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Utility Wagon - Questions

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12:59 AM
May 30, 2022
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Hi allIm considering the Utility Wagon option as I only need 2 seats and it gives me more space in the back. I’m definitely a newbie to this so was hoping someone could help me with some basic questions….

1. From the pictures in the brochure the Utility Wagon appears to have 4 passenger doors. From my perspective that limits the options of what I can do with the rear space as I have to work around the doors. Am I missing something? Is there an advantage to the 4 doors that I don’t see?
2. By being a Utility Wagon does that in any way put a limit on the speed? I’m just picking up on some of the other threads I’ve read on this forum that relate to using the vehicles as commercial vehicles. That’s not what I want. This is for personal use (at least initially)

3. Does anyone know if you can somehow make the front seats into a 3 seater or would that be breaking some health and safety regulation??
I’d appreciate your thoughts on any of the above


Grenadier Ordered
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12:59 AM
Feb 3, 2022
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Hi joxer,

In my opinion the advantage of having doors on a 2 seater is access which is useful in an overland build. In the grenadier the battery compartment is under the rear seats or I guess the floor plate on a 2 seater so accessing through the back seems like a pain. 
As for your second question it depends where you live. In the U.K. vehicles with commercial classification like the base station wagon version of the grenadier technically have lower speed limits - 10mph less than non-commercial vehicles on single and dual carriageway.

I have no idea about the possibility of making the 2 front seats into 3 and would also be interested to hear if that’s allowed. I’m not sure how you’d do it given the centre console .


Grenadier Owner
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6:59 AM
Nov 5, 2022
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Roßtal near Nuremberg, Bavaria-Germany
Hello, guys. I can tell my opinion and for Germany...
- five (or six) doors have a great advantage for getting yourself and equipment inside and outside the car. You can use heavy-duty-drawers to three sides.
- utility wagon in Germany: no problem, no other speed. But you may not tow trailers on sundays. And you pay lower tax.
- third seat (in front) in Germany: no, no, no. The only way to get it is to buy an old defender, where it is already inside. Or to buy an Toyota Landcruiser J7, where you already have a twoseater right in the front. Otherwise - forget it (I once had the idea - now I know better)! :cool:

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