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  1. Mountains4Fun

    Non-OEM Tow Adaptor / Mount / Bar

    I unfortunately didn't order the tow hitch as a factor mount and need the female portion of one for my bike rack. Is anyone else in a similar situation? I'm planning to manufacture a hitch and would be happy to make a couple, if there is interest.
  2. Team321

    Front Euro Plate mount

    I just picked up my Gren... couple of issues, but all in all i'm really enjoying it. Regarding mounting the license plates... the rear had threaded inserts for the rear plate... the front has a plastic insert in the bumper that looks like it can be removed by prying on the clips, but i would...
  3. BenTN

    Auxiliary Lights in the Grill - High Power LED light upgrade without any cutting

    Like many others I was disappointed in the stock aux. lights in the grill of my Grenadier. I'm sure there were various regulations that limited what could legally be mounted there from the factory, but the light output is just pointless. I don't think I would ever use them, especially with the...
  4. ethree

    Black Sheep ARB Dual Compressor Mount.

    Just ordered the Black Sheep ARB dual compressor mount. These guys make great stuff (I have their rock rails/steps coming too!). Looking to see if anyone has actually put a system in and have wired it up. Curious as to how you did it. Thanks in advance.
  5. H

    looking for safari windows sunshade and mobile mount

    Hi I am Looking For Mobile mounting and Safari Windows sunshades. is anyone can help me
  6. unimogfrog

    Americas How to mount a REAR License Plate?

    Now that my new License plates arrived, I finally removed the dealer installed Paper plate, only to find no viable way to mount my Rear plate. The Dealer screwed 2 thin sheet metal screw into my bumper (thank you) to mount this paper plate but this is unacceptable for a permanent Plate mount...
  7. J

    Spare Wheel Mount Question

    Does anyone have information on the maximum load capacity of the spare wheel mount? Reason: looking to add an additional 10 gals of fuel weight (~65lbs additional to the tire). Want to ensure I don’t create a separate issue. Thanks in advance.
  8. khmarks

    Rubber mount / bumper placement

    Received my Grenadier 12/20/23. Had a rubber piece fall out the back a day later... attached is a picture of it. Can't figure out where it goes. Anyone help?
  9. kellysHeros

    Quad Lock - phone mount

    Does anyone know how to remove the large Ineos badge from the dashboard (this is the badge that replaces the digital compass and sits between the dash fresh air vents). I think this might make a good place to mount a Quad Lock phone mount. thank you
  10. TheDocAUS

    Towing mount (Australia) for the IG

    There has been issues around sourcing an Australian towing mount (aka towing tongue) compatible with the INEOS Grenadier. John Canny in a recent video describes his solution from Allin Towbar, a family run company based in South Australia. I have ordered one. The INEOS towing mount is not on...
  11. Jack123

    Americas Reverse the Spare Tire Mount

    I would really like to reverse the spare tire mounting where you can see the aluminum wheels like the Wrangler. Is there a way that I may be able to do this? Thank you.
  12. C

    UHF Installation. Under glove box radio, concealed wiring, utility rail antenna mount

    Thought I'd post my UHF installation. Not as detailed as some other forum members, but hopefully clear enough to see the approach. Not having a bullbar yet (don't like the IG offering), I decided to mount the Antenna on the Passenger side rear utility rail. I also wanted concealed wiring and no...
  13. S

    4 kayak mount

    I'm curious, has anyone solved the problem of loading 4 kayaks on the cross bars? The Ineos Reconn-Deck bars are not compatible with the (4 kayak) Rhino 'Nautic Stack' kayak mount, and there are no other Rhino options. I figure the only options are to swap the Reconn-Deck bars for the Rhino...
  14. emax

    Made my GoPro camera mount for the utility rail

    Yesterday, I made my GoPro camera mount for the utility rail. I used the fittings I have shown here: The photographs are partially a bit unsharp as it was already getting dark when I mounted them. The...
  15. minidok

    Tool to demount and mount panels fixed by clips

    If you remove panels or any closures in and at the car. How to open the clips the best way and which tool to use?
  16. MarkusN

    Installing a 12" Tablet

    Hello Grenadier owners I would like to install a 12" tablet for navigation. :unsure: Has anyone already thought about this or even found a reasonable mount for it? Thanks :)
  17. das mo

    Gutters surviving 420kg?

    Hello. This goes out to all the people, who mounted racks to gutters in the past, loaded them properly and left tarmac. I visited my Gren once again today. This time with the gutter mounts I chose to build my rack for our RTT and maybe some other goodies in the future. In order to keep...
  18. JohnHeagney

    Mobile phone mount and charging process

    On the subject of mobile phones, I posted this in another thread but think that it justifies its own thread. it is a shame that Ineos Automotive having created a masterpiece with the Grenadier but they haven‘t designed in a location to store your phone when driving and allow it to be on charge...
  19. emax

    Awning: which side?

    Which side is best for an awing? "left" and "right" answers won't help, but "driver side" or "passenger side" are much appreciated. ;) Type of (planned) awning (batwing, straight) is of course important. The reasons for the preferred side are also interesting.
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