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  1. F

    Side panels and gas cans?

    I’ve seen photos of using side panels over the back windows to carry spare water and fuel. I’m in Texas and hope to have something in a week. What panels and cans are available? Or are there cans that can attach directly to the utility rails? Goi g camping and want to have some backup fuel.
  2. Shaheens

    The universal INEOS MOLLE Panels

    I got my side Molle Panels installed from Bison Gear. I choose them because it comes with universal Molle panel holes it fits any accessories you need. Very good price, quick shipping, and easy to install. A tip for installation: install it in the floor and then put it on the car. I added on...
  3. M

    Trialmaster - LP6, Bison Gear Molle Panels, Method Wheels.

    This has been a super fun platform to work on. However, I wanted to stick with the 'bolt-on' stuff for this vehicle because it's one I planned to drive the most (it hasn't disappointed), and sometimes that means getting stuck in a spot where you wish you had more than factory, especially when...
  4. parb

    Leitner roof rack and bison gear molle panels

    Can they be used together? Both attach to the grab handles and it's not clear to me if they can be used together. I have ordered the bison gear panels, I haven't yet ordered a roof rack, but I like the leitner design.
  5. Jeffrey

    Removing inside door panels

    I need to remove the drivers inside door panel to replace the side view mirror. Any tips? Is it simply prying out the panel from spring clips as with most cars?
  6. YIPPE

    Rear door panels

    I removed both rear door panels today to template them up for some ply inserts to continue my timber theme setup. My plan is to add a large table and pocket insert (like factory) to the large door. And actually the same with the little door. Table big enough for jet boiler and pocket for more...
  7. ForestLass

    Solar Panels

    Searching the word flexible on this site doesn't really come back with much in the way of relevant information about glue down flexible 300w solar panel. I am moving in that direction for the roof of my RV. I have found a couple companies that make them. MiaSole and Solopower. Is there a more...
  8. minidok

    Tool to demount and mount panels fixed by clips

    If you remove panels or any closures in and at the car. How to open the clips the best way and which tool to use?
  9. DCPU

    Removing the underseat trim panels / accessing or removing the batteries

    Not sure it needs many words, it's simple to do. Remove floor mats, undo screws indicated by red circles and nuts indicated by green rectangles:
  10. Eric.S.

    Removing door panels/ color of the speaker wires

    Hello everyone;) Small question, has anyone already tried to dismantle the door panel or do you know what colours the cables from the speakers have? I would like to improve my sound system a little, I find the originals terrible... In the B column you would also have to get to the cables without...
  11. Jean Mercier

    removal of side panels driver side and using the auxiliary power point

    I still don’t understand why Ineos gives me a lot of useless switches on my roof panel without any explanation. Therefore, and thanks to this forum my next DIY post (DIY: Do It Yourself), and I didn’t find on this forum somebody who already did it, but perhaps I am wrong … I dismounted the...
  12. Highwayman

    What's behind the dash panels?

    Having my tracker fitted today and so most of my dash panels have been removed. Thought some of you might like to see what is behind the plastic. I went looking for the pre-wired Deutz sockets in the font footwells, but couldn't find them. I asked the installer, given he actually understand...
  13. jeremy_matrix

    Americas Utility Wagon, or Panels(vs Windows) for USA?

    Previously in the USA configurator we were allowed to add Panels instead of 3rd row Windows. But that option is now gone. Anyone know if that's official, and WHY? Also, anyone know of any plans for a 2seater Utility Wagon (ie no rear seat) for the USA? Kastenwagen/Troopy <love>.
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