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  1. parb

    Utility belt part number

    My Grenadier was ordered without utility rails. I had my dealer order the rails as a spare part. This is the part numbers. Bottom utility rails on the doors: And these are the three sizes of upper rails. Front door, back door and rear quarter panel. Close up of the part numbers You also...
  2. Shorty

    Shovel Side Mount Using Utility Belt

    Has anyone mounted a shovel to the rear side using the utility belt? I actually ticked the box for the Rhino shovel as part of my order, and the length seems to fit perfectly on the rear section without fouling the second row door, or the load space door. I’m trying to avoid roof mounted...
  3. G

    Interior Utility rail dimensions

    I am looking for the dimensions below if anyone has it please. L-track width, pitch and hole diameter. They are a number of different aftermarket sizes and pitches, so just want o to make sure I buy the correct one.
  4. G

    Retrofit Interior Utility rails

    Does anyone have a link to aftermarket L-track suppliers (Australia preferred). I've picked up from the different forum threads that you get different sizes and not sure which ones are compatible or rather the same size as what Ineos uses. I am in the process of purchasing a drawer system that...
  5. Michael H.

    Build Thread Grenadier Michael's Utility Wagon Build 🙂

    My build is nearing completion, in preparation for my biggest trip to date, a 16 day adventure through outback NSW, SA and Queensland visiting Nyngan, Broken Hill, Tibooburra, Cameron Corner, Innamincka, Betoota, Birdsville, Mungerannie and Blinman. My Utility Wagon (2-seater) has been set up...
  6. motolatte

    Retrofit of "exterior utility belt"

    Does anyone know if Ineos will be selling this as an accessory or up-fit for the people that ordered a vehicle with the bump stop? Any rumors, etc.?
  7. j3t3r

    Interior Utility Rail Compatibility

    Does anyone know if the Interior Utility Rail Belt is standard size and accepts normal SS Anchors? I already had some and didn't want to spend $60 to purchase from Ineos. It's just a single stud fitting SS-Anchor
  8. Desert Max DXB

    Utility plates over side windows on Cargo track

    Informer to resolve swiftly the shortage of offroad fuel range I mount 2x20L jerry cans on rear window. I made a copy of M.O.L.L.E. us army so you can easily clip on their asesories. I make this in local workshop in Dubai at Ironman 4x4, they can make this quickly and cost efficient.
  9. C

    UHF Installation. Under glove box radio, concealed wiring, utility rail antenna mount

    Thought I'd post my UHF installation. Not as detailed as some other forum members, but hopefully clear enough to see the approach. Not having a bullbar yet (don't like the IG offering), I decided to mount the Antenna on the Passenger side rear utility rail. I also wanted concealed wiring and no...
  10. A

    Taking delivery of my new INEOS 2 seat Utility

    Afternoon all, i inadvertantly forgot to order a Tow bar and electrics, believing an after-market version would be available. However, it appears that whilst it looks easy to simply bolt on a tow hitch, the electrics are something else. So, in a conversation with INEOS they informed me that a...
  11. MileHigh

    IG alternative to Jeep ducks- add-on for the utility rail?

    I was thinking about the Jeep use of ducks left for other owners. For the IG, I think that the cargo rail on the side would be a perfect way to acknowledge someone’s IG. Make something compatible with that attachment point. My idea is that you take the standard attachement point, and then...
  12. Znarfgh

    Build Thread My Grenadier Trialmaster Utility Build

    Some preliminary ideas for my build: * Light Bar on rack * Brake controller * Power for van * Side steps/rock sliders * Rok lights for roof rack * UHF & CelFi fold down Aerial mounts on roof rack (or on bull bar which is not a high priority at this point) Roll on Saturday so I can get my hands...
  13. Stu_Barnes

    INEOS Media Getting To Grips Video Series Here is the link to the Getting to Grips video series hosted on the INEOS site.
  14. M

    Quartermaster utility version prototype

    I was able to take same pictures of the QM utility versions which is at least in Germany not released for order. Only TM and FM special editions can be ordered. Obviously there are some drain holes in the spare tire pockets but more interessting to me is the fact that there remains a...
  15. emax

    Local Area Thread KFZ Steuerbescheid

    Nur zur Information. Letztlich habe ich meinen KFZ Steuerbescheid erhalten. Diesel, Utility: 210 €/Jahr.
  16. emax

    Gummimatte fürs Heck

    Das wäre zwar auch für das Kernforum interessant. Aber ich denke, dass der Begriff "Gummimatte" mit Blick aufs Material schwer präzise zu übersetzen ist. Eine "rubber mat" kann vermutlich alles Mögliche sein. Ich suche also so eine Matte. Die Abmessungen wären bei meinem Utility also ca. 92 cm...
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