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  1. TheDocAUS


    BACKGROUND This post is in two parts. Part 1 lists possible third-party suppliers of oil filters for the INEOS Grenadier B57 Diesel Motor (the oil filter is also used on the B58). Part 2 looks at some third-party oil filter available in Australia. It summarises some basic features with a view...
  2. Tarheel

    Oil and Filter deal

    Autozone has 5qt Mobil1 5w-30 ESP (meets BMW LL04 specs) and STP filter S90186XL bundles for $37.99
  3. Grapa

    First oil change

    How many miles to do the first oil change? The manual says at 12.000…. It seems a little to far for me. Usually, my other cars (land cruiser 200, G wagen) had a break in period and oil change at 1.000 miles. Thanks
  4. Chadd7

    Crap, I have some kind of an oil leak!

    I have just under 2000 miles on my US delivery and I just spotted some clear odorless oil on my garage floor. This picture is taken from the front. The four dirt spots are where the tires usually rest and you see the oil spots in the center in relation to the tires. This is where I think it's...
  5. TheDocAUS

    General Anyone using the MMR Performance Lifetime Oil Change Service Kit for the BMW B58 / B57?

    In the Kit is a magnetic oil sump plug, Billet Oil Filter Housing and a reusable stainless steel oil filter. Details here. The OEM oil filter had had a reputation for failing, when used in BMW models. FYI: INEOS Part numbers for the diesel motor here. Other kits just have just the stainless...
  6. TNT647

    Can BMW mechanics do oil change

    Just wanted to see if any members has experience with getting oil change or transmission fluid change from a BMW dealership or BMW shop? I live 5 hours from an INEOS dealership…
  7. squarebale

    Anyone else have a strong oil smell through the cabin vents when stopped?

    Hello all! I have a Trialmaster with less than 1000 miles on it. I've been experiencing a strong oil / diff fluid smell through the cabin vents whenever I come to a stop. The smell becomes somewhat more intense after the vehicle is warmed up and dissipates quickly as soon as I drive off...
  8. F

    Petrol/Gas Who’s running LL04 oil?

    I ran the first 200 miles on 0w20 then when to Pennzoil Platinum Euro L (LL04) 5w30 for the next 1000 miles. Drained and went to (LL04 LL01) QuakerState Euro 5w40. Oil temps are well within range and the engine runs way smoother than with 0w20. Anyone else made the switch? I’m going to do a...
  9. F

    General What is the socket size for the oil filter?

    Going to do my change tomorrow
  10. F

    Petrol/Gas What oil filter does the B58 use?

    The owners manual sucks at having anything specific. Talks about when to change the oil but doesn’t tell you how. I know where the drain plug is and I can see the filter housing under the hood but what’s the filter that goes in the housing?
  11. F

    Anyone have experience with FCPeuro for oil changes and mx?

    I'm reading where people are saying you can get products for life. Not sure how they pull it off. But for instance you can do oil changes and all you do is ship back your used oil to get more. Would really change how I view going about things.
  12. F

    Petrol/Gas US Oil for B58 Engines

    ***If anyone see's something here I need to be corrected on please let me know! I'm no expert :) **** I've been doing quite a bit of digging and questioning of the B58 guys in BMW forums. I really feel the powerplant's oil recommendations need to be region specific. I'm still going through...
  13. emax

    Motor oil change instructions and parts?

    Does anybody have the original motor oil change instructions and part numbers? Anything special to obey?
  14. Tom D

    Oil temp missing on petrol model? Or just US model?

    So I saw this video and about 5 minutes in it shows the off road temperature screen. On my car there are readouts for engine oil, gearbox oil and T case oil. On the video they were missing the engine oil temp. Anyone know why? I’m in intrigued as to why. I’m fairly sure that the petrol loan car...
  15. C

    B58 Oil filter housing torque setting ?

    Hi All As I"m going to be changing my oil soon does the hive mind know the B58 Oil filter housing torque setting ? as I can't get any info out of INEOS. Thanks in anticipation .
  16. Lollo050968

    Missing second Oil level (offroad)

    I try to check the Oil level today (Petrol Engine) Level 1 (street) OK, Level 2 (Offroad) not possible to display… Another permanent Software issue
  17. C

    Oil types and capacity.

    Hi All here is an attachment from Ineos re the type and capacity of fluids/oils for the Grenadier intestinally they mention an hydraulic winch they also don't spec the axle oil either.
  18. Stu_Barnes

    Q&A Americas Will non IA branded parts be acceptable, ie BMW oil filter?

    Will non IA branded parts be acceptable, ie BMW oil filter?
  19. emax

    Analytic video from Christian - LR Time

    I recommend watching the latest video from LR Time. Christian presents a very thorough and accurate analysis of some Discovery engine problems and their causes. I think it is interesting for everyone who drives a car of this class, as all these engines face the same challenges. For the...
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