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  1. Rupert

    Part numbers and price for RAI panel

    OK, I picked up my replacement panel for the removal of the RAI. I have included photos of the invoices (redacted to protect my privacy, LOL) and also the part. I have a question though to anyone that has ever served in the military. I was initially reluctant to install this on Rupert as I...
  2. S

    Local Area Thread We buy any car!

    Has anyone put their reg number into We Buy any Car ? I did just out of curiosity and my 9 month old Trialmaster with only 1000 miles on the clock was valued at £43,000, I guess all large 4x4's prices are beign dragged down by the Rangerover/Landrover valuations crash.
  3. YellowLab

    Sticker Price

    Given that we are a captive audience that the dealers did not earn, is anyone contemplating offering below sticker when they pick up their vehicle? I'm paying cash so the dealer would not make anything on the financing - but they are certainly making a few $ when they install accessories we...
  4. W

    Q&A Americas Lease price expectation?

    I am curious what would be a rough lease price on Grenadier. Assuming that vehicle price is ~ $88K, $0 to 3K down, 36 month, 10K miles / year. Does anyone have a rough guess on it?
  5. Paco Garcia

    Rumors of upcoming price hike

    Today the distributor told me that a new price increase is planned for the beginning of Autumn, has anyone else heard anything about it?
  6. YellowLab

    Full size Rhino Rack - does the price feel right?

    Looking at the Rhino Rack full size option - looks like the Pioneer model - those run about $1200 USD - does anyone else feel like the $2K price has some major mark up? That price does not include what the dealer will charge to install as that is extra.
  7. O

    Price on Configurator Site

    When I add the prices of the individual options (not accessories) to that of the vehicle, the total does not agree with that shown on the summary line in the Configurator. Am I missing something?
  8. J

    Q&A Americas Final Price

    Final Price. I just pre-ordered a Grenadier in the U.S. However, there is some language in the terms & conditions that scare me. Seem to indicate the final price, EVEN FOR RESERVATION HOLDERS, is determined by the dealer! If true, the dealer can tack on any mark-up they want ($10K, 20K, etc.) I...
  9. G

    Pre increase price list

    Hi, Does anyone have the UK pre-price increase list? I have just had my contract to sign and it is not correct. The prices are not all shown plus I think an accessory is missing. I called the help line and just wasted 15 minutes and they were useless.
  10. emax

    Locked in: I signed my (wrong) contract.

    It is the first time in my life that I signed an obviously wrong contract. - Version 1 had a price that was about 2000€ too high and had a wrong option list: A roof rack that I never ordered. - Version 2 has the correct option list, but still a price a bit too high: 118,99€. Half a dozen mails...
  11. Stu_Barnes

    US Price Expectation

    There have been a lot of conversations recently about the expected price for the USA market. I think that the pricing has been pretty much decided on for the market at this point by IA. This is not the price you want or are willing to pay, but the price you think IA will launch at. So lets...
  12. inky_black


    In the press section of the Ineos website, the new prices can already be viewed if you have a password. It looks as if another price increase will be announced soon. Unfortunately, I do not have a password but I would be interested in the prices. Is there anyone in the forum who can provide the...
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