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  1. IGL

    Hello from Hesse, Germany

    Hey mates, I just registered at the IG forum. I'm a rookie, both as a member of a forum (so I started with the basic account) and as a future 4x4 driver. šŸ˜Š I'm looking forward to interesting threads and information.
  2. macstech

    Hello from Niedersachsen/Germany

    Hi, This is George from Nothern-Germany. A Grenadier station wagon ā€œTrialmaster Editionā€ in Britannia Blue with Diesel engine is in production for us. Sure will post more messages once the machine is with me. D4/L319 TDV6 LandRover MY2012 is what brings me from A to B at the moment. So far for...
  3. Squirrel

    Every authority in Germany has better processes

    My grenadier has been in my dealer's yard (Autohaus Riess am Bodensee) with nine others for over 2 weeks. In order to be able to deliver it, the following conditions must be met:: 1. New software must be installed. However, this may only be done after approval by INEOS. 2. Once the SW has been...
  4. sne

    Hi there - greetings from the north of Germany

    Hello to everyone, we have only some days ago subscribed the reservation and of course are keen to connect to the Grenadier community. In our family there is some professional background about military wheeled vehicles as well as profound engineering background and a little experience in...
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