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software update

  1. JohnHeagney

    Software update completed

    My Grenny was in during the week to Denton Motors, Skipton for the software update and some items that Ineos had notified them to do. Now, it is strange, no waiting for the three bongs, you can put the key in and drive away, the small display panel straight ahead is blank with no warnings, (I...
  2. joejet

    New software is now out 11th Sept 2023 (SW0000000364001946)

    So Just having a chat with the Agent and they have the new software, they are loading it on there demo car right now and hope to start loading customers cars in the next day or 2, It apparently takes 1.5 hours to load, that seems crazy.
  3. J


    Wenn ich volltanke, steht bei mir bei der "restl. Reichweite" immer sowas wie ">576 ". Ich frage mich, warum das mit dem "größer-Zeichen" immer da steht und nicht genau die berechnete km-Zahl, z. B. 629 km oder so? Erst wenn eine größere Strecke dann gefahren bin, verschwindet dieses ">-Zeichen"...
  4. beg

    Software update

    Just saw on fb that someone has their car in dealers for software update going to be 4 days in dealers anyone on here ?
  5. Trialmaster

    Who is experiencing software or electrical gremlins?

    I am curious, those that have collected the Grenadier - how many are experiencing SOFTWARE / ELECTRICAL GREMLINS?
  6. Stu_Barnes

    Some News..... Software update and delays/deliveries?

    OK, so. I've just heard that the software update has been completed and should be released next week. The assumption (from me) and general tone of the communication is that this will be completed at the dealer level. As to how soon after this update is completed vehicles are actually being...
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