The 2B Prototype Experience - what was yours like?


Grenadier Ordered
I'm in the UK and went on the 2B Prototype Experience on the 20/08/2021. I see from FaceBook and YouTube that things seem to have moved on since then, so I would be grateful for more recent experiences and photographs. My original writeup was on thought I would put an edited version here.

"I have got back from my trip down to near Lewes from Melton Mowbray for the Grenadier 2B Prototype Tour Experience - 402 miles door to door in my LR 110CSW 200Tdi.

Spent just over 2.5 hours there with a half hour passenger ride in one of the drivetrain prototypes. It's a proper prototype with a mix of one-off plastic bits, gaffer tape, one-off metal parts, lots of dymo-tape labels and part of the initial talk was ignore the interior, that will change, concentrate on the drivetrain, ride, handling, controllability, noise and vibration levels. So, impressions; it's an X5 drivetrain reworked as a proper off roader - air intake up high, optional electric lockers and optimised for low down torque, Ian, (Ian White MBE), the test driver thought the engine didn't need to do much more than 2500rpm. Very controllable and well matched to the auto box. Nothing too dramatic was done across a mix of parkland, woods, sheep fields and some rolling slopes, but I got the impression that my 200Tdi would have been rather rougher riding, a bit breathless in places and I would have had issues with my steering lock!

It was very civilised; the seats are really excellent, (reminded me of the Recaros in my old Vauxhall Nova GTE), the noise levels low, (even with the windows open), and low levels of vibration, (remember my base line is a 200Tdi!) Plenty of shoulder room, the cabin seems huge compared to my 110. It is far to early to judge fit and finish, but the outer panels seem well put together and the prototype interior seems well judged. (So many bits are 3D printed, other than shape and location, I'm not sure what else you can take away from this).

Apparently there are announcements about sales, service and warranty shortly; they are not going for a conventional dealer network; we will have to wait and see for final details.
[29th September 2021]

I took a lot of pictures, some of which are below, (some were just "meh"). They were not keen for people to take pictures of the underside as there are changes already planned, the basic drivetrain is set, but the under-bonnet layout is still being revised, and they would not open any of the bonnets, (probably debating how many covers to put in the way; the answer is DON'T!).

The wiring sounds like a bit of a hybrid; the drivetrain prototype has issues with the window switches being miss-mapped, with the wrong window moving when a switch is operated, so I would guess that the interior and basic systems are CANBUS, (with minor programming issues), but the accessory switches are intended to be wired to under-bonnet fuse boxes and terminations; sticking a winch on should be a doddle. The bumpers are in 5 bits, with bits being replaceable separately, with space for a concealed winch.

No one could tell me about the provision for a tow hitch and electrics; this was apparently the most expected optional extra, (I'll need it).I think Ineos are being very brave letting the public see a vehicle this early, ("never show fools and children things half done!"), some of the Facebook groups are full of the impatient wanting a price and availability NOW, but they are still a year from commercial release, but come October I expect to be putting down a returnable deposit.
[I did!]"

Now the Australians seem to have tow bars and the FaceBook gossip suggests that the tow bars will be standard fit, (really suits me),  so what did other people think of the vehicle/experience/fitted gear? 




Founding Guard
Thank you for posting the detailed observations. It answered quite a few of the questions I was gonna ask when I get to see the 2B prototype. Those Racaros look fantastic!!