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  1. B

    Adding Carpet to a Trialmaster

    Has anyone added carpet to a Trialmaster? If so, how much was the road noise decreased? Just curious if I should consider putting it in mine? Thanks.
  2. Rolando di Cello

    Local Area Thread Belstaff Trialmaster Jacke abzugeben

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe leider keine Verwendung für meine zu bestellende Belstaff Trialmaster Jacke. Sollte jemand von euch Interesse an der Jacke habe, bitte einfach bei mir melden. Ich würde bei ehrlichem Interesse die Jacke in der gewünschten Größe bestellen und dir entweder zuschicken...
  3. AngusMacG

    Build Thread Angus’ build thread

    I had originally spec’d a Scottish White Trialmaster w/tow hitch, privacy glass, aux battery, utility trim, and steelies. I ended up purchasing an Eldoret Blue w/Black contrast roof, grey ladder frame, integrated winch, utility trim, aux battery, tow hitch, and steelies. Current to do add-ons...
  4. Stu_Barnes

    Kids car seats and a Trialmaster

    I remember a few prospective owners being concerned about the space in the back for kids car seats. Here’s a few pics of today, excuse the mess but this vehicle is lived in already ;) Graco booster seat. Passenger seat set for 6” co-driver with plenty of legroom and pretty high up...
  5. GrenADV

    Review of my new Trialmaster

    After several long years following the Grenadier project (I think it was 2018 when I first heard about this and registered my interest), I picked up my vehicle on Wednesday, December 20th - and it truly felt like it marked the end of one journey and the beginning of a new one. As I arrived at...
  6. 3

    Trialmaster picked up today

    Picked up my SW Trialmaster today from Red Noland in COS. I've been watching the progress on this for years, and the delivered product is truly great. Quick First impressions: It's built like a tank. Fit and finish is honestly quite impressive. By far the best dual solid axle vehicle i have...
  7. Stu_Barnes

    First impressions, Trialmaster.

    I picked up my Trialmster last week from @Rusnak INEOS Grenadier, thanks go out to Quincy, Barby and Aren. They did a stellar job in the pouring rain to get me out the door, and with a full tank of gas as well with minimal fuss and total reassurance that they had my back should I need anything...
  8. L

    US MPG Data point

    I took the opportunity on my highway drive home from the dealer to capture some MPG data. Computer Indicated MPG: 18.3 MPG Manually calculated MPG: 16.8 MPG Conditions: Interstate 5 North from RTGT thru Portland to WA. Minimal Traffic. Average ambient temp: 45F Total Distance: (measured gas...
  9. Paco Garcia

    Help Bellstaff Trialmaster Jacket

    I ordered my trialmaster in May and I am awaiting registration to be able to pick it up, and I have a question, when I placed the order, I am sure that somewhere it was written that with the purchase of the car, the Trialmaster jacket was included, but now I can't find it nowhere was it written...
  10. kellysHeros

    Rear Seat Adjustment - moving my 5 Seater Commercial (UK) rear seat to Field/Trialmaster position.

    Disappointed with the legroom in the 5 Seater Commercial (UK) Grenadier. No problem, simply move the rear seat to match the location of the Trial and Fieldmaster. Passengers wont only benefit from greater leg room, but will also enjoy the more reclined rake of the seat back. Time required: The...
  11. Pfk

    Local Area Thread My grenadier is here

    Hello to everyone, I would like to share that I have finally received my trialmaster this weekend. It has been an absolute joy so far and I look forward to seeing your vehicle posts!
  12. AngusMacG

    In Production and can’t wait

    Currently driving a Lexus UX250h. Abit too small but graeat gas mileage. Will be replaced by my Trialmaster!
  13. F

    Does the Trialmaster come with the air intake plate and plugs?

