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  1. Darby

    Aftermarket Wheels Fitted - Black Rhino Stadium and 285/70/17 Maxxis Razr AT's

    Posting my new setup which was fitted today. tyres: MAXXIS RAZR AT811 285/70/17’s wheels: Black Rhino Stadium, 6x130, offset +45mm (rare offset in this specific wheel) Haven't driven enough to notice fuel consumption difference etc. Handles great so far though. Getting tinting done next...
  2. O

    Contrast Roof: Aftermarket ‘wrap’?

    Does anyone know the approximate cost of using a ‘wrap’ to create a “Contrast Roof”? (Factory price for paint is 1,200 USD.)
  3. Fidei Defensor

    Q&A Americas Aftermarker Roof Racks vs Warranty

    Owners manual has a statement that only the factory rack is approved as a gutter-mounted rack. Where does that leave Front Runner regarding Warranty?
  4. muxmax

    Aftermarket Suppliers with dedicated Grenadier gear

    @Krabby had started a thread to collect suppliers whio offer made to measure equipment for the grenadier. Somehow that has disappeared. I found that very useful so I make another attempt. It would be good if we could reduce this to a collection of sources and discuss the quality and necessity of...
  5. Stu_Barnes

    Aftermarket Requests: Racks, Brackets, Protection etc.

    If we had a goldilocks list of the things that we think would be just right for the Grenadier for the aftermarket to develop and supply what would they be? Treat this as a focus group for a company that really wants to support the Grenadier platform I'll go first, 1. Rock sliders that have a...
  6. C

    Anyone thinking about modifications?

    Hello! What's everyone thinking about modifications or are you going to keep it stock? I'm thinking wheels, exhaust 😉, and a lightbar (I'm waiting for aftermarket ones that don't require an entire roof rack too). Nothing too controversial, just making it mine 😁 What about you?
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