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  1. emax

    PDC/Park Distance Control, permanent warning when reversing

    I had my car at the agent for some issues to solve, one of which was the PDC sensor rear right. It produced a permanent alarm when reversing. When I got my car back after 10 days (there were more things to do), they told me the PDC problem was solved. It isn't. When reversing the same shit...
  2. S

    Sporadic Single Click (warning sound) - any ideas?

    I recently took ownership of an INEOS Grenadier. I am experiencing sporadic and random single clicks (warning sound) and cannot determine the reason. I have the Over Speed warning on the FAV button so disable every time I start up. Plus the PDC and Input Sound are off. It is not the obvious lane...
  3. Efatl

    Rattle/knocking sound up front

    I just received my IG a week ago today and all was fine until yesterday. Sun/Mon I drove 450 miles with no issues. When I drove it on Tuesday, a strange rattle started and is there every time I drive. It is not constant and seems to be provoked by left hand turns. Yet, it is not during every...
  4. DaBull


    SOUND SYSTEM EQUALIZER TUNING FOR THE GRENADIER I am no stereo or sound system expert other than knowing what I like to hear. I have found the existing Grenadier sound system including speakers to produce very nice sound/music, however it sounded a bit flat. I went to the equalizer settings...
  5. mlagren23

    Americas Please por favor change the existing electric buzzer sound for a mellow Star Trekish warning that is reassuring and kind to the soul. All in favor? .

    Here is what you can do INEOS. Change that overspeed electric buzzer heart attack inducing sound to a...
  6. Jayp

    Rear seat clicking sound

    My rear passenger seat makes a clicking sound when anyone sits in that spot. The middle seat, and seat behind drivers seat are fine. When you put a small amount of back pressure on the back, I think the rear plastic on the back of the seat bulges out making a clicking or popping sound. It was...
  7. newgrennyowner

    How to Adjust Bass

    Alright, stupid question, but how do I adjust the bass? I’ve looked through the owners manual. I see the equalizer but not the bass. Specifically, the bass seems too high at most volumes, so I keep the volume lower than I’d like.
  8. O

    CarPlay/Siri Activation Sound Control?

    When I hold down the microphone button on the steering wheel I can see the visual indication on the touchscreen that Apple’s ‘Siri’ has begun to listen for a command, but I no longer hear the audible ‘ding’. Which setting on the touchscreen controls volume for CarPlay activation responses...
  9. J

    Americas Radio and sound system

    Got a new US build about a week ago and I love it. I can’t figure out the radio though. Is it possible to set and view favorite XM radio stations? For the life of me I cannot figure it out. I did find today that you can adjust the subwoofer settings on the sub and make it sound a lot better.
  10. RobP

    Added a 12" sub to my "premium" sound

    As has been discussed, the premium sound option in the US is nothing more than a 6"x8" sub/amp combo mounted under the rear passenger seat. It's the weakest part of the audio system (to my ears) and I miss the thump of a real subwoofer. I enjoy doing my own installations and this was one was...
  11. L

    Low speed metallic screeching sound?

    Had an alarming noise happen multiple times this weekend in warmer weather — see attached video. It’s a metallic-y screeching sound when I slow down (and happens whether or not my foot is in the brake). But then it goes away once at a complete stop (this all happened during city driving). Any...
  12. M

    Vehicle Infotainment System (Media Headunit) - Entertainment and sound service - Multi Functional Steering-Wheel Knobs, CCI Control-Knob, etc.

    There are about 2-3 Variants ; MA, MC, MD,.. Manufacturer: Neusoft Group (Dalian) Co., Ltd. - China Model: INM2004MA (or INM2004MC) NCA E. No.: 7E6-M1-X32-SRD Freq: 2400-2483.5 MHz, 5180-5240 MHz; SRD: 5745-5825 MHz; GNSS: 1559-1610 MHz; FM: 87.5-108 MHz; DAB: 174-240 MHz; AM; 526.5-1606.5 kHz...
  13. nuclearbeef

    Boomy sound from rear

    Seems the rear of the truck is very "boomy" going over rough pavement. Even expansion joints in the concrete cause a "boom" in the passenger compartment. Has anyone found the source of the sound or a fix? My Troopy was very similar. A little insulation on the ceiling and floor knocks 90% of...
  14. Jeffrey

    The Train Whistle Sound

    Haven't read anything about this here. Two weeks into ownership, now there is a train whistle sound a few seconds after I open a door and appear to be entering. Don't know what the vehicle is trying to tell me. Engine is off. Nothing seems wrong. WTF??
  15. chrsbe

    General Gurgeling sound behind dash?

