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  1. internal

    Offroad Training Jänschwalde/ Germany

    Last weekend, we took part in an off-road training on a former military site in eastern Germany. Out of a total of around 20 vehicles, 4 Grenadiers took part. All super nice people (of course), we had a lot of fun and learnt some new things about our vehicles.
  2. BHMUC

    Hello from Munich, Germany

    Hello to the forum, I own my Grenadier since September 2023 and covered approximately 12.000 km. It is a Trailmaster, Diesel with winch. Besides the usual issues, the Grenadier is running great. A few mods have been made, wheels, tires 285/70 R17, Lift, Rocksliders, lights, CB radio, awning...
  3. AWo

    Ineos Grenadier burned down in Germany - Technical defect

    I just came by that news. In Wapelfeld, Germany the IG of a lady caught fire and burned down on 03-01-2024. She was able to leave the car and get away safe. The police said it was a technical defect...
  4. Franky0407

    New Grenadier owner - Unterallgäu (south of Germany)

    Today I would like to send you a friendly hello from Unterallgäu. So far I've been a quiet reader, but on Friday I was able to pick up my Ineos. It has become a black utility wagon (model 2023), with 5 seats, rough and smooth pack and the integrated winch. I've now driven the first 500 km and...
  5. Deekayy

    Hi to all from Germany

    Hi all out there, my name is David. I live in Duesseldorf, Germany. After following the Ineos media for a few years when they created the hype, I placed my order in May 2023 and picked up my Grenadier in January 2024. So I think it's fair to say it qualifies me as a "freshman". All the best, David
  6. det203

    Hello from Sommerhausen/Germany!

    Hello from Germany (Würzburg area)! I finally fell in love with the Grenadier at the "Abenteuer und Allrad" trade fair in summer 23 and ordered it shortly afterwards. In the meantime, things are moving pretty quickly, the only thing holding us back are the electronic benefits of the 2024 model...
  7. C

    Need Help - Why does a NA build vehicle have a UK/Germany Flag emblem??

    Hello ALL, Need some help. Just received a photo of the "flags" on my "G". Showing UK:Germany. This is a NA build. What's up? Plus the panel to me is very clearly gray and not black. Photo optical illusion?? Photo was taken with an Android phone. Anyone know what's up ? Have ideas? I've reached...
  8. Pascal vergnaud

    new member Germany

    Hello everyone, I'm Pascal Vergnaud, a 50-year-old individual residing in Germany. I'm the proud owner of a Grenadier since August 2023, and I've already clocked an exciting 10,000 kilometers behind the wheel. The driving experience with this car continues to be a delightful adventure. Beyond...
  9. Augustin

    Greetings from Tübingen, Germany

    Dear forum members, My name is Augustin and I am from Tübingen, Germany. I have owned my Magic Mushroom colored Grenadier Trailmaster (Diesel) since May 23, 2023. In the meantime, I have already driven over 20,000 km. The car had its first service appointment a week ago. I appreciate the...
  10. emax

    Vital Info Nach dem Treffen ist vor dem Treffen

    Es sollte auch 2024 ein Treffen geben. Hierzu steht der Vorschlag im Raum, das zusammen mit dem Defender Treffen zu machen, zu dem wir als "Partner" herzlich eingeladen sind. Ich persönlich finde das eine tolle Idee, denn viele von uns sind ja auch Defender begeistert. Und "Defender" bedeutet...
  11. Rolando di Cello

    Hello from Southern Germany

    Hello everybody, my name is Roland and I come from Southern Germany (near to Schwäbisch Hall and Heilbronn). I got my Grenadier five weeks ago and we are back from our first journey to Denmark. Before my Grenadier I drove a Tesla Model 3. It was a great car, but our life changed and therefore...
  12. T

    Greetings from Hamburg/Germany

    Hello everyone, I'm currently waiting for my Gren to arrive, hopefully soon. At the moment I can hardly wait to get it. The car will be named "Tintin" in reference to the comic strip "Tim and Struppi" or "Tintin and Snowy". As he is French and always good for an adventure, I think it is a good...
  13. C

    Gretings from Frankfurt/Germany

    Hi all, my name is Chris and I have been the happy owner of a Grenadier Trialmaster for 2 months. Previously I have had several Defender 110s, G-Class short and long, but now finally the optimum combination of off-road capability, safety, comfort and fun. I use my Grenadier as an everyday...
  14. Jetjockey

    Howdy from Northern Germany

    First of all great to have this forum. My name is Oli and I live in the northern part of Germany in the outskirts of Hamburg. After doing only short family trips with a '75 Series III due to loss of hearing and other 'deficiencies' my wife and I decided to get to know the greater surroundings...
  15. E

    Hola from Andalucia & Germany

    Hi all, I ordered my Grenadier today after gathering a lot of information out of this forum. So at first: Many thanks to all. I just took over a reservation-slot at my dealer in Malaga, so the car should go in production around december. I am working as an IT-Security consultant, originally...
  16. S

