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  1. TheDocAUS

    Infotainment Console software improvements – INEOS wish-list - add your own

    Time to assist INEOS in making functional improvements to the Infotainment Firmware, based on real world use. Please add your own ideas. NIGHT MENU I would like to see a Night Menu Option, which minimises the Infotainment Console reflections in the rear windows at night. First, the Menu Option...
  2. B

    Americas Tow Package install - Software Update

    I spoke with 2 dealers last week (The one I purchased the IG from and the 1 I am having the trailer receiver sent to for Tow Package installed). They both stated that the only place the tow package is being installed and the software update is being done is at the port. Ineos has not sent the...
  3. pedrogb

    Software update- does it affect Android auto?

    Hi all. I'm heading in to local dealer for software update and some other fixes this week. Does anyone know if the software update enables wireless Android auto? I read that some of our US owners have this facility in their later issued vehicles. I have a road trip coming up. Would like to...
  4. AnD3rew

    Australasia Australia full Software update.

    Anyone in Australia had the full software update yet? Not just the head unit. Mine booked in next week but keen to hear what people’s experiences have been with the full deal Completed.
  5. Eric

    Paranoid about software issues

    I came home today after a 30 mile journey home. After 2 hours in house I just happened to look at my tracker app on my phone. It showed the vehicle was outside the house BUT ignition still on and driving at 5 mph. I shot outside and checked everything was OK, yes it was shutting down when taking...
  6. W

    Recent build - still software issues?

    Appreciate the comments regarding issues folk have had (thanks Trobex!). Here’s my experience after 3 days. Build no just shy of 9,000. At higher speeds (consciously running in so 60 mph) a noticeable whine. Not that loud but I’d prefer it wasn’t there. Dealer says typical and normal. Maybe...
  7. holdmybeer

    Rivian shows dark side of software updates

    From the company: “This is on us – we messed up. … In most cases, the rest of the vehicle systems are still operational. A vehicle reset or sleep cycle will not solve the issue.” Rivian updated their customers’ vehicles OTA (over the air) while they sat innocently in customers’ driveways. I...
  8. haigo

    Local Area Thread Krüll Hamburg - Software-Update

    Meine Anfrage betrifft den für Norddeutschland zuständigen Händler Krüll Motor Company GmbH & Co.KG, Ruhrstr.63, 22761 Hamburg Nach der E-Mail-Eilmeldung von INEOS am 26.09.2023 über das Software-Update warte ich auf einen Anruf des Krüll-Service-Teams zwecks Terminabsprache. Auf mehrfache...
  9. JohnHeagney

    Software update completed

    My Grenny was in during the week to Denton Motors, Skipton for the software update and some items that Ineos had notified them to do. Now, it is strange, no waiting for the three bongs, you can put the key in and drive away, the small display panel straight ahead is blank with no warnings, (I...
  10. Brendang

    New Software installed. And still issues

    Ok so have had the new software installed. Will be good to compare benefits and pitfalls with other users. So far the following is not fixed: 1.) Mapping and compass issues - CarPlay map still freezes, and the compass issues are still there until you drop below 30km/h 2.) Noticed the entire...
  11. joejet

    New software is now out 11th Sept 2023 (SW0000000364001946)

    So Just having a chat with the Agent and they have the new software, they are loading it on there demo car right now and hope to start loading customers cars in the next day or 2, It apparently takes 1.5 hours to load, that seems crazy.
  12. alvan

    Waiting for the software upgrade...

    Further developments and reflections on the warning lights, after the visit to my car by the Ineos technical manager for Italy. The cycle that I carry out between ignition and starting the engine is now consolidated and always successful. All alarm sources removed (doors closed, seatbelts...
  13. C

    New software /pff road pages???

    Hi All Im sure I don't have these pages on my version of software on upper LHS there are 6 bars I only get 5 bars?? is this a newer software.
  14. beg

    Software update

    Just saw on fb that someone has their car in dealers for software update going to be 4 days in dealers anyone on here ?
  15. Deepblue

    What software version on customer cars?

    Have found the info on software version in the infotainment, next to the total km driven. Mine is SW0000000353001939 Would be interested to see what version other customer cars have.
  16. Trialmaster

    Who is experiencing software or electrical gremlins?

    I am curious, those that have collected the Grenadier - how many are experiencing SOFTWARE / ELECTRICAL GREMLINS?
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