue occurs, I try to close it multiple times until I see it also closed on the central display. It might relate to the software/sensor issues, but I still hope somebody in the...
  20. emax

    Spare parts ordering, issues

    Today I got a call from INEOS - which was a new experience again. The guy which called me is named Philip. First of all, he seemed to talk in a language I never heard before. And since I do not tell my name before an unknown caller introduces himself, I was for a moment on the edge to hang up...
  21. B

    Thread for conglomerated issues to assist PPI ?

    I've searched but couldn't find any thread where issues are documented that could assist buyers when doing their pre purchase inspection.
  22. Tom D

    Europe Invoicing and Contracts issues

    So there appears to be some issue at IA regarding invoicing and contracts. I have agreed to take someone else's cancelled order, the vehicle is ready to go but there is no sign of any paperwork. The dealer mentioned there was some sort of 'systems' issue, but I have heard nothing from IA other...
  23. N

    Just Collected - a ‘few’ issues

    first orange light, came intermittently on for about 30 secs then off… didn’t clear until I switched the car off and on. Then this didn’t come back - but the car then decided there was something else to worry about (orange again)… sorry couldn’t remember what that one was - but ‘rebooting’ the...
  24. OzyGrenie

    Australasia Contract signing - major issues

    CONTRACT NOW VOID Could you guys imagine when I finally recieved an email to say "Contract Signing" click here? Got my heart pumping! You guys need to know these instructions below in italics as is fundamental prior to hitting button to sign contract. Well I clicked the linked ( twice) it...
  25. Solmanic

    Poll - How is your new Grenadier really?

    With deliveries underway and the many recent posts by people experiencing issues, it's rapidly giving an overwhelming impression that a lot of vehicles being delivered have problems. However this being the internet, I am hoping there are many others who have no issues they think are worth...
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