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  1. D

    Q&A Americas Weight Distribution Hitch

    In the US, will owners be allowed to use a weight distribution hitch, or will that void warranty? Thanks!!
  2. JohnHeagney

    Towing mirrors

    Hi, Has anyone managed to buy suitable mirrors to add to the Grenadier when towing a wider trailer such as a caravan to give wider visibility? If so, please can you let me know the model? Many thanks John
  3. DCPU

    Grenadiers Towing

    Photos of Grenadiers towing ~ I think many of us have plans to use them for this. From FB (Paul Henderson), the first customer vehicle I've seen hooked up:
  4. C

    Towing Again

    When the configurator first appeared there were at least 3 options of tow hitch ,NATO 2inch ball and ball and pintle now when configuring a trail master only the 2inch ball is showing what's going on £600 for 2inch ball. The rear of the vechicle is drilled for NATO 2inch ball and also a 2inch...
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