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  1. C

    Camera Car

    I saw this on the Bronco forums and thought I would share. Basically my current off-road rig filming my future off-road rig.
  2. ADVAW8S

    QM Car Magazine UK review

    Good article, biggest takeaway, they liked it slightly better than the Grenadier. Complemented it on the better ride and steering.
  3. parb

    Car cover?

    I need to park the car outside due to it being too tall for my garage. I have a bunch of trees where i park my cars and tree sap is a fact of life... Can anyone recommend some car covers for the grenadier for outdoor use? Northern California so no snow required but it can get hot here. Something...
  4. N

    Leaking Safari Roof and Door Seals Flooding The Car And other Leaks and Problems

    I wanted to share my latest experience as an owner with safari roof windows. I have had the car 6 weeks and it has 700 miles on the clock. Drooping Seals and Water Inside the Car I have the drooping and failing adhesive door seal issue on the front doors. I also had the issue where after heavy...
  5. Solmanic

    Car Ninja - No Freon in Grenadier's AC?

    Came across this video by Johnny the Car Ninja, one of the menagerie of people connected to the Hoovie's Garage channel. The Grenadier with an AC issue starts at 6:45... View:
  6. T

    My car ...

    is on the truck. Coming this week to COS. :) So HI, I'm a joiner.
  7. Marco De Santis

    Water inside the rear part of the car

    Anyone have noticed the presence of "running water" inside the rear part of the car? I'll explain better, every time I make a tight turn or a roundabout I ear water slushing around from the rear of the car, like having a bath tub underneath the rear floor of the bonnet. I have watched the car...
  8. JRD

    Seattle - Car At Port

    Got the call I have been waiting for. Elliot Bay Auto Brokers called to let me know my car arrived last week at the Port of Tacoma. Ordered a Scotish White Fieldmaster. Can't wait to my hands on it. So far the dealership has been great.
  9. Rupert

    Apple Car Play suddenly stop working? Here's a possible fix!

    Worked flawlessly one minute and no good the next. I went through all the steps I could to try to remedy it and no dice. The next morning I went out to the dealership and the Service manager hopped in the truck and went through all the steps I had already attempted on my own. We did it a...
  10. Shorty

    Powering fridge external to the car

    Question for those wiser than I with 12V electrics. When I camp somewhere for a few days, I'd like to be able to remove my Waeco (Dometic) 50L fridge from the vehicle, and keep it near the camp kitchen, under some shade, or under the tent awning. My car has the factory dual battery option and...
  11. stickshifter

    3rd party Videos Best 4x4 - What Car?

    In this video they put the Grenadier up against the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon - mostly dirt hill-climbs. They also run the Defender and Ranger Raptor on the same hills: View:
  12. Trialmaster

    Americas Really enjoyable Youtube Video from "The FAST LANE CAR"

    I am guessing Adam has posted this elsewhere already, if so I apologise. Krabby or Stu, please move as appropriate or delete. But what a fantastic, real world and positive review. I really enjoyed witnessing the positives as well as few negatives. Sorry to see that the screen had cracked...
  13. Stu_Barnes

    Kids car seats and a Trialmaster

    I remember a few prospective owners being concerned about the space in the back for kids car seats. Here’s a few pics of today, excuse the mess but this vehicle is lived in already ;) Graco booster seat. Passenger seat set for 6” co-driver with plenty of legroom and pretty high up...
  14. Grapa

    infotainment stays on

    I notice the infotainment system (music, radio, car play etc) can be use even with out the physical key inserted and the car turned off. Is there a way to shut down the infotainment or resetting this default issue? thanks
  15. Jeremy996

    CAR magazine December 2023 Giant Test

    My new copy of CAR magazine has just landed with a Giant Test of the LR Defender, IA Grenadier and Ford Ranger Wildtrack. (Too big to attach; I've sent the file for Stu to apply some magic, which he has done - Yipeee!)
  16. lagartoboy

    My U.S. car built in July

    My dealer called me and said my vehicle was built in July and they are told US customers should expect delivery Q1. Guidance from Grenadier was November or December. Maybe dealers are just giving wiggle room in their communication. I do have concerns that my vehicle will be stored outside for...
  17. emax

    Worldwide Car Park Directory

    @macstech has made me ware of a worldwide car park directory where you can filter by height. After entering your destination (City), a “Filter” button will appear at the bottom. Klick the button to filter by drive-through height and other criteria. Link: Thanks...
  18. emax

    No Overlanding: Worlwide Car Park Directory Search With "Height" Filtering

    This is not off road but on road related - but I havan't found a closer match where to post it. @macstech has made me aware of a worldwide car park directory where you can search for parkages by maximum height. That's exactly what we need for such big cars like our Grenadiers. After entering...
  19. BlackforrestGrenadier

    Anodized Aluminum - color change after car wash

    Hi together, I know this problem got addressed on some Facebook groups. I’m on an off-road trip in Italy and used the local car wash. Seconds after I used the foam, the color of the anodized parts changed. Is this very common and does somebody have a short term and permanent fix? Thanks
  20. F

    Which Car Should Go?

