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  1. Douglas_Bonser

    Aftermarket Side Steps? NOT URBAN

    Hello again everyone. I'm going to be purchasing some sidesteps soon however the market seems to be flooded with 'Urban' steps, supposedly made in the UK. I'm not a fan of the way these look yet I can only really see Urban, Blacksheep and Buzz - everyone else's are just rehashed 'Urban' ones...
  2. F

    Anyone know any aftermarket floormats?

    Getting anything from Ineos, or my dealer at least, seems to be impossible. Any good floor mats that fit great?
  3. nuclearmonkey

    Aftermarket winch to US spec Trialmaster

    Searched a bit but ran out of gas… I have a truck on order with the winch option, but am reconsidering as the aftermarket solutions come in to play. I’m wondering if I forego the winch option, what is different with respect to the wiring of a Trialmaster versus a Trialmaster with winch...
  4. B

    Looking for advice on aftermarket light kits

    Just took delivery on my new Grenadier and looking to mount a light bar either over the windshield and/or on the grill. Any recommendations? Unsure of mounting options.
  5. PilotMike

    General Aftermarket Exhaust?

    I've seen the one video from Miltek. Has anyone installed theirs yet? Wondering how the sound was. Any other companies offering exhaust yet?
  6. T

    Raised Air Intake - Aftermarket Pre Cleaner Options

    The OEM pre-cleaner, if optioned, is Donaldson part number H002432. This is a beast of a pre-cleaner and measures 11.3” in both diameter and height. The outlet tube has an ID of 4.56". It is so big as to look comical on the Grenadier and completely unacceptable, IMO. If a smaller pre-cleaner...
  7. SandyChamois

    Aftermarket tinting on laminated glass

    I went to an Xpel certified tint shop to get non ceramic tint installed. The installer said the laminated windows in the cargo area will definitely bubble if you tint them. Anyone who had aftermarket tint added also told this or noticed any bubbling and a few months?
  8. m18rus

    Aftermarket Towbar? UK

    Hi there based in the UK with a 'used' ex-demo car. 2023 model, 4k miles. Station wagon, petrol. Loving it. Doesn't have a towbar. Problem is obtaining & purchasing the chassis mount adapter between the chassis & ball. Tried the supplying & local dealer both say made requests to Ineos for the...
  9. RickTok

    Aftermarket roof top handles/lashing bars

    I know I've seen an aftermarket red roof handle/lashing bar but I can't find it again. Does anyone know who makes the red versions of these?
  10. grnamin

    Americas Aftermarket alarm system?

    What aftermarket alarm system are you planning to install in your Grenadier. I'm looking at the Compustar Pro T13 with remote start.
  11. D

    Americas anyone get the winch and played with it yet & ant aftermarket applications yet?

    let us know what you think about the red winch not found much about them online.
  12. rbarsk

    Americas Aftermarket Accessories

    Do we have a list of US companies who are producing accessories for the grenadier. So far every major one I have contacted have said they have no information on the vehicle Rob

    GP Factor

    Hey Guys! AJ From GP Factor. Excited to be a part of this forum as a vendor and lifetime member! If you are unfamiliar with GP Factor, we produce high end vehicle parts and camping gear in the USA. We have prided ourselves on making parts that do not compromise on quality, and provide years of...


    Exclusive floor mats for the INEOS Grenadier Since its foundation in January 2021, CPU-Carpart has quickly made a name for itself in the world of car enthusiasts. As a startup, the company began with the vision of offering individual solutions for classic and vintage cars, with a particular...
  15. OverlandGearGuy


    Hi Everyone, my name is Rob Daugherty, I am the Owner of a Soft Goods Manufacturing facility in Utah, my main focus has been around Sprinter Vans, Recently I went to my local Warner Van Dealer and they have the Grenadier's the more I learned about them, the more I want one. I hope to Test...
  16. tailgategear

