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  1. alexandruast

    Market Research: open-source modular infotainment system

    Hello friends, Getting used to my IG, one of the things that bothers me is the proprietary infotainment and switch panels. I am thinking about a plug-and-play replacement solution with the following features: Phase 1 1. Use an industry-grade standard programming board (Arduino or others) to...
  2. anand

    3rd party Videos Buzz Overland Cargo System Install Video

    Not a minute by minute install, but Apex Overland in NC recently did a video of assembling/installing the complete Buzz Cargo System...
  3. GrenX

    GrenX Adventure Additions low profile Roof Rack system for Australia

    Our Prototype low profile aerodynamic roof rack system being test fitted before final design is set. Production version will be ready mid April in Australia. Overengineered for the most extreme situations. GrenX Adventure Additions Braeside.
  4. S

    Drawer System with Pull Out Table/Tailgate

    With going from my Land Cruiser with its super handy tailgate and work table surface to a Grenadier without one: I am wondering if any of the new Grenadier drawer companies are planning to make a slide out tailgate/table. I have had three Truck Vaults for my previous trucks and love them for...
  5. J

    Americas Radio and sound system

    Got a new US build about a week ago and I love it. I can’t figure out the radio though. Is it possible to set and view favorite XM radio stations? For the life of me I cannot figure it out. I did find today that you can adjust the subwoofer settings on the sub and make it sound a lot better.
  6. M

    Vehicle Infotainment System (Media Headunit) - Entertainment and sound service - Multi Functional Steering-Wheel Knobs, CCI Control-Knob, etc.

    There are about 2-3 Variants ; MA, MC, MD,.. Manufacturer: Neusoft Group (Dalian) Co., Ltd. - China Model: INM2004MA (or INM2004MC) NCA E. No.: 7E6-M1-X32-SRD Freq: 2400-2483.5 MHz, 5180-5240 MHz; SRD: 5745-5825 MHz; GNSS: 1559-1610 MHz; FM: 87.5-108 MHz; DAB: 174-240 MHz; AM; 526.5-1606.5 kHz...
  7. M

    ETGW Immobilizer (Immo Reader, Keyless Entry System, Remote Control)

    The "Keyless Entry System" (at least for Europe) INEOS Entry System Brand: Haberl Electronic GmbH & Co. KG Model: INEOS ETGW Immo Reader - INEOS Entry System NCA Equipment No.: 7M-7E7-X64-DSR Frequency: 434 MhZ, Ch. Spacing: 20 kHZ, Mod.: FSK Link INEOS Remote Control Brand: Haberl Electronic...
  8. M

    TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Technical Data

    Here we go again for Europe TPMS Sensors: Frequency: 433MHz Manufacturer: Continental Model: TIS-09DL OEM Number: 407006UA0A/4031100Q0F FCC ID: KR5TIS-09DL Links: FCC ID FCC Report (very detailed Data) Maybe someone wants to download and save all the PDFs for backup..
  9. MileHigh

    Turning radius compared to other vehicles - with 4wd system engaged

    I keep hearing, since I don't have mine yet, about the turning radius. It's also something that I noticed with my 4Runner- also not a good radius. But the other day I was in a 2015 Tahoe and it has a great radius- that is until you take it out of 2wd and put it into 4wd. I've noticed something...
  10. Davidpschaeffer

    Build Thread Drawer system installed!

    Hello all. First post from Arizona. Purchased a custom 2 drawer set from the Drifta folks in New South Wales Australia. They made the drawers to my spec request. Shipped via Air Freight. I can’t say enough good things. THE BUILD QUALITY IS PERFECT. The install was a about 3 hours with a help...
  11. R

    Anyone heard of a potential issue with the long Rhino Roof Rack system

    There is a thread on FB that Ineos has put a hold on the long Rhino Rack system. The reasoning seems to center around one or another reason. The two reasons being shared are 1) flimsy supports and/or 2) noise level of the rack. Has anyone heard or seen anything regarding this? Thank you Chuck
  12. grnamin

    Americas Aftermarket alarm system?

    What aftermarket alarm system are you planning to install in your Grenadier. I'm looking at the Compustar Pro T13 with remote start.
  13. T

    Battery system

    It would seem all the electrical outlets for accessories (fridge etc) have their current drawn from the main (crank) battery. I thought that the ctek powerpass automatically enabled the car to be able to crank from the service battery when the crank battery is low ? I read here many people who...
  14. harost

    CTIS (Central Tyres Inflation System)

    Did anyone think about installing a CTIS (Central Tyres Inflation System)? Trying to find out who did the one of the Mercedes G6x6 but limited info so far online. Trying to pick the community brain here, so as to find pros & cons, after market system’s available, type and models etc
  15. Stu_Barnes

    FAQ Reporting system/Disciplinary action

    There is a reporting system baked into the software for members to alert the moderation staff of any inappropriate behavior, conduct or commentary as outlined in the forum guidelines and the terms and conditions of the site. Should you think that an account has violated any of these guidelines...
  16. A

    Infotainment system workings

    The DAB radio does not seem to find any stations except for ABC and SBS stations. Vehicle is in Melbourne vic Australia. is anyone else finding this?
  17. inky_black

    Our Self-Made Drawer System and Its Amazing Potential

    Developed Together: In the world of vehicle customizations and DIY projects, there is an endless variety of ideas and solutions to make the most of your car. Today, we would like to introduce you to one of these ideas, the result of a creative collaboration between three dedicated minds: @Jaro...
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