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  1. DCPU

    Chandlers Vehicles preview the Quartermaster

  2. DCPU

    Quartermaster with Crawler Anka 300

    I assume it's a demountable pod?
  3. S

    Hi From NSW Far North Coast

    Paid my deposit for Quartermaster Trailmaster version. Now the waiting game.
  4. M

    Quartermaster tonneau cover and cargo bars

    More pictures taken today at the Autohaus Weippert lot. This time from the QM tonneau cover, interesstingly combined with some cargo racks. Might be useful for a (second) tent. Max
  5. M

    Quartermaster utility version prototype

    I was able to take same pictures of the QM utility versions which is at least in Germany not released for order. Only TM and FM special editions can be ordered. Obviously there are some drain holes in the spare tire pockets but more interessting to me is the fact that there remains a...
  6. Shale Rider

    Quartermaster at the Festival of Speed

    Drove 500 miles in the Fieldmaster to the FOS without so much as an error message! Think its the first time! It behaved faultlessly and the 6 hour drive back in the torrential rain it never missed a beat and felt very secure. Had the best of the FOS on Thursday( Friday it rained and Saturday...
  7. ChasingOurTrunks

    Expedition Portal Article on the Quartermaster

    Decent write-up from Expedition Portal/Overland Journal on the new Quartermaster. My personal thoughts: It's not a home run. Base Payload is less than a Gladiator Sport - likely closer to Rubicon once...
  8. Trialmaster

    Grenadier Quartermaster to Launch - 23 July

    The fun is now beginning.......launching 13 July 2023
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