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side steps

  1. Borg54

    New Owl Side Steps in Development (want your thoughts)

    Hey All, We (Owl) are working on some new side steps for the Grenadier. In the Sprinter world, we are OEM to Mercedes Benz, Airstream, and Storyteller Overland. We are making a version of our side steps for the Grenadier and wanted to get some feedback. Details: Steel - powder-coated black...
  2. Jeffrey

    Single short side steps available?

    Looking for a short side step to help my wife get in and out of this thing. Kind of like a 'hoop' step or similar. Will be removed for off roading, just used for around town. Not fun getting in and out if you're 5' 1".
  3. A

    Electric Side Steps

    Just curios if anyone has mounted and electric side steps yet. I have seem them on other vehicles and they are pretty nice as they tuck away. I does not look like it would be that hard to retro fit brackets if ones do not exist.
  4. Paco Garcia

    Side steps/Sliders, Homemade and I ask you for help

    In the end I decided to make some steps in a friend's workshop that would in turn provide some protection for the bodywork. I have them almost done but when I went to plan the attachment points, a problem arose: the support points of the The ends that are in the car have through holes so you...
  5. Y

    Side steps built in Australia

    Having side steps manufactured in Australia, using all 3 mount points. Black powder coated finish similar to front steel bumper. Mounted under door sill in similar position to rock sliders and will protrude outwards to width of tyre. Will post pics when completed.
  6. Norgs

    Hi , side steps and keys .

    I'm new just took delivery last month . have driven it to Byron and Dunedoo from Sydney and it drives superbly. it's a high car and really need steps - any thoughts or just go straight to the factory option ? Secondly - when its dark its hard to see the key hole for the ignition - only a small...
  7. F

    URBAN "Black Shadow" Side Steps

    Has anyone mounted the URBAN "Black Shadow" side steps on their Grenadier? If so, how do you like them? My Trialmaster will be here in a couple weeks and they appear to be the best option currently available.
  8. Hicarus

    Fitting Ineos side steps

    SIDE STEPS. Like many of us, my Station Wagon came without the side steps, these being promised for later. A month later as it turned out. So the I got the welcome call, “Come & collect”. Collect because I had already decided to fit them myself. Having looked at them on a Belstaff model in...
  9. DaBull

    Electric Deployable Side Steps / Rock Sliders

    There is a company called Rock Slider Engineering in Utah that makes an electric deployable side step and features an add on option steel plate to make it a proper rock slider too. Since they are in Utah, they test them out at Moab. They don't yet support the Grenadier. If you interested at...
  10. DaBull

    Q&A Americas Will Ineos allow you to spec a heavier spring in your build than their build sheet generates.

    If I decide to not option either the side steps or rock sliders because I prefers an aftermarket solution, will Ineos allow us to request a heavier spring set up as if we did option either a side step or rock slider. That way, when we put on an after market side step or rock slider, the vehicle...
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