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  1. D

    Removing/Reinstalling Driver Seat

    After an 8 week wait, my Black Sheep seat safe is scheduled to arrive tomorrow! Have any of you removed and reinstalled the driver seat? Any guidance or gotchas would be appreciated.
  2. W

    Right hand driver grab handle

    My fully optioned Trialmaster arrived in March 2024, without a drivers grab handle. I enquired from the dealer why no drivers grab handle had been fitted given the drivers grab handle was fitted to all Left Hand Drive models. I was advised it was a separate option, but I could have one fitted...
  3. K

    New Ineos driver in Georgia, USA

    Hey everyone, I recently picked up my 2024 Grenadier and joined the Ineos Community. If anyone has any tip, tricks, and good useful accessories I am all ears. Thanks!!
  4. D

    Scraping noise from Front driver's side wheel well

    I believe I've solved an issue with a metal scraping noise coming from our Grenadier's driver's side wheel well. It might be worth checking the next time you are under your truck: Here is a photo of the passenger side tie rod end, shield and brake disc. The shield it so close to the tie rod end...
  5. Asnes

    Rear driver side door lock no longer working

    Hi All. Seems my rear driver side door handle no longer opens the door, from the inside or outside. There is no resistance on the button on the door handle (just moves in/out without resistance)…. And same for the interior latch that you pull to open and get out (no resistance). Door handle...
  6. emax

    Why does it bong when I driver over a hump?

    An observation when I drive a particular route. It is reproducible. When I drive to Christian & Vera (like the day before yesterday), there is a junction of a hillside street with another street where you have to drive a sharp turn over a fairly steep asphalt hump, about a meter in diameter...
  7. Mtnranger

    Calf lever on the driver seat

    Does this seat lever not stab everyone’s calf while resting/reverse stretching the leg on cruise control on long drives? Why does it stick so far out?
  8. Stu_Barnes

    Episode 006 "Our Tame Racing Driver"

    Firstly apologies for the length of time between episodes, life unfortunately got in the way and in addition it was an absolute mare to edit. Anyway we hope you enjoy...... View: Welcome back to another episode of...
  9. S

    Driver Seat Too Low

    Has anyone had issues with the driver seats being too low? I'm 5'7 and I feel like I'm a little kid looking over the steering wheel. Thx
  10. Jean Mercier

    removal of side panels driver side and using the auxiliary power point

    I still don’t understand why Ineos gives me a lot of useless switches on my roof panel without any explanation. Therefore, and thanks to this forum my next DIY post (DIY: Do It Yourself), and I didn’t find on this forum somebody who already did it, but perhaps I am wrong … I dismounted the...
  11. F

    Who’s using it as a daily driver?

    I’m in Houston, TX and in TX people frequent 75-80mph all day long. These are obviously US gal so mileage will be different but what mpg are you getting with the gas version and can you clarify which gallon? Dumb question but is the US gallon only in the US or does it have some international...
  12. Stu_Barnes

    Car and driver (USA)

    INEOS Grenadier Pricing to Start at $73,100 The BMW-powered throwback SUV is priced to take on the vehicle that inspired it, the Land Rover Defender.
  13. emax

    Awning: which side?

    Which side is best for an awing? "left" and "right" answers won't help, but "driver side" or "passenger side" are much appreciated. ;) Type of (planned) awning (batwing, straight) is of course important. The reasons for the preferred side are also interesting.
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