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  1. huxgo

    Battery died in 2 days under strange circumstances - engine and airbag lights on

    Hello dear friends! This is the first problem I have with the car and therefore also my first post on this forum. I own the diesel trialmaster with an auxiliary battery. So three days ago I went for a drive to my local car wash. After starting the car I noticed I was not able to connect my...
  2. alexandruast

    Market Research: open-source modular infotainment system

    Hello friends, Getting used to my IG, one of the things that bothers me is the proprietary infotainment and switch panels. I am thinking about a plug-and-play replacement solution with the following features: Phase 1 1. Use an industry-grade standard programming board (Arduino or others) to...
  3. alexandruast

    Anyone found a way to switch off the infotainment screen?

    Driving at night on forest roads, even at 10% brightness, is not ideal. Is there any way to completely switch off the main display?
  4. M

    Vehicle Infotainment System (Media Headunit) - Entertainment and sound service - Multi Functional Steering-Wheel Knobs, CCI Control-Knob, etc.

    There are about 2-3 Variants ; MA, MC, MD,.. Manufacturer: Neusoft Group (Dalian) Co., Ltd. - China Model: INM2004MA (or INM2004MC) NCA E. No.: 7E6-M1-X32-SRD Freq: 2400-2483.5 MHz, 5180-5240 MHz; SRD: 5745-5825 MHz; GNSS: 1559-1610 MHz; FM: 87.5-108 MHz; DAB: 174-240 MHz; AM; 526.5-1606.5 kHz...
  5. IGL

    Black (infotainment) screen

    I’m not sure if this is a new topic, but I didn’t find “black (infotainment) screen” as a discussed problem yet. First some history: 14.12.2023 Today was our pickup day. Our anticipation was huge. When my wife and I arrived, there was no Gren in the showroom. No salesperson either. 20...
  6. Grapa

    infotainment stays on

    I notice the infotainment system (music, radio, car play etc) can be use even with out the physical key inserted and the car turned off. Is there a way to shut down the infotainment or resetting this default issue? thanks
  7. Jean Mercier

    What is RCP?

    Some days ago I was driving with my infotainment in off road mode and on the temperature setting screen and I got the next message: "Set RCP" Anyone knows what this means? (Ineos, I hate abbreviations :devilish: :mad: )
  8. A

    Infotainment system workings

    The DAB radio does not seem to find any stations except for ABC and SBS stations. Vehicle is in Melbourne vic Australia. is anyone else finding this?
  9. Clark Kent

    Infotainment screen protector now available

    Hi all. I have been assisting ScreenShield Group in Australia to prototype a screen protector for the infotainment screen. The finished product is now available for sale. The protector is full size and sits just inside the screen frame. That's my screen below to demonstrate the fit. The...
  10. Brendang

    Map delay on infotainment

    Anyone else get a delay or even just an outright freeze on their maps when using either Google maps, Apple Maps or Waze through the infotainment? I also often get delays in the navigation system on the actual dash.
  11. alvan

    Small infotainment question. Icon on display audio

    Does anyone know if it is possible to replace the little icon with notes in the USB-A audio screen with images? I tried, as was possible in my Alpine, to load the pen drive in the relative albums of the .jpg but they are not read. Advice? Or do you not think it's possible at all?
  12. AndrewW

    Viewing the infotainment screen

    Two viewing problems I seem to be having... 1. Ambient light level recognition. On daylight engine starts I get auto headlamps on and a dark illegible screen. It settles after less than a minute. Liveable with... BUT starting the engine in the dark (first time last night, as it's...
  13. DaBull

    Q&A Americas Is Sirius Radio built into the infotainment system or will you need Apple Car Play or Android to access it.

    Will the infotainment system have Sirius radio built in so that you can get a subscription and use it without Apple Car Play or Android or will you only be able to access it through Apple Car Play or Android. DaBull
  14. Jean Mercier

    Connecting a USB-A stick or drive to the infotainment screen

    When you connect a device to the USB-A port in the central cubby box, you get: a short message saying "USB connected" It disappears at once and the screen says "No USB connected" This is quite contra intuitive, I thought the device wasn't recognized, but don't despair: Click on the menu...
  15. Krabby

    Q&A Americas Infotainment follow up - AM/FM?

    Does the infotainment system provide AM and FM tuning?
  16. N

    Just Collected - a ‘few’ issues

    first orange light, came intermittently on for about 30 secs then off… didn’t clear until I switched the car off and on. Then this didn’t come back - but the car then decided there was something else to worry about (orange again)… sorry couldn’t remember what that one was - but ‘rebooting’ the...
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