    Tailgate Gear

  17. J

    aftermarket heated mirrors

    Hi I wanna buy ready to pick up trialmaster utility version without heated exterior mirrors. The dealer told me is no option to change it for heated version. I'm wondering if it's possible to install an aftermarket version of the heated mirrors?
  18. Clark Kent

    New aftermarket supplier: seat covers, mats, boot liners. Rubbertree (AU/NZ)

    Rubbertree is a NZ and Australian business that has been working on interior accessories for the Grenadier for a while. Now available on the website. Canvas and neoprene seat covers Carpet and rubber mats Boot/trunk liners ... Free shipping within Australia. This is not an endorsement. I have...
  19. RyanT

    Buzz Overland - product showcase: Modular Cargo System

    Buzz Special Vehicles are extremely pleased to announce that we are the official UK distributor for AEV. You can browse and shop AEV products here: New products are being listed daily so keep a look out and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to...
  20. Darby

    Build Thread LOST 4X4 Build: Aftermarket Wheels and Roof Top Tent

    Posting my new setup which was fitted today. tyres: MAXXIS RAZR AT811 285/70/17’s wheels: Black Rhino Stadium, 6x130, offset +45mm (rare offset in this specific wheel) Haven't driven enough to notice fuel consumption difference etc. Handles great so far though. Getting tinting done next...
  21. S

    Rubber floor mats (aftermarket)

    There has been plenty of talk around boot liners etc, and I think I remember someone saying that they had done some templates but does anyone know who, or if any UK firms are making a full set of rubber mats for the Grenny. I didn’t tick the option (I have no idea why not), at the point of...
  22. DCPU

    Aftermarket Parts from Offroad Tec

    A few decent bits now available:
  23. minidok

    Aftermarket grill

    How do you like this kind of grill? Shown during "Abenteurer Allrad 2023".
  24. DCPU

    Aftermarket Rock Sliders from ABNTR4x4

    Look nice and tight underneath. 👍
  25. DCPU

    Aftermarket Winch Bumper from LeTech

    Not a bad starter for 10: I look forward to forum members photos from this week's big offroad show. 👍
  26. O

    Americas Contrast Roof: Aftermarket ‘wrap’?

    Does anyone know the approximate cost of using a ‘wrap’ to create a “Contrast Roof”? (Factory price for paint is 1,200 USD.)
  27. Fidei Defensor

    Q&A Americas Aftermarker Roof Racks vs Warranty

    Owners manual has a statement that only the factory rack is approved as a gutter-mounted rack. Where does that leave Front Runner regarding Warranty?
  28. muxmax

    Aftermarket Suppliers with dedicated Grenadier gear

    @Krabby had started a thread to collect suppliers whio offer made to measure equipment for the grenadier. Somehow that has disappeared. I found that very useful so I make another attempt. It would be good if we could reduce this to a collection of sources and discuss the quality and necessity of...
  29. T

    Gear Shifter Aftermarket - Options?

    So, looking at the BMW-ZF gear shifter, and aside from the RHD footrest: - is the Shifter something we can actually change. In the PT version, this thing looks about as out of place as t*ts on a bull. It works but doesn't suit the vehicle aesthetics at all, and I'm the type to spend money on...
  30. Stu_Barnes

    Aftermarket Requests: Racks, Brackets, Protection etc.

    If we had a goldilocks list of the things that we think would be just right for the Grenadier for the aftermarket to develop and supply what would they be? Treat this as a focus group for a company that really wants to support the Grenadier platform I'll go first, 1. Rock sliders that have a...
  31. Dent

    Aftermarket 2/3 roof rack already available

    Here it is!
  32. C

    Anyone thinking about modifications?

    Hello! What's everyone thinking about modifications or are you going to keep it stock? I'm thinking wheels, exhaust 😉, and a lightbar (I'm waiting for aftermarket ones that don't require an entire roof rack too). Nothing too controversial, just making it mine 😁 What about you?
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