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  1. D

    Americas Warranty work and Maintenance/Service

    I live over 5 hours away from the nearest dealer (which is in Dallas). Are there any other options for warranty work than returning the vehicle to the dealership? Thanks in advance!
  2. I

    Useless Customer Service

    I don’t know why or how we got here but Ineos needs to step up its customer service game. Here in Canada we have two dealerships, one in Ontario, and one in British Columbia. So in other words we all live 1000’s of KM’s from where our vehicles were purchased. The Ineos customer service is...
  3. LWA55DAL

    General Service Reset Procedure - Oil Change

    Team - I have asked this same question in a couple of the oil threads and no one has been able to answer the questions so posting a dedicated thread. I plan on doing all of my own oil changes and routine maintenance so I would like to know the Service Reset procedure WITHOUT the scan tool...
  4. S

    Americas North America Parts and Service Experiences

    Hi, prospective Grenadier buyer here. I was finally able to get hands on with a Grenadier, and wow was I impressed. I knew it was heavy duty, but it even has king pin axles! (Warning for those not engineering nerds interested in minutia) I mean that's something that is found in class 6-8...
  5. Stu_Barnes

    WE Boost - Cell service signal boosters - Drive Reach Overland

    We boost have provided us with a 5% discount on their products use code INEOS5 when checking out. This is it. Your game-changer on the trail. Drive Reach Overland maximizes available cell signal so you can call, text, navigate, even post photos and stream data in more places than ever. It’s...
  6. M

    Vehicle Infotainment System (Media Headunit) - Entertainment and sound service - Multi Functional Steering-Wheel Knobs, CCI Control-Knob, etc.

    There are about 2-3 Variants ; MA, MC, MD,.. Manufacturer: Neusoft Group (Dalian) Co., Ltd. - China Model: INM2004MA (or INM2004MC) NCA E. No.: 7E6-M1-X32-SRD Freq: 2400-2483.5 MHz, 5180-5240 MHz; SRD: 5745-5825 MHz; GNSS: 1559-1610 MHz; FM: 87.5-108 MHz; DAB: 174-240 MHz; AM; 526.5-1606.5 kHz...
  7. Zimm

    Americas Novel theory on the lack of US service centers.

    The dealers don't want them. I ask myself, "What would motivate a person or entity to not even comment on a situation that everyone knows exists, but isn't being addressed?" Possibly avoiding a lose lose situation while the roll out is happening? If they say certified centers aren't coming or...
  8. [ Adam ]

    Americas North & South America Service Network

    I'd really like to know what's going on with the promised service network. We've heard here it won't be "exclusively Bosch", but will it be exclusively Ineos dealerships? This is not the deal that was advertised to us as buyers. This has been an especially sore point where Ineos USA have flat...
  9. TheDocAUS

    General Anyone using the MMR Performance Lifetime Oil Change Service Kit for the BMW B58 / B57?

    In the Kit is a magnetic oil sump plug, Billet Oil Filter Housing and a reusable stainless steel oil filter. Details here. The OEM oil filter had had a reputation for failing, when used in BMW models. FYI: INEOS Part numbers for the diesel motor here. Other kits just have just the stainless...
  10. Rok_Dr

    Diesel Service Schedule

    I got the attached from Ineos the other week in reply to a query about the broken QR code service schedule link in the owners manual. One for the Library @Stu_Barnes Cheers Steve
  11. grnamin

    Americas North Texas wrapping service

    Just got my 30% door wrapped by Shellshocked out of Wylie. Great work! Instead of the large "A" being cut out of the wrap, I decided to paint a decal in Britannia Blue and I'll stick it on the wrap.
  12. T

    Inquiry Regarding the Transportation Service in the US

    Greetings! Does anyone know about the email for sending a request or applying to become a part of sub-haulers for "Ineos Grenadier" in the United States? Best Regards.
  13. Offroad

    Americas Public Service Announcement for Grenadiers with Premium Sound Package

    Picked up my Grenadier a few weeks ago. The sound was never right, even after trying to adjust the subwoofer under the rear seat. But I just thought it was typically average car audio and left it alone. Flash forward to yesterday with my friend's new Grenadier. He didn’t have any bass at...
  14. inky_black

    Local Area Thread Serviceplan für den deutschen Markt

    Hi Forum, Ich möchte hiermit das Schwarmwissen aktivieren. Habt ihr schon den Serviceplan für der Ineos gesehen? Damit meine ich nicht, in welchen Intervallen der Grenadier zum Service muss, sondern welche Tätigkeiten bei welchem Intervall durchgeführt werden müssen. Hatte eine Unterhaltung...
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