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  1. Eyedogtor

    Bison Gear MOLLE panel installed

    Just installed my external MOLLE panel for recovery boards, etc. (due to garage height restrictions on roof). Super impressed with the product. Quick shipping, great packing, quality product. Nice job @Bison-Gear
  2. TheDocAUS

    Study - fixed solar panel fitted to solar inputs of CTEK D250SE

    THE TASK I want to observe how the fixed solar panel on the Rhino Roofrack charges the Grenadier’s main and aux battery through the solar inputs on the CTEK D250SE. THE GRENADIER'S SETUP 2023 AU Spec 2 Seater utility Wagon, Deisel Trailmaster. CTEK D250SE mated with the CTEK 120S. Kings 160W...
  3. B

    Any tips on removing upper rear inside panel?

    Can anyone please help with tips on how to take off the upper, inside, rhs, plastic panel at the very back adjacent to the larger door?
  4. B

    Build Thread Any tips on removing upper rear inside panel?

    Can anyone please help with tips on how to remove the upper, inside, rhs, plastic panel at the very back adjacent to the larger door?
  5. D


    Does anyone know if the truck is optioned with the High load auxilary switch panel,is the 500 amp Nato plug prewired to both the front and rear of the vehicle?
  6. Zartoon

    Images of small rear door -behind the plastic panel

    Greetings Tried searching but probably not using the right words. Can anyone point me to images that show what is behind the plastic interior panel in the small rear cargo door?
  7. Rupert

    Part numbers and price for RAI panel

    OK, I picked up my replacement panel for the removal of the RAI. I have included photos of the invoices (redacted to protect my privacy, LOL) and also the part. I have a question though to anyone that has ever served in the military. I was initially reluctant to install this on Rupert as I...
  8. Woody89

    Hi load switch panel

    Hi I’m trying to establish if my grenadier has got the wires already in place for the hi load switch panel. As I did not order it from the factory (mistake didn’t think i would need it) Could anyone with a hi load panel see if there’s looks like the picture below Cheers James
  9. Jeffrey

    Dash control panel removal

    I've had my Grenny less than a day. I did not get the heated seats, so the two panel areas where those controls would ave been are blank. So I thought I could install a panel mount USB outlet there. I removed the four screws in the upper left square panel, but it would not come off. Closer...
  10. MattG

    Has anyone successfully removed the Centre console panel?

    I’m looking to install a GME UHF radio that connects to the microphone/hand piece via a round “telephone jack“ style socket (the same size as a 12v cigarette socket) in the centre console. I don’t have heated seats and therefore have two empty spaces in the centre console at the top right and...
  11. YellowLab

    Gas Cap Cover Panel Size

    Does anyone have the measurement of the gas/fuel filler cover panel and can you tell if it is metal or plastic
  12. muxmax

    Dimming Info Panel

    Just a little modification today. I found that the brightness of the info panel before the steering wheel was too much for me and unfortunately, it doesn't dim with the rest of the lights via the infotainment system. So I bought some "light dimming LED foil" and covered the front display...
  13. Trialmaster

    HEVAC Controls

    Just watched Robert Peppers' informative video and noticed INEOS have addressed one item that I thought could have been done much better. Below is a picture of my HEVAC controls, and the script is smaller than I would prefer. I already mentioned it to my agent. Notice the Trialmaster Robert...
  14. Jean Mercier

    roof panel switches identification

    I have a very bad memory, especially visual, but also numbers and names. It will not improve with age, therefore, a little help from myself could be useful before getting Alzheimer. Adhesive paper and a laser printer and dimensions 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm. Cost: zero, I had the adhesive paper, I have...
  15. DCPU

    Under bonnet - removing bulkhead/scuttle panel access covers

    These two: One plastic 10mm nut (mine stripped on offside) and two clips on the inside edge: And an extra (easter egg?) lambda on the offside with great access to the wiper motor: And access to the air intake/heater on the nearside:
  16. O

    MOLLE panel

    hi! I ordered my grenadier with back panels and on the inside I would like to apply two MOLLE panels like the suzuki in the attached photo. Do you have any idea where you can find adequately sized aluminum panels? I would say at least 4mm thick. it would be better to recover the panels, then...
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