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roof rack

  1. X

    Q&A Americas Roof max load for all options

    For all the following roof cargo carrying options what are the: Max dynamic load on road? Max dynamic load off road? Max static load? please provide the above load limit for the following roof cargo carrying options that are options sold by Ineos for the Grenadier Cargo strapped directly...
  2. X

    Roof load rating downgraded in NA brochure

    I noticed now in the NA brochure that they have significantly down graded the roof load rating to 100kg static from 420kg and require you to buy the full length roof rack to achieve the previous stated load ratings. This what is in the fine print now and no mention of dynamic load rating without...
  3. Fidei Defensor

    Q&A Americas Aftermarker Roof Racks vs Warranty

    Owners manual has a statement that only the factory rack is approved as a gutter-mounted rack. Where does that leave Front Runner regarding Warranty?
  4. X

    DIY Roof rack ideas

    I was thinking this thread could be used to discuss some simple DIY roof rack ideas for the Grenadier Here is one to kick off the discussion. Since the Grenadiers roof was designed to strap cargo directly on to the roof, the simplest roof rack idea I could think of would be to use something...
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