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  1. I

    I present the Auto Start/Stop Temporary fix

    So, for everyone who wants Auto Start/Stop to stay off, I have a Jerry Rigged has worked for the last three days solution. I’d love to have longer term data, but 72 hours is what I have so far with no fault codes. I bent a little sheet metal just thick enough to slid in under the button, than...
  2. Bluesurf


    Summer Auto Parts make lots of items for the Grenadear. You can check out their videos on YouTube. They just made a very robust tow hook Bracket. View:
  3. bamanuke

    android auto help

    can't figure out how to get Android auto to display. not tech savvy at all. samsung galaxy A7 connected to the usb c, bluetooth connected to both. several hours messing around with it and searching the forum. super frustrated. have to travel to Atlanta in the morning and would like the map...
  4. oldblueeyes

    Wireless Android Auto Disconnecting Every Hour or So

    I picked up my Grenadier about 3 weeks ago. It is a MY2024 and I'm in NA. For some odd reason, the MY2024 doesn't have standard WIRED Android Auto and only has wireless. I have a few Android devices ranging from Samsung to Pixels and none are older than a generation back. My Pixel 8 Pro is my...
  5. C

    Australasia Brisbane auto electrician recommendation

    Could anyone provide a recommendation for a auto electrician in Brisbane preferably Northside. I need the Euro plug swapped for a 12 pin flat. Thanks in advance.
  6. pedrogb

    Software update- does it affect Android auto?

    Hi all. I'm heading in to local dealer for software update and some other fixes this week. Does anyone know if the software update enables wireless Android auto? I read that some of our US owners have this facility in their later issued vehicles. I have a road trip coming up. Would like to...
  7. Krabby

    Philly Auto Show

    I went to the Philadelphia Auto Show on Saturday 1/13. I'm not going to write much - just a few brief observations: 1-Disappointed no Ineos 2-Disappointed no new Land Cruiser 3-The new Tacoma is really nice and the TrailHunter (not Trial ;) ) is a great looking ride and from the factory is...
  8. pedrogb

    Townsville Auto electricians for Grenadier?

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone in Townsville has used an auto electrician yet for trailer plug issues and possible mods to 2nd battery system. Might save some time if there is someone already familiar with system Thanls Pedro
  9. emax

    Local Area Thread Android Auto ...

    Ich mache das jetzt mal im D-A-CH Forum auf, weil es doch etwas kompliziert scheint. Also: Ich hatte mein Mobiltelefon (CAT S41, Android 9) mit meinem Grenadier gekoppelt, was auch leidlich lief. Verbindung über Kabel (Auto:USB-C) -> (Adapterkabel mit Micro-USB Stecker) -> (CAT S41). Dann...
  10. flynnsk

    Americas 1st Drive (Thank you Knauz Auto!). Overblown and

    Just got back from 1st "hands on" drive of the Trial Master. With regard to the vehicle, first impression was almost immediate upon opening the doors. "Fit" and was very precise. Doors opened and closed easily, not needing "too much" (subjective) force to open/close. The driving position was...
  11. S

    (Disappointed after 5000 km....shame could have been a good car.) Enttäuscht nach 5000 km….schade hätte ein gutes Auto werden können.

    Ich war total begeistert von der Idee des Grenadiers. Robust, wertig, nur soviel Elektonik wie nötig ein Auto für harte Arbeit und ein langes Autoleben. Leider entspricht die Realität nicht dem Marketing. Die hübschen Filmchen und die Präsentationen beim Händler entsprechen nicht dem Produkt...
  12. K1LL3M

    Android Auto - Wireless Devices

    With the intent of have wireless android auto (2023 that this was not implemented when apple car play was is bewildering) I have been seeking devices to enable this. One of these and the top of my list was the Ottocast A2 Air Pro...
  13. T

    Android Auto

    . Wie wird Android Auto angeschlossen
  14. DCPU

    Bell Auto Services (BAS) carpet mats

    Pete's got these made up for the Grenadier and they seem a good fit in one with the standard floor covering. He's looking for someone with the carpet flooring to trial and check fit. If anyone's interested in contacting him to arrange to swing by his workshop near York, shout out or PM me for...
  15. Hannes01

    Gibt es eine E Mail Adresse für Anfragen in D?

    Hallo, ich möchte Eine Anfrage an Ineos bzgl der Lieferung meines Autos stellen. der Chat ist nutzlos da dort keine Infos vorliegen, die Kontaktaufnahme über die Website funktioniert nicht, hier kommen seit Wochen nur Fehlermeldungen. hat jemand ne Mailadresse oder tel. Nr mit einem kompetenten...
  16. DCPU

    Bell Auto Services (BAS) CTEK D250SE charger bracket

    So there's been some discussion around the plate from Black Sheep: It looks like we will have another option from BAS - I have an early prototype of a laser cut bracket...
  17. emax

    Enable Wireless Android Auto on your Galaxy device

    This video explains how to make AA work wirelessly. It is from 2019, though. However, this might still work, at least for some versions and/or devices, even other than Galaxy ones.
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