    This is a bit tangential to the “What’s everyone driving…?” thread so I started another to ask for some well considered and balanced advice? I have a two car garage currently occupied by a 2010 120,000km auto diesel Skoda Superb wagon and a 2007 44,000km manual RX8. Which one should go to make...
  21. DCPU

    Europe Car Subscription?

    Apparently available immediately... "Car subscription is a new way of getting on the road, which eliminates the long term commitment of car financing, and the unexpected costs that come with car ownership. We do this by giving you the freedom to swap, return or extend your car subscription from...
  22. das mo

    (The battery and monitor thread )Car dead in the middle of the woods

    Hi all. Car is dead. Battery was at 50% 2 hours back. We now packed all together and car does not start. Is there an Ineos support hotline I can call on a Sunday? Thanks
  23. C

    Car Wash Mode

    Hi All After watching Ingmar's video about tips and tricks I thought I would see if I could power the NATO socket when in "car wash mode" and the answer is yes you can but as the vehicle is essentially in neutral it bongs when you open the door however you can have the rear doors open without...
  24. Krabby

    Getting paid when your car breaks

    VinFastJust saw this and found it quite fascinating.
  25. R

    Safety rating/ car seats

    Hello all, I have planned a build, and set up a registration. Our plan is to use this as the family road trip/ camping/ overlanding rig. Eventually maybe towing a small overlanding trailer. My question is this: Has anybody seen safety specs? I have googled them, but nothing readily comes up...
  26. Jean Mercier

    WIFI signal of the car

    I knew the Grenadier had a WIFI signal, Apple Car Play uses this together with Bluetooth, for wireless connection of the iPhone. But, anyone connected to it with an Android phone? Does anyone know what the password is?
  27. emax

    Need a new status banner: I got my car :-)

    Collected my car this afternoon at Krah + Enders. And I am happy. I drove 50 km home. Partly in rush hour traffic - stop & go, 30 km was highway. Speed there 100 to 145 Km/h, some minor acceleration tests, driving style rather reckless in terms of economy. Result 12,4 l/100 km. Ok imo, and will...
  28. Jean Mercier

    Build Thread @Jean Mercier Build thread

    When I travel, I like to hide my luggage, even if it isn’t very valuable (tent, clothes, beer, etc.) That's why I have optioned the tinted privacy glass. But I want a trunk cover. I decided to build a temporary one myself. My prerequisites: cheap light fast to build because I will travel soon...
  29. R

    Car or Truck?

    So; light-hearted topic time, what’s the consensus: Is the Grenadier a car or a truck (this should probably be a poll but I can’t figure out how to do that I’m afraid)?
  30. O

    Grenadier Infant Seat/Car Seat fit?

    Now that we are starting to see customer cars, has anyone been able to fit a infant bucket, or typical convertible toddler car seat into the Grenadier? I have seen some photos and videos of the interior, that make it seem like the rear seats are quite cramped. As a tall driver, space in the...
  31. DaBull

    Q&A Americas Is Sirius Radio built into the infotainment system or will you need Apple Car Play or Android to access it.

    Will the infotainment system have Sirius radio built in so that you can get a subscription and use it without Apple Car Play or Android or will you only be able to access it through Apple Car Play or Android. DaBull
  32. Stu_Barnes

    Car and driver (USA)

    INEOS Grenadier Pricing to Start at $73,100 The BMW-powered throwback SUV is priced to take on the vehicle that inspired it, the Land Rover Defender.
  33. Halliwell Jones Chester

    Chester races chase car

    Well today was interesting, first time the Grenadier was used as the chase car at the races. Very difficult conditions wet grass turning to mud, and if any of you know Chester racecourse you’ll know it’s a constant turn so very difficult to keep up with horses flying along at 35-40mph. Glad to...
  34. emax

    My car arrived at the agent. Don't worry - be happy?

    Yesterday I "visited" my car at the agent. I have taken some photographs. You find my comments directly in the pictures. The first part is just informative.
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