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  1. Mossy Ineos Grenadier TX

    Ask the dealer - Mossy Grenadier Texas

    Hello Everyone, I'm Ashton Mossy from Mossy Grenadier in Houston. Here to chat about the Grenadier – from updates and customer experiences to off-roading adventures. Our team is dedicated to keeping you informed with the most accurate information. If you have questions about your vehicle, how...
  2. holdmybeer

    2023-Dec-07: Canadian dealer network reveal

    This, just in... Mark your calendar. On December 7th, we’ll reveal our Canadian dealer network, and the dealer covering your preferred delivery area. You’ll need to contact that dealer to finalize your Grenadier order. We’ll be in touch soon with all the details.
  3. AngusMacG

    Communications (INEOS and dealer)

    Just my impression of communications from INEOS and my local dealer. I am underwhelmed regarding communications from post-reservation and follow-ups. For a new vehicle and company(ies) entering the market I would expect more updates from both INEOS and local dealers. It does appear that the...
  4. anand

    US Dealer Quick Reference Post

    There are a lot of different threads for each dealer around the country, some with multiples, and some just barely touching on topics. The purpose of this post is to put all the key info in one quick reference place. I understand there is a lot of info missing, I'll be editing the thread to...
  5. anand

    Triad Ineos Discussion Thread

    As soon-to-be owners start making their way to the dealers for test drives and the delivery dates start approaching, each dealer needs a separate thread to keep key information easily visible. I don't believe Triad has any "official" representation on the forum, so the answers below are based...
  6. S

    Curry Ineos Grenadier of Danbury (previously Thread for the Tri State Dealer as yet unannounced)

    Anyone assigned to the Tri-State dealer believed to be in CT has any info? It has been 2 weeks since all the other US dealers were announced, those of us in the Tri State area assigned to the dealer believed to be in Danbury CT were told in an email it would be announced after 'Very slight...
  7. six1five

    Received Email from US Dealer

    Received an email from Regal Ineos in Roswell, GA this morning. Below is the information regarding their current status in construction, demo vehicles, MSRP/Fees, and at the bottom, expected deliveries. They are the closest dealer to me in Nashville, TN.
  8. Fidei Defensor

    Dealer cost comparison

    As pre-orders are now firming up across the US, how about a spreadsheet of costs from the various dealers? Could we include the following: - Charging more than MSRP for pre-orders Yes/No - Charging Installation fees for Accessories Yes/No - Allowing delete of Accessories in initial pre-order w/o...
  9. D

    Pennsylvania dealer contact anyone?

    While lots of the regional dealers are enthusiastically introducing themselves on various forums and contacting reservation holders, the PA group seems to be crickets; not a word. Anybody heard anything from them? Wondering what's up or if I should find another dealer to go with.
  10. Roach

    Local Area Thread Initial dealer letter, intro

    Got my dealer letter today. Not much to it but it’s moving along in the process. Copy of letter: Hello from Rusnak Ineos Grenadier! We’re absolutely thrilled to have been selected as the dealer partner for Ineos Grenadier in the greater Los Angeles community. Like you, we can’t wait to...
  11. parb

    Got a dealer (and a estimated build date)!

    Just got a email from the GM of the dealer for me (SF Bay area). Seemed like a nice guy. Told me that my build is planned for january (which sounds about right). He told me they should get a demo vehicle in the next 2-3 weeks and he will ping me then. I haven't even seen the grenadier IRL so i...
  12. L

    Dealer Announcements

    Alerted to Ineos announcing the U.S. Dealer selection on September 28, 2023. Was able to look up U.S. dealer selection details by going to Grenadier web site. The “Philadelphia” default dealer is actually located in Devon, PA. I was able to call and got my build date of 11/20/23. (Pre-Order No...
  13. F

    ANY WORD YET? (the NA build date and dealer announcement thread)

    USA customers were supposed to be contacted in July to confirm build specs and find out their build position. Has anyone been contacted yet?
  14. F

    Dealer Event in Utah

    I am not sure if this is posted elsewhere (I couldn't find it) View: Is there a dealer event happening now?
  15. O

    Gablini Grenadier Dealer in Budapest?

    My wife and I will be vacationing in Hungary next week and would like to visit the INEOS Dealer listed there, Gablini, at “Notarius u. 5-7, 1141” in Budapest. Does anyone know if they are up and running with a showroom, gift shop for Grenadier accessories, etc.?
  16. holdmybeer

    Local Area Thread Vancouver dealer speculation

    Order placed. The pre-order delivery location step suggests the yet-to-be-announced Vancouver dealer has a postal code of V6J 1H7. So ... assuming Ineos is actually sharing the dealer's postal code, and the dealer is, as of 2023-Jun-29, a registered motor dealer in BC, then we currently have...
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