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  1. Northumbrian Ineos


    Morning All, my first post on here, I was wondering if anyone has had difficulty insuring their vehicle this year. I took my Fieldmaster in June last year, the insurance wasnt too bad to be fair, a bit more than the 64 plate defender it replaced, this year however..... the nodding dog said...
  2. bikesandguitars

    Progressive Insurance Snapshot OBD Device Throwing Codes

    Hoping to save a few bucks, I installed Progressive Insurance’ Snapshot OBD device in both of our Grenadiers. Almost immediately, both vehicles started displaying a “Power Steering Error” code. This continued over several days. When I removed the devices, the code disappeared. I...
  3. J

    insurance france

    Hi all. I'm new and hoping to pick up my Grenadier on Saturday. Can anyone point me to the best on road insurer?
  4. gigglepot

    Australasia 2.5 tonne insurance issue with RACV in Victoria Australia

    It pays to read the fine print. RACV and many other insurance companies offer a new vehicle replacement if your car is a total write off in the first two years (as does the RACV). I questioned this and confirmed that even thought the RACV is listing its Market Value at $109k that they would...
  5. F

    Americas USA: Insurance

    Who's shopped around and what have you found? I know it's location dependent but should still give an idea. I'm in Houston, Tx and my LR Discovery TD6 is about $2k/yr. Nothing on my record. Hoping this thing isn't insane.
  6. ealshamsi

    UAE Grenadier Insurance policy in the UAE.

    Hi All, During my insurance policy lookout for my Grenadier, I discovered that some companies don't offer full coverage for this car here in the UAE. Their justification is (It has high risk). did someone face the same thing? Eisa
  7. JohnHeagney

    Insurance renewal

    Hi, I would appreciate any comments about insurance rates. I insured my Grenadier Fieldmaster at collection at the end of April. NFU quoted £640 and then there was 13.5% loyalty discount to come off + Insurance tax) and I was happy with this that was way through my insured period and now the...
  8. Lemon35

    Americas Insurance Data Point

    Edit** @Stu_Barnes I think this is an appropriate sub-forum for the content, please move otherwise. I reached out to USAA for an insurance quote on the Grenadier. Although I do have a VIN assigned the automated system via their website was unable to recognize it or the make/model. This was...
  9. MarkH

    AU insurance

    For owners, or soon to be owners in Australia, please add your insurance cost or quotes below. Many variables of course but try & follow these headings to offer a rough guide for others. Vehicle & amount covered / City / Insurer / *Annual cost / Excess / Rating / Hire car / Windscreen. Other...
  10. G

    Americas USA insurance

    I called Hagerty and they said they won't insure the Grenadier. Who are you all going with? Anyone got anything in writing yet from not local insurance companies?
  11. Eric

    UK & Ireland UK insurance

    I apologise for being abrupt @Grenadierfella. As it is business insurance for a commercial vehicle I wonder if you have tried the NFU? What I don't understand is why your existing business insurers have rejected the addition of the vehicle.
  12. Jean Mercier

    Insurance in Belgium

    I asked a quotation soon after my Grenadier arrived in Belgium in February 2023. Their quotation stayed valid (with a first year exceptional discount of 15%) until May 20. Best quotation was (as far as I know) 800 € / for the first year YUZZU (02/2023) “full omnium” with what they call an...
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