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Hi all

I’m a complete newbie, I’ve thought of buying an original Defender many times but then this came out…….

I want a take-anywhere vehicle that I can dump my stuff in and take off wherever I want to go. My ideal is camping in the middle of nowhere wherever that might be….. Wales, Scotland, the Alps. I’d also like to be able to tow trailers of bikes and stuff through Europe as part of organised group tours.

I’ll be honest, I could probably do all that with a way cheaper car so I’m undecided as the Grenadier is pretty expensive, plus petrol, diesel prices etc……. BUT I do love the no-nonsense approach of the Grenadier, it looks like it’ll last forever and hey, you only live once as they say :)

I haven’t submitted my order, but have paid the 500 deposit.

Does anyone know what build dates are currently being offered? If I go ahead I wouldn’t be in a position to receive until April 2023…



ps This forum is an excellent source of info, thank you


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Welcome to the forum mate, 

If you order now id imagine you'd get a build date after April 23