    What causes the gurgeling sound behind the dash? Is it the aircon fluid? It sounds like there is air in the system to me. Am i right with my assumption that the air-condition is missing fluid?
  16. hoohoohama

    Remote key pressing lock or unlock- High pitch beep sound

    I noticed that with the engine shutoff, after pressing lock or unlock button from the remote key, my grenadier makes a very high pitch beeping sound that lasts 5 or 10 seconds. Wondering if this is normal or anyone else noticing the same issue.
  17. Tazzieman

    Sloshing sound discovered!

    Not long after I picked up my vehicle in early November I noticed a sloshing sound on the RHS. My Grenadier has a safari roof leak on the opposite side , however there was water under the RHS floor rubber - which I dried , and it's remained dry since. The roof doesn't leak and I don't have the...
  18. alvan

    Cra-Cra, annoying sound from the rear...

    For a while (not from the beginning) I have been hearing a sort of light, metallic cra-cra around the exhaust/rear various protections area. It appears when the gear is a little high compared to the speed and therefore it is certainly a resonance. At first I thought I had solved the problem by...
  19. T

    Americas Custom Equalizer Settings-Premium Sound

    Has anyone messed with the equalizer on the custom settings? Any recommendations?
  20. Offroad

    Americas Public Service Announcement for Grenadiers with Premium Sound Package

    Picked up my Grenadier a few weeks ago. The sound was never right, even after trying to adjust the subwoofer under the rear seat. But I just thought it was typically average car audio and left it alone. Flash forward to yesterday with my friend's new Grenadier. He didn’t have any bass at...
  21. ChaosDogg

    Sound Deadening

    I added some sound deadening (Stage 1 only) to my Diesel Trialmaster. So far it "seems" quieter, but that could just be my brain trying to compensate for all the effort it took to get this done. Road noise seems to be not as sharp and a bit more dulled, I definitely hear the turbo whine a bit...
  22. Andras

    Petrol/Gas Petrol B58 strange sound at idle

    Dear all, I’m proud owner of a petrol Trialmaster with 2500km on the odo. I do have a strange ticking sound from the engine at idle that I find disturbing. Went to the dealer who told me it could be a valve or a solenoid, but no worries it is all ok. Anyone having similar experience/noises...
  23. MunichMax

    Strange Sound from the Drivetrain

    On occasion I get a strange rattle sound when the transmission is shifting down. Sometimes the rattle even continues after shifting down and continues for a while... I managed to take a video last time. it does not occur every time. hard to say what is the trigger... Anyone else had this, too...
  24. Jean Mercier

    Bell sound when bouncing on something

    Wondering if everybody has this sound. Speed isn't important, it is the importance of the bouncing, I had it at lower speeds too. YouTube video here. I think it is the stabilisation stuff (don't know the technical name) in front of the car, View:
  25. N

    Permanent warning sound!

    Hi, I have a permanent warning sound. Even if I lock the car, it does not stop. First time that this happens. Just started the car and then the warning sound started. No warning symbols in the display visible. Any ideas how to solve?
  26. Blackbox88

    Upgrade to the sound system

    Note: @Stu_Barnes / @Krabby I think I have put this thread in the wrong forum section. Could you move it to the correct or else delete it sorry about that. Hi All, Not my video but just found this one on the Tube --> credits to Studio Incar In the beginning they discuss shortly the factory...
  27. Shale Rider

    Seatbelt warning sound

    Does anyone know if its possible to switch off the seatbelt warning sound or am I being thick? I read on Clarksons review (below) that one of the overhead switches can be used to turn the seatbelt bonger off - be damned if I can find it though!!! Or is it automatic in off-road mode? Your help...
  28. das mo

    Permanent warning sound

    I have that warning piep sound. Someone had that before. What is the fix?
  29. Eric.S.

    Removing door panels/ color of the speaker wires

    Hello everyone;) Small question, has anyone already tried to dismantle the door panel or do you know what colours the cables from the speakers have? I would like to improve my sound system a little, I find the originals terrible... In the B column you would also have to get to the cables without...
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