James Ratcliffe...spent well over £650m...


Founding Guard
I'm always amused by the headlines from various corporate media outlets on these things, as so many folks just read the headline and move on.

This headline is framed that Sir Jim has "failed" for a third year in a row; its not stating it outright but that's the implication here. And yet....of COURSE they've lost money. They aren't selling anything yet really and have only just started taking reservations.

Thankfully Ineos has been pretty engaged with their potential customers, so those who are getting one, get it (for the most part) by now. That direct-to-consumer, transparent development approach (via the road shows, YouTube vids, etc.) are a great way to set the narrative themselves in contrast to whatever interests a media outlet might have (or less conspiratorially, whatever interests an individual author who might be a JLR fanboy might have).