    My Trialmaster is on a boat for delivery. I wanted everything on the Trialmaster except for the air intake. Anyone that has received theirs know if it comes with a replacement air intake plate and the rubber plugs for the mounting holes if you remove it?
  14. ealshamsi

    Local Area Thread Marhaba Assa'a (Hi)

    Hi UAE members, This is Eisa ALSHAMSI, close to being a Grenadier (Trailmaster) owner. It is my pleasure to be among you.
  15. P

    Factory fitted auxiliary battery in the trialmaster

    I’m due to take delivery of my trialmaster in the next few weeks and was wondering whether anyone can advise what outlets the auxiliary battery fitted as standard in the trialmaster provides power to, if at all?
  16. Korg

    AUS Diesel Trialmaster - Staying within weight limits

    Just doing some calcs today ☹️. With the payload for the diesel Trialmaster stated in the manual at 689kg it is almost impossible to stay within limits if you want a roof rack, carry extra fuel and have a draw system, awning, 40 litres of water and fridge plus tools etc. and a vehicle that can...
  17. Znarfgh

    Build Thread My Grenadier Trialmaster Utility Build

    Some preliminary ideas for my build: * Light Bar on rack * Brake controller * Power for van * Side steps/rock sliders * Rok lights for roof rack * UHF & CelFi fold down Aerial mounts on roof rack (or on bull bar which is not a high priority at this point) Roll on Saturday so I can get my hands...
  18. Dr. John

    New member

    Hi, greetings from the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire. I’m a retired physician who’s had many 4x4s but still hangs onto my MG Midget- one owner from new. My Trialmaster has been here four weeks and I’ve come to like it. Didn’t at first. It transports me, my dogs, and when I go to...
  19. timevill

    NZ IG INE05

    Picked up my Trialmaster at last and took it for a run up north through hail and wind. Apart from the recognized teething glitches, I am delighted with this very impressive vehicle. As a multi LR owner and. G Wagen fan i find much to admire about the IG and find it worth the patient two year...
  20. Trialmaster


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  23. Trialmaster


  24. 9592AD38-8E27-4887-9352-E6354AD67871.jpeg


    My Africa, My Grenadier… Kedong, The Great Rift Valley… conquered!
  25. K

    Hello from Southern California...

    Reserved Vehicle... Trialmaster in Donny Grey
  26. AndrewW

    Steering clunk on RHD petrol Trialmaster

    I can’t see any other reference to a palpable but inaudible clunk when turning the steering wheel (except I announced it in the Infotainment thread). Most surprised that no one else has mentioned it. From an occasional clunk on a bendy road to twelve consecutive clunks in 20 metres doing a...
  27. AnD3rew

    Underbody protection Trialmaster?

    I have seen underbody bash plates on some PTO vehicles and on the models, but I haven’t seen on delivered cars and on some you see the bolt holes for mounting but no plates. Someone on Facebook is telling me that they come on Trialmaster as part of the Rough pack but it isn’t listed anywhere...
  28. RYAustralia

    Aussie Scotsman ex defender owner

    Hey fellow grenadiers. It’s a hello from North Australia - previously was bumbling around NZ, and originally from Scotland. Old school land rover owner in past but looking forward to my Grenadier arriving - currently it’s on a boat going the very long way home from France to Oz. We’re already...
  29. Fidei Defensor

    Q&A Americas Trialmaster/Fieldmaster Jacket

    Simple Question: Do All US purchasers of the Trialmaster and Fieldmaster versions of the Grenadier get the Belstaff jacket (I believe a coupon to select color and size)? Or just the early reservation holders? Or does no one get a Jacket????
  30. CJV

    Trialmaster v. Station Wagon (w/options)

    I ran two configurations; one a stock Trialmaster; and, the other a Station wagon with all the Trialmaster off-road options EXCEPT the raised air intake (which I do not need or like the look of) and the auxilarry power and PTO. The price of Trailamster was only $1,745 more than the Station...
  31. pioneerofthenile

    field master vs trialmaster

    these 2 options that IG will offer really tilts me. from the price/spec sheet from the uk .....I don't want to pay an additional up to 10k and add more and get 1/2 the stuff I don't want while missing out the 1/2 stuff I do. :( seems like I want to mix an match from the and if I get...
  32. TheDocAUS

    Dumb question: why is it a Trialmaster and not a Trailmaster?

    Does anybody know why is it named Trialmaster Edition rather than a Trailmaster Edition? When a trial is normally a court process and a trail is something you explore. Trailmaster makes more sense when the other model is a Fieldmaster Edition Perhaps all that litigation by Land Rover...
  33. Trialmaster

    UK Based

    UK Based. Grenadier Contract Signed. Delivey around 1 February 2023.
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