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  1. Matiassebastian

    Europe Contract is not arriving...

    Hi everybody. My Grenadier is been sitting at the dealer for almost 2 weeks now, it's ready for delivery but the contract and payment request has never been sent. The deals says (and it sounds accurate) that Ineos needs to send me the contract and that hasn't happened yet, that can't do...
  2. G

    Australasia Contract

    Contract signing trouble, first contract cancelled due to order being wrong, next order, car is in the country a trialmaster similar specs to original order but with the correct engine, I've had three contract resets you get 3 goes at putting your numbers in it fails every time I'm getting sick...
  3. S

    Contract signing

    Long story short , I cancelled my ineos order , got my £2.5k deposit back . Regretted it the moment I done it. But just got a email for signing my contract again , even though I haven't paid the deposit, what would happen if I signed it ?
  4. F

    Advice on cancelling contract

    Good day, I had communicated to my dealership that I wanted to have my deposit returned, and would stick with my Defender. Unfortunately, today I have just received the contract for signing. Any advice, from those that have been here before please, as to how best to terminate the contract and...
  5. MattG

    Australasia South Australia Grenadier orders - Anyone?

    Hey all, I’m in Adelaide, South Australia and am eagerly awaiting ANY update from IA on my order, that I placed almost a year ago in July 2022. Just wondering if anyone else has placed an order, received a contract or been notified by IA regarding shipping, delivery or handover of their vehicle...
  6. BD1

    Q&A Americas What is the contract process when the reservation is 'handed over' to the dealer in the US?

    What is the contract process when the reservation is 'handed over' to the dealer in the US? I assume we will sign a contract with our dealer. I read our reservation $ will be refunded to us.
  7. OzyGrenie

    Australasia Contract signing - major issues

    CONTRACT NOW VOID Could you guys imagine when I finally recieved an email to say "Contract Signing" click here? Got my heart pumping! You guys need to know these instructions below in italics as is fundamental prior to hitting button to sign contract. Well I clicked the linked ( twice) it...
  8. Craig

    Australasia How long for contract signing?

    How long does it take for the contract signing to come through? I am in WA and ordered on May 1st.
  9. Nocrays

    Australasia WA Contracts and Deliveries

    Well after an agonizing 1 year and 8 days from ordering - the Contract arrived this evening. One small issue in the accessories but looks like im moving forward a square! Happy days.
  10. JohnHeagney

    Honesty from Ineos Automotive please….

    Along with the majority on this excellent Forum, I am eagerly awaiting my Grenadier. I believe that what Ineos Automotive has achieved in a relatively short space of time is truly amazing and the Grenadier is without doubt a brilliant piece of design and engineering that has been brought...
  11. emax

    Europe Locked in: I signed my (wrong) contract.

    It is the first time in my life that I signed an obviously wrong contract. - Version 1 had a price that was about 2000€ too high and had a wrong option list: A roof rack that I never ordered. - Version 2 has the correct option list, but still a price a bit too high: 118,99€. Half a dozen mails...
  12. emax

    Europe Contract arrived - but faulty

    Just got my contract email. The price is, including VAT, 1797.74 € higher than it should be according to my order. After digging through the accessories list (which does by the way not contain any prices ...) it turned out, that there is a "Full-length Roof Rack - Platform" and the...
  13. tartan shepherd

    Those who have signed a contract - Courtesy Vehicle

    Any mention in the contract as to what you would be offered if your car is off the road due to warranty claim, spare parts delay, etc. Due to lack of vehicles I doubt we'll be offered a Grenadier but will it be relatively comparable..stay a pick up.....?
  14. grenadierboy

    Australasia Contract 7 Day Deadline

    I already received my contract. As many know, INEOS asks that I sign it and return wiithin 7 days. Has anyone gone through the process of NOT responding to INEOS with a signed contract within 7 days? Were you able to get INEOS to agree an extension in signing time? Is there a risk that INEOS...
  15. Bobby Mac

    Australasia Brisbane Australia - Contract at Last

    After being an “Early Hand Raiser” and making a reservation 30 Sep 2021 and placing an order 18 May 22, my contract finally arrived last nigh 24 Feb 2023! …. and it all appears to be correct‼️ Trying to moderate my excitement as anything can happen, and as an old sick bugger hoping I can last...
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