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  1. Tony H

    UK Charity Event, Sunday 5th May 2024 UK

    5th May 2024, Don’t Forget! The Grenadier Owners from the UK would like to invite all owners & enthusiasts, including aftermarket suppliers both small & large to this FREE Charity event on Sunday 5th May 2024 here at Elveden Estate, Thetford, on the Norfolk/Suffolk border in the UK between...
  2. Offroad-Tec

    Offroad-Tec new products in February 2024

    We have spent a lot of time in the developent of new products for the Greni! We can use our experiences of the last 16 years producing LR Defender/ Jeep Wrangler/ Toyota LC parts. All our products are handcrafted - here in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern/ Germany! We are happy about our new customers...
  3. Tony H

    5th May 2024, A date for your diary!

    Come & talk to the INEOS Automotive team, see what the future holds? Come & chat to Ineos mechanics & get advice on your Grenadier? Got any pressing questions for our professional off road instructors from Explore 4X4, or go for a drive on their off road course through the forests of Elveden...
  4. Stu_Barnes

    Motor Sport Grenadier Review 2024 (UK)

    2024 Ineos Grenadier review Does the Ineos Grenadier fill the hole left by the pre-2020 Defender? After a week with the 4x4 Andrew Frankel gives his verdict
  5. RBM

    2024 model vs 2023

    hi everyone, I am currently considering to place the order for either: 1. 2024 model with 400W power take off, plus few new assisted steering/ driving additions 2. 2023 model 10% less expensive additionally, all new extras are +17% more expensive to add on vs 2023 pre-set alternatives I could...
  6. Stu_Barnes

    January 2024 Photo Contest

    Submit photos any time you like but the earlier the better, submissions start the 1st of the month, ish, until the last day of the month. Photos can be resubmitted, community responce will let you know if you're flogging a dead horse. More than one photo can be submitted by each member but in...
  7. Coullabus

    Meet in Scotland 2024…?

    Coullabus A question for anyone living in, or around, Scotland - is there any interest in a ‘meet’ sometime this year? I’m thinking a day/half day somewhere where we could drink tea (or something more Scottish?) and a bull session? Not necessarily a serious off roady type event. Just a chance...
  8. TheDocAUS

    KAON in Australia to develop INEOS products in 2024

    For Australian owners, KAON is coming back on board in 2024 to develop products for the INEOS. They have been No, then Yes, then No (after the new Prado was announced) and now Yes again. Updated via Ben Neville from Aussie FB page. They will develop a rear roof shelf, side molle panels and a...
  9. Offroad

    2024 ADAS Issue and Work Around (USA)

    As far as I know, this is a USA Only Issue and Specific to the ADAS System in the 2024 Model. Feel free to skip the Background editorial and go to the Solution! Background I was lucky enough to have an early delivery and picked my Grenadier up on Nov 27th. Scottish White (Love it!), Leather...
  10. lagartoboy

    Meet up for solar eclipse in Texas Hill Country April 8, 2024?

    I am in Austin TX and was thinking about organizing a Grenadier drive through the Texas Hill Country which is in the path for the total solar eclipse April 8,2024. That also happens to be prime time for wildflower viewing. At this point I want to gauge interest. Organizing the drive is easy...
  11. emax

    Vital Info Nach dem Treffen ist vor dem Treffen

    Es sollte auch 2024 ein Treffen geben. Hierzu steht der Vorschlag im Raum, das zusammen mit dem Defender Treffen zu machen, zu dem wir als "Partner" herzlich eingeladen sind. Ich persönlich finde das eine tolle Idee, denn viele von uns sind ja auch Defender begeistert. Und "Defender" bedeutet...
  12. Mohs 9

    Local Area Thread MJ 2024 Assistenzsysteme

    Es gibt ja wohl ab MJ 2024 Assistenzsysteme für Geschwindigkeit Spurhalten Notbremsen Ausmerksamkeit Werden die eigentlich schon produziert? Überlicherweise fangen die Hersteller ja mit dem neuen Modelljahr schon im Herbst an. Ist schon mal einer von euch einen mit diesen Assistenzsystemen...
  13. Tony H

    The Great Grenadier Charity Show Sunday 5th May 2024

    At Elveden Estate (What3words ///yappy.nanny.member) on the Norfolk/Suffolk boarder, UK is Just a mile from Centre Parcs. FREE to all including Companies who might like to showcase their Grenadier related products, all we are asking is donations with profits going to the NHS & Emergency Service...
  14. Tony H

    The Great Grenadier Charity Show 5th May 2024 (Organised by Grenadier Owners

    The Great Grenadier Charity Show 5th May 2024 Organised by Grenadier Owners for all Grenadier owners & enthusiasts throughout the world this Not for Profit event will bring together the community in aid of local NHS & Emergency services charities. Come visit the Elveden Estate where you can...
  15. MileHigh

    Feb 22 reservation and an April 2024 build date….

    I’m either Doc, Grumpy, Dopey, Bashful, Sleepy, or Sneezy because I’m not Happy. Got a call from my dealer, Red Noland in The Springs. Nice guy, went over the order and then dropped the bomb- “4 of 24 build date”- I’m like as in April of 24????? Yep. So much for a Q4 build and delivery this...
  16. Barttraeger

    Mercedes G Wagon Build stop from Q1 2024

    Just read this in the German press; I guess Ineos Automotive are rather happy with that decision!
  17. Tony H

    Don't tell Sir Jim, but Something's happening in 2024!

    Don't tell Sir Jim, but Something's happening in 2024!
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