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  1. anand

    Americas Quartermaster Pricing Poll

    What's everyone's thoughts on pricing here in the US? The Quartermaster's starting price of $86,900 for a base ($94,900 for Trialmaster or Fieldmaster), places it $15,400 over that of a Grenadier. An equivalent build from my Grenadier is ~17% higher, which factoring the supposed 25% Chicken...
  2. beanohallett

    UK & Ireland Servicing Pricing UK

    Good Morning Folks, Has anyone been able to nail down the servicing pricing schedule from their dealers in the UK yet ? Looking to start saving up for it !! Happy trucking Garry
  3. anand

    Americas US Dealer Quick Reference Post

    There are a lot of different threads for each dealer around the country, some with multiples, and some just barely touching on topics. The purpose of this post is to put all the key info in one quick reference place. I understand there is a lot of info missing, I'll be editing the thread to...
  4. MileHigh

    Americas Pricing out, next steps?

    So the pricing is out and we have on May 31 more information coming out on how to order and then until June 30 to place orders. Does anyone have any vision as to when we have to put down more money and when that becomes nonrefundable? I’m still on the fence, it’s more than I thought. And the...
  5. bmore_burnsy

    Americas The big May 17 Announcement / Pricing / Discussion thread.

    Only six days to go until the big reveal on May 17, yet I still find myself hoping for an early leak about NA pricing 😂 Anyone else feel similarly?
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