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Just Put in a Reservation (Portland, OR USA)


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6:06 AM
May 2, 2022
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Had a bronco reservation but passed on it because the removable top and doors seemed to compromise the overall drivability. Stumbled upon the Grenadier a while ago but only recently rekindled my interest and put a reservation down. Hoping the starting price comes in below 55k (not holding my breath). Currently drive an 08 Ford Explorer V8 w/ 185k miles. Love the interior cargo space (fits skis lengthwise and I can sleep on the fold flat seats!), the convenience features are all I need (hands free bluetooth audio), and the engine has been under-stressed it's whole life. I don't know how many miles it's got left (hopefully 30k) but it's been a very cheap vehicle to own and it's never left me stranded (coolant hose was replaced with parts from a hardware store). Hoping that the Grenadier can provide the same experience at a reasonable price.
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