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  1. Andras

    Petrol/Gas B58 petrol fuel economy

    I thought I might share with you the fuel economy figures of the last 8000kms (now at almost 10k) Pls see the excel pic. atrached. …..would love to have an auxiliary fuel tank!!!
  2. Jeremy996

    3rd party Videos Petrol Ped on the Grenadier in Wales

    New video out from Petrol Ped, (Peter), who has a LR90 on long term loan. View:
  3. B

    New optional petrol fuel filter

    Just recently I noticed that INEOS is offering an optional petrol fuel filter. Does anyone know more details? Particle size, flow rate, mounting position? INEOS is asking for 200€ (175 GBP), so it is not a cheap thing.
  4. Tom D

    Oil temp missing on petrol model? Or just US model?

    So I saw this video and about 5 minutes in it shows the off road temperature screen. On my car there are readouts for engine oil, gearbox oil and T case oil. On the video they were missing the engine oil temp. Anyone know why? I’m in intrigued as to why. I’m fairly sure that the petrol loan car...
  5. Andras

    Petrol/Gas Petrol B58 strange sound at idle

    Dear all, I’m proud owner of a petrol Trialmaster with 2500km on the odo. I do have a strange ticking sound from the engine at idle that I find disturbing. Went to the dealer who told me it could be a valve or a solenoid, but no worries it is all ok. Anyone having similar experience/noises...
  6. Forced induction

    Greets from Dublin, flying back to test the gren at the weekend , last test was a month ago , the petrol M68 .this time it’s the diesel .

    In no hurry to buy at the moment , look forwards to seeing how the aftermarket progresses , my ex military defender is getting a bit creaky and the 6x6 8x8 and tracked stuff is now all sold off , so it certainly is time! Been following along the INEAOS trail for a couple of years and impressed...
  7. K

    Critical malfunction Petrol N1

    Unfortunately I have to report that our Grenadier N1 5 seat utility is experiencing a critical malfunction and has now been at the shop for the past 2 weeks. Upon constant mild acceleration, possibly in every gear, around 2.000/2.5000 rpm the car seemed to stumble or have hiccups. This does not...
  8. F

    Americas What is your petrol US gal mpg?

    Anyone with some miles on want to fill me in on this? It still matters, especially with premium. I just did a 3k mile round trip to go off roading in my discovery with the TD6 and I don't expect the grenadier to match the 23mpg going 80-85mph to get there but I'm really hoping it's not the 14mpg.
  9. Joergchm

    General Another Diesel VS Petrol thread

    I've followed already the other two very interesting "Diesel or Petrol for traveling" discussions but missed some other important questions: I'm currently in the same boat on deciding Diesel vs Petrol. I did yesterday a 3h testdrive with the Petrol and was overall super happy with the engine...
  10. AndrewW

    Steering clunk on RHD petrol Trialmaster

    I can’t see any other reference to a palpable but inaudible clunk when turning the steering wheel (except I announced it in the Infotainment thread). Most surprised that no one else has mentioned it. From an occasional clunk on a bendy road to twelve consecutive clunks in 20 metres doing a...
  11. Stu_Barnes

    Q&A Americas Which version of the B57 engine will be for the NA market, there are several petrol options at this point?

    Which version of the B57 engine will be for the NA market, there are several petrol options at this point?
  12. G

    Petrol/Gas B58 Petrol engine tuning anyone?

    Is anyone considering aftermarket tuning options to pull more power and torque from the B58 power plant?
  13. DCPU

    Motoring Research (UK) - Ineos Grenadier 3.0 petrol on test - Tim Pitt

    Maybe the first of the self drive reviews to follow shortly? View:
  14. G-Man

    Grenadiers at the dealer pending delivery: Petrol or Diesel?

    Pure speculation on why deliveries don't necessarily seem to be following order date pecking order, almost certainly because Ineos are trying to ship whatever vehicles they can complete against the backdrop of ongoing parts shortages: It's unlikely that it's something trivial like roof bars or...
  15. Halliwell Jones Chester

    Petrol/Diesel - Pass/Com mix

    Again just some interesting information for you all whilst we wait for our vehicles. This is just me here at Chester and may not represent the entire UK or other countries but thought you may be interested in the split. Total orders % Commercial 47% Passenger 53% Total Diesel/Petrol mix...
  16. emax

    Verbrenner vs. Elektro

    Ich finde das Thema eigentlich zu angstrengend, bei all den Experten, die so herumlaufen. Trotzdem finde ich dieses Video überzeugend. Es ist auf Deutschland zugeschnitten, deshalb hier:
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