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  1. T

    Towing mpg.

    Does anyone pull approximately a 2800 pound camper with their grenadier? If so what kind of mpg are you getting? I plan on pulling a camper across some remote areas and need to ensure i can get from Point a to point b on a single tank. Thanks
  2. JohnHeagney

    Towing Electrics - Caravan fridge

    Hi All, As we know the Grenadier towing electrics are set up as the Continental way that doesn’t have a live feed for a caravan fridge. My Dealer offered to do this work but today I called in to the guy who does my towball and electrics to see if he could do this as we are going away with the...
  3. K

    Towing Package?

    Are dealers now able to install the missing towing package? I heard from my dealer over a month ago (RDS outside of Philadelphia) with an estimated timing of a few weeks yet so far, I've heard nothing more. And is there truly a software upgrade that will be applied whenever the towing package is...
  4. B


    Those of us towing heavy with high towball download will generally need 50+ psi in their rear tyres to avoid over heating (outside the EU perhaps). The TPMS will only allow 49psi max cold to be set and in a warm to hot climate it does not take long for the high pressure alarm on the rear axle...
  5. Mountains4Fun

    Non-OEM Tow Adaptor / Mount / Bar

    I unfortunately didn't order the tow hitch as a factor mount and need the female portion of one for my bike rack. Is anyone else in a similar situation? I'm planning to manufacture a hitch and would be happy to make a couple, if there is interest.
  6. bikesandguitars

    Towing With The Grenadier

    Just a note to always keep a hitch extender handy when towing. I originally hooked up this trailer without an extender but the spare tire was only an inch or so from the tongue jack controller. I had to add the hitch extension and a few links of chain. I towed the camper - Airstream...
  7. ScottnAZ

    NA Trailer Brake Controller Install

    Just finished installing and testing a trailer brake controller on our NA Grenadier. Went with the Redarc EBRH-ACCV3-NA Tow-Pro Elite Electric Brake Controller; as suggested by Mark @ Redarc. This is the same unit we had on our Defender. I also needed to order a longer remote wire to move...
  8. Eric

    Towing small trailer with 13 pin electrics.

    I towed my small trailer for the first time today and found something odd and interesting, I don't believe it is a fault/issue but I am curious if anybody else has experienced it. The vehicle is fitted with the factory installed 13 pin electrics (UK/EU version) . (Vehicle built with 1946...
  9. TheDocAUS

    Towing mount (Australia) for the IG

    There has been issues around sourcing an Australian towing mount (aka towing tongue) compatible with the INEOS Grenadier. John Canny in a recent video describes his solution from Allin Towbar, a family run company based in South Australia. I have ordered one. The INEOS towing mount is not on...
  10. Matt P

    5 Year Trip in a Grenadier Across the World towing a Patriot X3 Which We Live In.

    Hi all! Hope you all had a good Christmas! I just thought I'd drop a line here about something that may be of interest. We’re doing a 5 year trip in a Grenadier across the world towing a Patriot X3 which we live in. We set off from the Grenadier pub in London in mid-July with our two young kids...
  11. TheDocAUS

    3rd party Videos Outback towing review

    Two different caravans and 4 cars (3 diesel, 1 petrol). View:
  12. H

    Actual towing experiences?

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to get a sense of how the Ineos actually tows and what the actual payload is like. We're planning on picking up a 32 foot, 6,100 lb dry weight (7,700 GVM) travel trailer and dragging it from Colorado up to Oregon. I'm hoping the Ineos will be able to handle this, if not...
  13. Fidei Defensor

    Americas US Towing Package: A Hiccup delaying delivery of the tow package (not the vehicle!).

    I got a call from my dealer, after they had a conference call with Ineos. There is a problem with the US trailer hitch package: evidently the brake and signal lights are not properly working in sequence with the vehicle lights. So the trailer hitch (Ball) itself will not be delivered, but the...
  14. F

    Has anyone added a towing hitch after?

    I'm bit unsure why but my order doesn't have the towing hitch. I'm pretty shocked by that I must have accidentally not selected it when running other options. Anyone do the same and add one after the fact? I guess so long as the framing is there it's not that hard. Just wire a harness into the...
  15. Fidei Defensor

    Q&A Americas Towing Package: What is its rating? And can we use a 2" receiver shackle adapter for towing a second vehicle?

    I have not seen a picture of the NA Class towing assembly. I "assume" we can adapt it for a receiver shackle adapter to safely attach a tow strap? It would also be good to know the safe working load for this receiver! It "may" not be enough for use with a kinetic rope for "dynamic" recovery, so...
  16. L

    Towing on long grades?

    I will be Max towing up long grades (Rocky mt passes) with a Grenadier in 2024. Do any of my friends currently towing (and braking) with a Grenadier have any engine/driveline data to share? I want to know things like engine/trans temps, braking on descent, stability at highway speeds, etc. Oil...
  17. DCPU

    Vertical Towing Interface - Rubber Universal Black Flexible Tow Receiver Tube Plug

    Just a little something to blank off the receiver as I'm actually using it and don't want muck/dust/debris building up in there. For the princely sum of £5.50:
  18. S

    Q&A Americas Flat towing

    Can the Grenadier be flat towed behind a vehicle? What is the process to accomplish this? Additionally where can a tow bar configuration be found as it relates to the towing receiver. Thank you
  19. DCPU

    Towing Electrics & Towing Socket Wiring

    So I was expecting to see something like this as standard: But I appear to be missing any terminals in 13, 5 & 6. Additionally, my permanent live is in position 7.
  20. D

    Q&A Americas Weight Distribution Hitch

    In the US, will owners be allowed to use a weight distribution hitch, or will that void warranty? Thanks!!
  21. JohnHeagney

    Towing mirrors

    Hi, Has anyone managed to buy suitable mirrors to add to the Grenadier when towing a wider trailer such as a caravan to give wider visibility? If so, please can you let me know the model? Many thanks John
  22. DCPU

    Grenadiers Towing

    Photos of Grenadiers towing ~ I think many of us have plans to use them for this. From FB (Paul Henderson), the first customer vehicle I've seen hooked up:
  23. MrMike

    Towing comparison video

    This may have been posted before-IG comes out on top nearly every time
  24. MarkH

    Caravaners / Towbar. Australia.

    Recently discovered the forum so thought I'd repost this here. It's just a heads up for those towing a van. The towbar receiver on the IG (PT02043) is around 150-170mm deep and seems to taper. My Hayman Reese hitch only slides in far enough to utilise the first pin hole. It really needs to go...
  25. C

    Towing Again

    When the configurator first appeared there were at least 3 options of tow hitch ,NATO 2inch ball and ball and pintle now when configuring a trail master only the 2inch ball is showing what's going on £600 for 2inch ball. The rear of the vechicle is drilled for NATO 2inch ball and also a 2inch...
  26. Stu_Barnes

    Caravan World Towing Video Review (Australia)

    Firstly, we tried to find a random trailer to tow-test the Grenadier. The problem was the event staff outnumbered the Press at the global launch of the hot-topic 4WD so try as we might, no mischievous plan got us what we really need to know - how does it tow? So call this a vehicle review, not a...
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