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  1. T

    My order was In Production-Not Anymore

    Last week my order was in production and had the name of the dealer with the Ineos phone number. Today it just says Pre-order, not in production and doesn't have the dealer info anymore. Anyone else seeing this?
  2. E

    Greetings from EM in DC USA

    I pre-ordered a Trailmaster yesterday, and hope to find answers to one critical question. before I have to place my order. I have been driving my 1994 NAS D-90 since they first arrived in the USA and will be sad to send it into retirement, but if I cannot remove that back seat in my Grenadier...
  3. hoohoohama

    How to make changes after submitting the pre order?

    Hi, what to do if you need to make updates to your pre order configuration after submission? I followed the instructions from the agreement and reached out to Ineos call center (833-494-4748) and was told that someone will be in touch towards the end of month, it seems that we cannot just...
  4. ADVAW8S

    I put in my order

    Trialmaster Petrol because I didn't get a choice MM with contrast black roof Safari windows Heated utility seats Saddle leather Tow package I wanted to wait to see what A&A event would bring. Thanks to Letech and BSI, I decided to buy aftermarket.
  5. MileHigh

    Here’s my planned order, thoughts?

    $85,785 Safari windows, Upgraded electric panel, towing, Front and rear diff lockers. Missing any other ‘gotta-haves, hard to add’ options? I’d like the winch, not sure if I would ever use it. Probably add 3rd party rock sliders with some kind of step. Same with roof rack and Awning, rear...
  6. T

    Greeting from Canada! Just got my invite to spec my IG order, but having some thoughts. I'm looking forward to feedback from others.

    I am now driving my third LR3/4. I recently replaced my 2012 LR4 with a 2015 LR4. This is an interim purchase as I try to make a decision for the"next gen" of capable 4x4. I have looked at the new LR Defender, and the full electric Rivian R1S. We own a 4 season cottage in Quebec - and we get...
  7. sdh

    Buon Giorno from California: reservation holder and will order this week

    Currently have 3 LR vehicles that we are original owners of and that see daily use at our ranch: 95 D90 NAS; 09 RR Sport; 2016 LR4. Intend to use the I.G. both off and on road. Do not intend to rock crawl as that means I made a mistake in what I was doing with the vehicle while working in the...
  8. C

    US Website configurator locked for May 31 Pre-Order Launch

    The US website has locked reservation holders out of the configurator in preparation for the May 31 Pre-Order launch. We will learn the dealer locations and contacts, and presumably be able to reconfigure, finalize and pre-order our machines. I confirmed with a...
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