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roof rack

  1. ChaosDogg

    Safari Windows and Full Length Roof Rack

    I installed a full length Front Runner Roof Rack ( which still allows light to come through the Safari Windows. You can no longer fully remove them, but can still open them up. I've also put a couple...
  2. G

    Eezi-Awn 3/4 length Roof Racks.

    I’ve been informed a fresh delivery of 3/4 length Eezi Awn roof racks has arrived at APB of Kidderminster. I’m heading up to have my “Special Order” roof rack fitted this coming Friday. It’ll be 100mm shorter than their standard 3/4 length offering. Some members have criticised Eezi Awn’s...
  3. A

    270 degree Foxwing awning with NO roof rack????

    Here is my first go at a build post, feel free to read and follow my process, or just skip ahead to the pictures 😉 Since seeing the original designs I was very interested in the addition of the side tie down rails on the roof of the grenadier. This with the ability for the roof to take some...
  4. FOR SALE - Ineos Full length roof rack

    For sale FOR SALE - Ineos Full length roof rack

    Selling the full length INEOS roof rack. Installed on my INEOS but hasn’t been used. In new CondItIon. Based in Sydney, Australia. $2960 when chosen as option so I am looking for offers close to that.
    or best offer
  5. G

    Eezi Awn roof racks.

    I’ve just been sent some pics of APB’s (Kidderminster) recently stocked Eezi Awn full length roof rack for the Grenadier. Having already had a good look at them whilst having my Big Country drawer system fitted, they really are a cut above the current affordable competition (no offence to...
  6. C

    Grenadier roof rack installation instructions

    Hi, is anyone able to provide a pdf with instructions for fitting the grenadier roof rack ? It has not been included in delivery of roof rack and need fitting instructions urgently. Cheers.
  7. G

    Big Country drawers from South Africa (APB)

    Hi all. I drove up from Bath to Kidderminster to APB Headquarters to check out their recently arrived set of drawers for the Grenadier. This set is the first of an initial batch of five. They’re made by Big Country, a South African outfit, apparently with many years experience in producing...
  8. E

    UK Roof rack accessories

    Hi all, Just had my rhino rack fitted by the dealer. Does anyone know a UK company that sells compatible accessories for them? I’ve seen a lot of Australian companies but nothing in the uk. Double checked front runner but not compatible I’ve been told. Thank you in advanced
  9. YellowLab

    No roof rack = a different suspension

    So heard from another member (thanks for the info!) that if you do not order the roof rack at the time of placing the order - the suspension/springs that IG specs for the vehicle is different than if you do. Apparently he was told this at a factory drive event. Has anyone else heard this or...
  10. Kruegerruda

    Roof rack better in the gutter or on the grab rails?

    Most suppliers attach the roof rack to the gutter. Thomas from the company Blacksheep Innovation has explained to us that the gutter is not intended for this. He has a design with attachment to the handles. The handles have been designed by Ineos for this. What is your opinion?
  11. Flewks

    Full Rhino Roof Rack Wind Noise

    I have a diesel Trialmaster and I’m loving it. My wife and I have both been impressed with the low noise levels in the cabin whilst cruising at 70 mph. Today we had our roof rack accessory fitted and what a difference! A loud whistling begins at 50mph and there is significant wind noise @ 70mph...
  12. Tom D

    FLATDOG UK Roof Rack and Bars.

    I now have prices from Flatdog on the roof rack that they are building for me. Pretty competitive and it looks like a quality rack. It will look very similar to the Defender one, but dimensions will be different. I’ll attach a pic of mine once its done. In the mean time a pic of the defender one...
  13. Zimm

    safari windows and roof rack...

    I was told at the test drive one could not order the safari windows and roof rack, but the configurator seems to permit me to do so. Did anyone else hear this?
  14. X

    Q&A Americas Roof max load for all options

    For all the following roof cargo carrying options what are the: Max dynamic load on road? Max dynamic load off road? Max static load? please provide the above load limit for the following roof cargo carrying options that are options sold by Ineos for the Grenadier Cargo strapped directly...
  15. X

    Roof load rating downgraded in NA brochure

    I noticed now in the NA brochure that they have significantly down graded the roof load rating to 100kg static from 420kg and require you to buy the full length roof rack to achieve the previous stated load ratings. This what is in the fine print now and no mention of dynamic load rating without...
  16. U

    Commercial Roof bars / roof rack with roller bar fitter above rear door for loading long items. e.g timber, ladders etc.

    Hi all, I have not found so far any roof rack or roof bars that have been designed for commercial, tradesmen : 1) Designed to finish at the rear of the vehicle roof line, to enable long items to be propped against vehicle clear of the actual roof line so not to cause damage, enabling loads to...
  17. Fidei Defensor

    Q&A Americas Aftermarker Roof Racks vs Warranty

    Owners manual has a statement that only the factory rack is approved as a gutter-mounted rack. Where does that leave Front Runner regarding Warranty?
  18. emax


    @Spjnr hat mich gebeten, diesen Link hier posten. Kennt das jemand? Wenn ja: zufrieden damit? Sieht aus wie Frontrunner ...
  19. X

    DIY Roof rack ideas

    I was thinking this thread could be used to discuss some simple DIY roof rack ideas for the Grenadier Here is one to kick off the discussion. Since the Grenadiers roof was designed to strap cargo directly on to the roof, the simplest roof rack idea I could think of would be to use something...
  20. DCPU

    Thule Caprock roof platform (roof rack) It does seem to sit quite high on those legs.
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