    Hello from Bremen, Germany

    Hello, After driving Wrangler YJ, Jk and JLU (between YJ and JK I drove for around 20years more sporty cars) I thought it is time for a change. Last week it was finally time to pick up my new grenadier at the dealership. 😊 So far everything is great. My plan is to build up an Overlander during...
  17. greg_the_grenadier

    New Member Germany

    Hi from Germany, Heilbronn! We got our Grenadier Trailmaster last week and we’re excited for our adventures with Greg :)
  18. RESERVED. (Germany: Grenadier Utility, almost all extras)

    For sale RESERVED. (Germany: Grenadier Utility, almost all extras)

    UPDATE: The car hasn't yet been sold, but it is reserved until October 6th, 2023. Here you find the complete configuration with all details (my personal configuration): The car is available immediately. A test drive is possible. Send me a private...
  19. A

    Hi from Germany / near Stuttgart

    Hi from Germany, near Stuttgart. My name is Adrian and since two days I am the happy owner of a great Grenadier. Looking forward to good contacts in this forum. Best Regards
  20. A

    Hi from Southern Germany

    I'm not an owner of a Grenadier yet but very interested in seeing how the community is growing. I did quite some adventurous trips already... with 2WD or 4WD and look forward to add some more.
  21. Eggenburg

    Number of Grenadiers in Austria / Germany

    Does anybody know how many Grenadiers are already driving and taken over to the final customers in Austria and Germany?
  22. M

    Yet not a Grenadier owner in Southern Germany

    Hello, my name is Max and I live in the southern part of Germany in the area of Stuttgart. In the past I drove several G-Wagons and travelled the French Alps or the Balkans with it. What would also be the primarily use for a Grenadier, use it for travelleling. My username is explained quickly...
  23. M

    Yet no Grenadier owner from Southern Germany

    Hello, my name is Max and I live in the southern part of Germany in the area of Stuttgart. In the past I drove several G-Wagons and travelled the French Alps or the Balkans with it. What would also be the primarily use for a Grenadier, use it for travelleling. My username is explained quickly...
  24. J

    Local Area Thread Auffälligkeiten bei erster längerer Fahrt

    Ich bin jetzt erstmals eine längere Strecke gefahren: ca. 400 km (Autobahn, Landstraße). Dabei hatte ich folgende Vorfälle und Merkwürdigkeiten, die möglicherweise alle mit der Software oder der Elektrik/Elektronik zusammenhängen könnten. Deshalb meine Frage, ob jemand von ähnlichen...
  25. NoAge Hunter

    Hi from Düsseldorf / Germany

    Hi I am Michael from Düsseldorf, 58 years old and it seems to be that I‘ll get my Trialmaster by the end of June. Waiting time was long enough…. 😉 The last 20 years I had various pick-ups. I will use the Grenadier for hunting, business trips and travelling arround Europe. Looking for some...
  26. Johnny

    from NRW / Germany

    Hi folks, my name is Jonas. I am 29 years old from germany. I just picked up my Grenadier (Trialmaster) the last week. I am planning to go travelling with it. I am more of a so called overlander than a hardcore offroad guy. My previous car was a Mitsubishi Pajero. Unfortunately we had an...
  27. Wueste

    Hello from Meissen, Saxony, Germany

    Hi, greetings from Germany. Today I registered the first Ineos number plate in the district of Meissen, Saxony. If everything fits, I'll pick up the car from the dealer on Thursday. My Grenadier is an stirling silver Trialmaster with petrol engine. The first ride goes to sardinia in july. We...
  28. IGL

    Hello from Hesse, Germany

    Hey mates, I just registered at the IG forum. I'm a rookie, both as a member of a forum (so I started with the basic account) and as a future 4x4 driver. 😊 I'm looking forward to interesting threads and information.
  29. MACS

    Hello from Niedersachsen/Germany

    Hi, This is George from Nothern-Germany. A Grenadier station wagon “Trialmaster Edition” in Britannia Blue with Diesel engine is in production for us. Sure will post more messages once the machine is with me. D4/L319 TDV6 LandRover MY2012 is what brings me from A to B at the moment. So far for...
  30. Squirrel

    Europe Every authority in Germany has better processes

    My grenadier has been in my dealer's yard (Autohaus Riess am Bodensee) with nine others for over 2 weeks. In order to be able to deliver it, the following conditions must be met:: 1. New software must be installed. However, this may only be done after approval by INEOS. 2. Once the SW has been...
  31. sne

    Hi there - greetings from the north of Germany

    Hello to everyone, we have only some days ago subscribed the reservation and of course are keen to connect to the Grenadier community. In our family there is some professional background about military wheeled vehicles as well as profound engineering background and a little experience in...
  32. muxmax

    Jagdwagen - regionale Regeln und Quellen

    Es sind, wie ich herauslese, doch einige hier unterwegs, die den IG für‘s Revier anschaffen. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn wir uns hier über Pläne, Ideen und Lösungsmöglichkeiten austauschen würden. Ich selbst spiele mit dem Gedanken, irgendeine Art von mobiler Kanzel anzuschaffen, denke aber auch...
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