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  1. BD1

    TFL Prototype Test Drive

    TFL impressions.....pretty positive and seemed to know the Grenadier functions much better than Harry. View:
  2. Logsplitter

    Alex Beras off road test drive USA

  3. kramrover

    Grenadier Test drive North America

    Looking forward to the test drive today in Maryland with the Grenadier and my buddy Robert (another member on this forum) Not expecting much since this will be in a controlled environment. I will have a few questions for them. 1. Since the Grenadier are in production why are they still called...
  4. W

    US Test drive scheduled!

    Hold a seat for test drive in DC. There will be other locations in May and June! MAY 2023 ⬥ New York region, NY ⬥ Seattle region, WA ⬥ Salt Lake City region, UT ⬥ Chicago region, IL JUNE 2023 ⬥ Toronto region, ON ⬥ Vancouver region, BC
  5. DaveB

    Perth test drive on road

    Hi all Just sorting out my pictures and found this video I took when a rear seat passenger in Perth View:
  6. DCPU

    Motoring Research (UK) - Ineos Grenadier 3.0 petrol on test - Tim Pitt

    Maybe the first of the self drive reviews to follow shortly? View:
  7. crimson

    SkidPig & Sick Puppy Cody Test Drive Video

    SkidPig & Sick Puppy Cody Test Drive Video View: Different take on a test drive from what we've seen. Don't think they're into the Grenadier. I'll need to watch their other videos to understand what rig is right for them.
  8. O

    Adelaide Test drives, with videos.

    Hi all, just thought people may be interested in the recent video's i took at the Adelaide Australia test drives. I must say I was very pleased with the vehicle, especially as it is only the PT02 with all the updates. It seems to have adequate ability off road and the acceleration was as...
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