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  1. M

    Greetings from Texas / Montana and points between and a big shout out to Warner Ineos Grenadier in SLC!

    I took delivery Friday of my Scottish White Ineos Grenadier SW w/ Rough Pack and a few other niceties. Extending a huge shout out to James George, Clayton Wilde, Cory Lovoi and the folks at Warner Ineos Grenadier in West SLC. James, Clayton and the staff took care of all my needs and attended to...
  2. ADVAW8S

    Updated Ineos Grenadier Brochure

    Here is the updated USA Brochure that includes the Quartermaster. Fun fact: the QM is 1 inch shorter in height than the SW. At the same time 21 inches longer than the SW
  3. Mohs 9

    3rd party Videos Technik Talk mit Elmar: Reiseausbau im INEOS GRENADIER

    View: Especially for the German audience, some infos about tire size, speedometer adjustment, battery system and the door hinge.
  4. rovie

    INEOS Grenadier x Detour Disco

    I have received an invitation from Ineos Grenadier for a party at lofty heights amidst the breathtaking backdrop of the Swiss Alps. From May 10 to 12, 2024, Ineos Grenadier will bring the music to the mountains and support the Detour Disco in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. I'm thinking about going...
  5. dreamalaska

    Ineos Grenadier Mexico

    Greg Clark, Vice President of Ineos Automotive of the Americas, mentioned on the “Car Stuff Podcast” Episode 214 April 8, 2024 that Ineos will be launching in Mexico sometime in the 4th Quarter 2024. Interview starts at the 21:40 mark
  6. Red pepper

    Australasia Ineos Grenadier recalled in Australia
  7. Ian Wright

    The Wright Event - INEOS Grenadier Off Road Training & Driving Experiences UK

    INEOS Grenadier Off Road Driving Experiences This driving experience lets you test this new-to-the-market off roader on acres of private land near West Malling in Kent. You can choose a private one-to-one drive, or join a shared group experience. What you can expect: This driving experience...
  8. GrenX

    GrenX Ineos Grenadier 68L Auxiliary Fuel Sub Tank Brown Davis

    Sharing an update on development of the auxiliary fuel tank for the Ineos Grenadier. Here is the 2nd iteration prototype being test fitted before the final design is set. 68L GrenX
  9. AWo

    Ineos Grenadier burned down in Germany - Technical defect

    I just came by that news. In Wapelfeld, Germany the IG of a lady caught fire and burned down on 03-01-2024. She was able to leave the car and get away safe. The police said it was a technical defect...
  10. OverlandGearGuy

    Overland gear guy - INEOS Grenadier Slide Floor and Drawer Top

    INEOS Grenadier Slide Floor and Drawer Top View: This video showcases a new slide floor and drawer top system designed for the Ineos Grenadier by Diabolical Inc. The system is made of aluminum and has two removable top panels, similar to the...
  11. Christian


    After some research, I decided to purchase a modified RHINO RACK PIONEER PLATTFORM INEOS GRENADIER from Taubenreuther. But I'm starting small and only have bought the BACKBONE KIT INEOS GRENADIER and 3 RECONN-DECK QUERTRÄGER 1650 MM, to transport my roof tent, bike rack or canoes. With these...
  12. E

    3rd party Videos Ineos Grenadier @ Windrock going hard!

    Found this good video of Grenadier doing some nice rock crawling on trail 11 at Windrock. View:
  13. MileHigh

    3rd party Videos VIDEO: Ineos Grenadier Off Roading in the Lake District | Graythwaite Estate Green Laning

    Lots of off road, slippery action. I don't have mine yet, but the passenger/owner(?) seemed to move between the high/low and the differential locks with out stopping or putting it in neutral. I don't have mine yet, so I forget the correct/published method. And I'm not sure what exactly he was...
  14. Stu_Barnes

    2023 Ineos Grenadier review (Autocar NZ) When Defender was no longer a basic off-roader, Ineos devised a modern successor, the Grenadier. It’s the real deal, at home off road. It’s not often you attend the launch of a new model AND a new brand simultaneously. To qualify that, a...
  15. Curry INEOS Grenadier

    Americas Curry Ineos Grenadier Available Units!

    Hello everyone! After lurking on here for a little while, I figured now is a better time than ever to make a formal introduction and give Curry Ineos Grenadier a presence here on the forums! I'm Michael Fiore, one of the sales representatives at Curry Ineos Grenadier in Danbury, CT. I already...
  16. Lars

    Americas INEOS Grenadier Recalled Over Potential Steering Rod Ball Joint Disconnection

    Has anyone been contacted in the U.S. about this potential recall?
  17. GrenX

    Winch Cradle Ineos Grenadier Photos

    Has anyone got photos of the factory winch cradle with the front bar removed?
  18. Sela Green

    Americas Life with an Ineos

    Reservation was made way back then... Took delivery Dec 30th, 2023. Delivered to me at my place of work in northern Colorado. Relatively short orientation by the salesperson. My first impressions were really good. It is a good-looking vehicle. I feel the dealer rushed the delivery. The...
  19. bazooka tooth

    Americas Delivery Day at RDS Ineos Grenadier

    Today was the long awaited delivery day for me and my IG. Made the trek from NOVA to Devon, PA and even though I arrived an hour early, the staff at RDS were all over it. While the delivery scheduled prior to mine was still wrapping up I was able to take my own IG on a test drive with Shawn...
  20. Rok_Dr

    Ineos Grenadier Fluids and Specifications.

    Hi All The attached was recently provided to me by Ineos support in partial answer to the many questions I posed to them. It expands on what @CountyV8 posted in an earlier thread and interestingly notes that African and some ASEAN countries Grenadiers only meet Euro4 standards. For the...
  21. shawtrav

    Ineos Grenadier - rejected

    Hi all, Has anyone else rejected their vehicle? - perhaps because Ineos and the dealer couldn't get their act together and actually fix the faults. I have rejected mine, and am now in discussion with Ineos to agree a refund value - which may tale a while and will probably end up before the...
  22. Matt P

    5 Year Trip in a Grenadier Across the World towing a Patriot X3 Which We Live In.

    Hi all! Hope you all had a good Christmas! I just thought I'd drop a line here about something that may be of interest. We’re doing a 5 year trip in a Grenadier across the world towing a Patriot X3 which we live in. We set off from the Grenadier pub in London in mid-July with our two young kids...
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