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  1. F

    Camping 🏕️

    Thoroughly enjoyed a weekend of camping with the Grenadier and our Penpod trailer. Dry run for a week of driving through France soon. First time towing with the Grenadier and it’s absolutely great as a towing platform.
  2. A

    New Grenadier Trialmaster Owner (Soon!) - Overlanding, Sand Dunes & Reliability (Saudi Arabia)

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and excited to be part of the Grenadier community! I'm in Saudi Arabia and very interested in buying a Grenadier. I've already spoken with a local dealer. My Grenadier Use Case: My main interest is using it for overlanding and recreational activities, which...
  3. Rupert

    Build Thread Rupert's Overlanding Build

    As I am anxious about the delivery of my Trialmaster tomorrow, I am also contemplating and planning the build. Please feel free to subscribe to my build thread for ideas and the like. First, as I mentioned I am taking delivery tomorrow of my slate blue Trialmaster with oxford white top. Mods...
  4. LeeroyJ

    Build Thread LeeroyJ's Overlanding Build

    Hello I'm Tim (aka LeeroyJ and Hawg) and this thread is where I will detail the build-out of my Grenadier. This will be a work in progress so I'll update this thread as I build my IG. About me: I live near Phoenix Arizona where I recently relocated. I spent most of the past 20 years...
  5. MileHigh

    Overlanding/Camping why attached to SUV?

    When it comes to SUVs, I understand the awnings and the cargo area kitchens on slide outs. When it comes to sleeping tents, the ones on top make maybe sense to me to keep wildlife at a bit of a stand-off. But especially when it comes to tents, is there some legality that makes it better to...
  6. ninetubes

    Build Thread @ninetubes - overlanding build - western australia

    I collected my donny grey TM diesel in July 2023 to replace my old 2016 defender 90 (i still miss it dearly). I spec'd it without the sunroofs as i have a roof rack, and without the bar/winch as I'd prefer to see what comes up aftermarket. Over the last few months I've been busy learning about...
  7. globalgregors

    Overlanding in standard spec

    Just got back to Sydney, having racked up approximately 17,400kms. Corrugations, forest, coastal sand and desert tracks, a couple of river crossings and a LOT of tarmac. Only serious fault was a Steering Control Module failure noted elsewhere on the Forum. This coincidentally occurred within...
  8. Bodhi’s Grenadier

    Good morning from sunny south OC California

    Good morning all! Just took delivery of our grenadier the day before Xmas eve! Super excited to start overlanding and camping with my wife and 5 year old son. Anybody else in the south OC area?
  9. sefch

    Building the dream Grenadier Overlander

    Hi all, I plan to build my next Dream-Overlander based on the Quartermaster - here are some mockups. ➡️ Anyone out there who has similar ideas or could contribute some inspiration for the build? 🤩 Always happy to share and learn.
  10. bigleonski

    Early Overlanding - Cape York Australia 1975

    I just finished watching this again and thought I’d share it as something many here might enjoy. A mate of mine Norm Needham and a friend of his and their partners decided to do the Cape trip back in 1975 on the back of a recent trip by Mike and Mal Leyland, Aussie 4wd’ing pioneers. Another...
  11. emax

    No Overlanding: Worlwide Car Park Directory Search With "Height" Filtering

    This is not off road but on road related - but I havan't found a closer match where to post it. @macstech has made me aware of a worldwide car park directory where you can search for parkages by maximum height. That's exactly what we need for such big cars like our Grenadiers. After entering...
  12. Phileas Fogg

    The first Pop Top for the Grenadier

    Great news for Overlanders who want a pop top Expedition Centre, from Australia, has just announced the first pop top for the Grenadier. Pop tops have been a popular accessory on 4x4s for years because they offer extra space, standing room, a full sized bed and ease of use. So there was some...
  13. LHenon

    First overlanding experience

    Hi everyone, I’m considering an ineos to overland the americas with a family of four. Should I rather choose a Land Cruiser…? It will be a 1-year voyage :) Looking forward to read from all your inputs.
  14. ChasingOurTrunks

    Americas Dream Routes Thread

    With orders placed, I'm sure many of us are salivating for the day when we get the Gren's keys in our hands and are able to use them for what Sir Jim intended - at least, for the adventuring types (I recognize some will use them for work, but I think NA will mostly be remote area travel users)...
  15. ADVer

    Minimalist Overlanding in a Grenadier

    Hello all, I thought it might be interesting to hear different views on the minimal amount of kit/gear that you feel necessary to enjoy an overlanding trip, whether for one week, two weeks or a month or more. Most on this forum have the knowledge and the means to build a full on overlanding rig...
  16. Stu_Barnes

    Low Bandwidth Forum Interface

    In anticipation of great adventures and the sketchy internet that goes with them we have a supplementary forum interface. In addition to the light and dark themes there is now a low bandwidth option. I've spent enough time on dial up or on satellite internet with terrible contention rates...
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